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Shin Megami Tensei RP Thread


-This thread is for in-character posts only.

-At the top of your posts, please write your character's name, location, and time of day. The date will be changed at the narrator's (Rocco's) discretion.

-All Out of Character posts will be posted in the OOC thread. You are welcome to plot with people there, discuss character development with others, and remark on roleplay abilities (in a positive light) in the OOC thread.

-Please keep posts to a MINIMUM of two paragraphs. This may sound difficult at first, but it is hard for others to work off what you’ve written when it’s two sentences long.

-Please remember to remain IN-CHARACTER if you take on a pre-made character.

-No actual swear words. Keep it PG.

-All character requests and profiles for original characters must be submitted to the OOC thread.

-Be kind to other players out of character. Don’t react personally if something you don’t like happens to your character.

-You may take on up to two characters. However, interaction between them must remain limited. No one wants to read through paragraphs of the same writer interacting with him/herself.

-On that note, strive to make your posts long, but try not to be too repetitive.

-No flaming. No trolling. No Godmodding. Your posts will be deleted without warning.

-For more in-depth rules, open characters and details of the game please visit the OOC thread.


In Tokyo, strange things have been happening. People are dying. Shadows are bleeding over into our world. And a strange new star has appeared over Tokyo issuing a challenge to all who hear it.

"Your world is dying... Bring me a trophy of the heart and conquer all others and you may shape the world as you see fit"

At the same time some strangers have appeared in Tokyo as well.
A tribe of demons searching for their promised paradise, 3 humans, of differing ideals, who have been granted a second chance to shape the world to their reason, and 2 groups of persona users trying to restore their dying world. Hearing the message they all seek to find these trophies of the heart and realize their creation.

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