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Re: Elk Point Gallery

Shidohari's Sonnets

Prices: Short 6 points
Long 9 points

Short Example - Knife Wrench

I tell you of the knife wrench,
much more powerful than a park bench.

It can stab you in the back,
Or come at you with a blunt attack.

So come now don't you wait,
Here it is now to administer your Fate.

Now come place your starting bids,
Because knife wrench is also safe for Kids.

Long Example - Some of the DJs around the Fan (future long poems may not be as long as this, but their stanzas will always be four lines instead of two. Minimum stanzas for a long poem will be four as well, possibly six)

I hope you don't have a short attention span,
Because I want to tell you about some of the DJs on the Fan.
Forgive me I beg of you,
If I forget to name a few.

Kana is the Goddess of the Chat,
Do not Anger her or you shall find out the price of that.
Her ban hammer is hers to command,
She shall smite you where you stand.

Kibs is her second it's true,
But he makes forum avatars for me and you.
He used to DJ a long time ago,
But you can still find his voice in a Promo.

Breaker and EE hail from Austrailia,
Watch it because my rhymes won't fail ya.
Breaker covers the mornings at the speed of Sound,
EE will Mashiro kick the evil doers that are around.

Christmas is so serious,
Always so calm and Mysterious.
Interviews to do with stuff behind the scenes,
To get it done he always finds the means.

Kusari is a man of many talents it's true,
In one of a million voices he will speak to you.
But you shall find out how much better your life will be,
When you hear the voice of the sweet Navi.

Elk stirs the hearts of all,
Starting revolutions to make corrupt governments fall.
But he has sold his soul for the rest of Eternity,
Because of his Beloved Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Haku wants us to think he's lazy,
But those that do are just very crazy.
A Pokenerd is what he is,
His Hijinx are well known in the biz.

If I forgot anyone I apologize.
The music is so epic here it brings tears to my eyes.
So the shameless plug I must now do,
Spend Shineh Elk Points so I can write poetry for you.

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