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Re: Heroes of the Storm

Originally Posted by Elk View Post
It looks dumb. I gotta laugh at all the Blizzard drones going "RIP LoL, The original makers are back" like the people who made DotA were Blizzard, and it wasn't a mod made by the people who went on to make League d DotA2
I don't know about dumb for the game, but the people who think this will end LoL are indeed dumb.

I like the concept of Blizzard making a MOBA of their own. They have very extensive roster of interesting characters from across all of their franchises...I will just have to see the execution of how it turns out.

Regardless, it would never "end" my playing of League as might just be another interesting MOBA that I am looking forward too. Honestly, the gameplay looks great.

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