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withasigh 05-25-2011 07:21 AM

Return of the Sigh
Well my house move is finaly over and i have a steady net connection back again, so i think it is safe to say i'm back XD
All i have to do now is figure why i can't connect to the irc

nerdwerld 05-25-2011 07:44 AM

Re: Return of the Sigh
Ohai, and welcome back.

Leviathan Mist 05-25-2011 08:52 AM

Re: Return of the Sigh
Welcome back! We mist you~


withasigh 05-25-2011 01:20 PM

Re: Return of the Sigh
Thankies guys XD

Dophanes "D!" Raosuke 05-25-2011 01:29 PM

Re: Return of the Sigh
Ive been gone too #dowant

EagleEyes 06-01-2011 12:28 AM

Re: Return of the Sigh


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