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Re: Dragonball Xenoverse

You gotta be fat guy or a weird looking girl if you're a Majin. Kind of weird Majin only comes like that. I think Saiyans don't have tails for some reason? (I guess to bypass oozaru) So they look a lot like Humans, but their stats and traits are different.

Namek and Freeza don't have genders, but Freeza has a decent amount of customization. One thing I DIDN'T like about Freeza race is you can't choose the stripes Freeza has on his form 1 face and limbs. I think it's because you're supposed to be in Final Form all the time which is also kind of meh.

but Transformations are one of the things I don't like about this game. Everything else is super fun, but transformations are lackluster.

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