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Re: Manga Collection

Originally Posted by victorious0702 View Post
out of your list I havent read the following, let me know if they are worth reading.
Fallen Vampire
Your and my Secret
King of Thorns
Pretty Face

As for my manga collection I only brought one from Japan with me
Full Metal Alchemist(complete)
Well Fallen Vampire its a Drama story about thousands of years in the past the king of the vampires in a war against the humans betray his army in order to get his queen back that was sealed by the humans, and most free her before the Black Swan (that resided in young human girls) grows strong nought to kill him.
The story is very interesting because everything happen involving the like of the king who took the choices he considered the best but ended in him been the worst person in existence.

The story involves a boy that after he was rejected by the girl he love decide to go to the mountains in order to clear his mind but there an aline spaceship crash killing him, the alien felling sorry reconstruct his body but as a Girl.
Kashimashi is a YURI story so if you are not a yuri fan then I wont recommend it

In the future there is a sickness called medusa syndrome that turn people into stone, the people that in infected are taken to a facillity were they are put to sleep with the promise that in the future there will be a cure. After and unknow amount of years they all wake up and found that the word in in apocalipsis, and now a few of them most uncover the true about that sindrome and be able to cure it before their time runs out.

This is actually one of my favorite stories and I love it its only six volumes but the story is fantastic I highly recomend it

This manga is a comedy that I like a lot, his a story about a delinquent that after an accident wakes up and his face is all mest up finding that now he shared the same face as the girl he love and fate its going against him when he is found by that girl who miss confuse him for her older twin sister that run away
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