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Re: League of Legends

I used to play with some friends from my dorm floor last year. I stuck with Taric mostly. Started to branch out more and play more support characters like Ramus and Malphite. Also I'm "theoretically" good at being a carry, as in only in co-op, where I can get the highest kill count, but that does not translate in any way whatsoever into actual games. Currently I'm working on my Rumble, I have not managed to win with him in actual games (but I'm great in co-op, lol), but hey, he's riding a mech so I have not gotten discouraged yet.

Aaanyway generally I don't like playing too often because I hate feeling like I disappointed someone, worse yet when they rage. I solo queue quite a bit (mostly because when I started that was the ONLY other option if you weren't playing with friends) so I run into that sort of thing a lot.
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