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Well this is a shameless piece where i try and get referrals but here goes.

The game is called League of legends. It is unique in that it is not a normal genre of gaming (it's something like online battle arena multiplayer something or other) and is great fun.

The game is free to play and can be played without paying a single pence or cent (which ever currency you use). You can pay for content to get it quicker but you can get all you need to play for free easily and often it's far more rewarding to earn it (you gain a thing called IP (Influence points) from playing games and with enough of it you can buy champions and things called runes. I advice you first get some champions you like first).

Anyway the game is GREAT fun but there is ONE catch I give thee. Use this link when you get prompted to. If you reach summoner level 10 You count as a successful referral for me and if I get enough I get stuff for free.

Not sure if you click it or not but just use the link ok, please...with a cherry on top coated in cookie dough? (And I will help ANYONE who does play it, I will help anyone get to learn the game, find me under the name shigoshi and I will find time to help yous out, in practice games or maybe real ones). I hope anyone who plays this game enjoys it, I sure did. Some people can be annoying but don't worry, you get that!

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