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Question This is an intro of an awesome . . i think

Hi everyone!

I'm lyal! I found 91.8 the fan through Team Four Star's web page and I'm really glad I did! I love anime and manga of course. Who on this website doesn't. . . seriously.
Favorite anime and manga: Rurouni Kenshin
Favorite game: Kingdom Hearts series
I have a tendency to obsess over whatever series i happen to be watching or reading. The way a series or character ends up on my list of favorites is if I continue to obsess over it after it's over. lol And yes, I do have a top 10 favorite characters list!
I love to draw and write when I have the time. I have published a few things on various websites (check em out if you like ) but I try not to take myself too seriously I'm a college student working on my undergrad in Interior Design and actually enjoy school usually. Because of that, and my tendency towards obsession people often consider me a nerd. I'm usually really quiet but I'll chatter if you give me the right topic. Hm . . . . well i guess I'm done. I'd love to meet all of you now!!
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