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Kibs 06-04-2011 05:50 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<+Cameron> I like to be down here
<@Kibs> that's also what she said
<+Cameron> It's more fun this way
<@Kibs> ^
<+Cameron> I enjoy being on the bottom
<@Kibs> ^
<+nerdwerld> lol
<+Cameron> I like it when I'm down here, and dirty
<@Kibs> now it's just sad
<+nerdwerld> he is amoung his brothers and sisters... he isn't ready for you neat leaders
<+Cameron> Yeah, I'm forcing it now
<+nerdwerld> lol
<@Kibs> and just like that
<@Kibs> we're back

jessileo127 06-09-2011 09:52 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[04:41] <+jessi_> Sadface
[04:41] * gman (~chatzilla@Rizon-13877CA2.cable.mindspring .com) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * grimdefeat (~chatzilla@Rizon-A182E232.nrp1.dsl.d3c .infowest.net) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * HeikaHaku (admin@robots.will.rule.the.world) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Hiiragi (Hiiragi@yuri.no.kyoukai) Quit ( *.net *.split 02,00)
[04:41] * Miv333 (Miv333@Rizon-96FC3FEC.rizonbnc.us.rizon.n et) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Rei_Sama (Zero_Sama@DoNt.EvEN.ThiNK.aboUT.it) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Cameron (~Cameron@Rizon-A757452B.dsl.bell.ca) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Brie (~Brie@Rizon-57B5BA1F.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Toon (cgiirc@Rizon-FBF7B52.bltmmd.east.verizon.ne t) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * LeviathanMist (~Leviathan@Mist.disciple.of.Minorin) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * padfootlet (qwebirc@Rizon-4EF1290D.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Zero_Gravity (qwebirc@Rizon-E10217C5.lightspeed. wlfrct.sbcglobal.net) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Dophanes (qwebirc@Rizon-8AB0DA79.cpe.cableone.n et) Quit ( *.net *.split )
{04:41] * Kusari|MonsterHunter (~Kusari@Rizon-3C6E6362.hsd 1.nh.comcast.net) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * christmas4477 (~chatzilla@Rizon-95789BDB.hsd1.ct. comcast.net) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Guest38500 (~lunarflow@D57DAE40.187A8721.FCDE 5FE2.IP) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Kibs (~Kibs@91.8TheFan) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Kajiki (~raug@yuri.no.kyoukai) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Chibi_Maria (~RAWR@Rizon-B16EA641.dsl.ipltin.sbc global.net) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Renku (~chatzilla@52F65A0D.FBB2D960.260BB12B.I P) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Kanashimi (~Kanashimi@Rizon-932B203C.lv.lv.cox.n et) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:41] * Kohta|Xbox (~Kohta@CA9078EC.E360E717.954F6381 .IP) Quit ( *.net *.split )
[04:42] <+jessi_> Holy shi- I mean Fudge monkeys
[04:50] <+jessi_> Oh no Please no Not GlaD0s!
[04:50] <+jessi_> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *is tested*

(After we got joined back on)

[04:53] <+jessi_> No Glad0S Please no more!
[04:53] <+jessi_> *cries*
[04:53] * Kyondesu (~anonymous@4D34EF6.243826F5.D1D24 DDE.IP) Quit ( )
[04:53] <@LeviathanMist> What did GlaD0S do to you?
[04:53] <@LeviathanMist> o.o
[04:53] <+jessi_> *huddles into a corner and cries*
[04:53] <@LeviathanMist> D:
[04:53] * LeviathanMist hugs Jessi
[04:53] <+jessi_> The cake was a lie T.T
[04:54] <@LeviathanMist> I can only imagine the horror
[04:54] <@LeviathanMist> I bet you had to listen to me singing Still Alive too
[04:54] <@LeviathanMist> oh, the horror
[04:54] <+jessi_> It was a cardboard box cut into the shape of a cake... and that too
[04:55] <@LeviathanMist> you know, cardboard doesn't taste very good
[04:55] * LeviathanMist is now known as CaptainObvious
[04:55] <+jessi_> I found that out the hard way

Cameron 06-16-2011 05:28 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
(8:23:30 PM) Zero_Gravity: I'll get a loving hug from you eventually Kana

HAHAHAHA! Oh that Zero, he's so silly, always telling jokes!

(7:36:16 PM) Cameron: AND I FELL AND GOT HURT
(7:36:19 PM) Team [~chatzilla@Rizon-4B14DFC9.cfl.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(7:36:19 PM) mode (+v Team) by GlaD0S
(7:36:32 PM) Toon: i hate when i feel emotions that cause me to slip and fall


Leviathan Mist 07-10-2011 12:11 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[00:07:02] <+Rugal> I will now be referring to hatch as Dr. Freeman
[00:07:11] <+ggbhtg> Cool
[00:07:22] <@Cerulaine> I wanna call someone something different
[00:07:30] <@Cerulaine> Hmm...
[00:07:41] <@Cerulaine> I like the name...Bartholomew
[00:07:50] <@Cerulaine> Who wants to now be Bartholomew?
[00:07:54] <@LeviathanMist> You do
[00:08:01] ->> You were kicked from #918thefan by Cerulaine(~Cerulaine@Rizon-E9A4338.lv.lv.cox.net) Reason (See You - Kick sponsored by www.trillian.im)
[00:08:02] ->> You re-joined channel #918thefan
[00:08:02] ->> Topic is: http://918thefan.com | Ceru Ceru Time! | Get 5 Elk Points just for entering the Gamemine contest, and another 5 when we hit 15 entrants! |
[00:08:02] ->> Topic set by Cerulaine!~Cerulaine@Rizon-E9A4338.lv.lv.cox.net on 7/9/2011 2:38:19 PM
[00:08:02] <&GlaD0S> [LeviathanMist] Good heavens, just look at the time! http://imageshack.us/m/811/6711/timexy.png
[00:08:02] * GlaD0S sets mode +o LeviathanMist for #918thefan
[00:08:04] <@Cerulaine> No
[00:08:10] <@LeviathanMist> D:
[00:08:16] <@Cerulaine> :D


[00:12:03] <+Renku> I beat another dude off
[00:12:09] <+Renku> :o
[00:12:11] <@LeviathanMist> No comment


[01:29:26] <@DJ_Kusari> But that Brigade we made?
[01:29:30] <@DJ_Kusari> Can you link Twilly to the picture?
[01:29:35] <+MiaDaichi> mhm
[01:29:41] <@DJ_Kusari> He should find it pretty amusing.
[01:29:43] <+MiaDaichi> gimmie a sex
[01:29:44] <@DJ_Kusari> And thanky. :3
[01:29:45] <+MiaDaichi> **sec
[01:29:46] <@LeviathanMist> Kusariiiiii
[01:29:46] <@DJ_Kusari> Okies.
[01:29:47] <+MiaDaichi> goodnes
[01:29:49] <@DJ_Kusari> Miiiiiiiiiist!
[01:29:50] <+MiaDaichi> >.>;;
[01:29:56] <@DJ_Kusari> Minorin is in the near future! I have SEEN IT!
[01:29:56] <@LeviathanMist> What's in store for your show today?
[01:29:59] <+ggbhtg|Sonic-ing> best typo all day
[01:30:00] <@DJ_Kusari> As is X Japan!
[01:30:05] <@LeviathanMist> You answered my question before I asked
[01:30:09] <@LeviathanMist> You are talented
[01:30:10] <@DJ_Kusari> xD
[01:30:11] <+MiaDaichi> http://lilycat101.deviantart.com/#/d3lf7di
[01:30:18] <@DJ_Kusari> ^ Twilly
[01:30:25] <+twilly> Mist, everyone who is friends with me can get VIP whenever they ask. I'd make sure of that. :) But let's not get ahead of ourselves, heh. I still need to GET to that point. Lots of work ahead of me this year
[01:30:25] <@LeviathanMist> Mia, you glad no one noticed your typo? :P
[01:30:40] <+MiaDaichi> Which has been submitted to the 91.8 the fan official group on Deviant
[01:30:41] <@LeviathanMist> You'll do it twilly, no problem :P
[01:30:45] <+ggbhtg|Sonic-ing> I repeat
[01:30:46] <+ggbhtg|Sonic-ing> best typo all day


[00:53:48] <+Renku> Misty beat off a monkey! Yay!
[00:53:48] <+Quostin> you leveled past me
[00:53:54] <@LeviathanMist> ...
[00:54:09] <+Quostin> That's so wrong Renku...
[00:54:10] * LeviathanMist goes back to chat quotes thread

Kayarath 07-17-2011 12:00 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
-Kanashimi- Kay was dead serious
-Kanashimi- We all laughed at him

Renku 07-22-2011 03:21 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
Akaiha = Me Box = Mist

[16:56] * Box <3 Akaiha
[17:04] * Box (~Leviathan@Rizon-F2130D06.hsd1.or.comcast.net) Quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
[17:05] * LeviathanMist (~Leviathan@Mist.disciple.of.Minorin) Quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
[17:06] <+Akaiha> :D Bo- D:
[17:06] <+Akaiha> Nuuuuuu! Panda turret! You failed me!
[17:07] <+Akaiha> Turret: I don't blame you...
[17:11] * LeviathanMist (~Leviathan@Mist.disciple.of.Minorin) has joined #918thefan
[17:11] <&GlaD0S> [LeviathanMist] Good heavens, just look at the time! http://imageshack.us/m/811/6711/time xy.png
[17:11] * GlaD0S sets mode +o LeviathanMist for #918thefan
[17:12] * Box (~Leviathan@Rizon-F2130D06.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
[17:12] <&GlaD0S> [Box] Good heavens, just look at the time! http://imageshack.us/m/811/6711/timexy.png
[17:12] * GlaD0S sets mode +o Box for #918thefan
[17:12] <@LeviathanMist> my internet is being stupid
[17:13] <@LeviathanMist> .time
[17:13] <@Brie> Server time is: Friday, Jul 22, 2011 at 3:14:22 PM PDT.
[17:14] * Akaiha glomps Box "You live! I thought you got pu into the Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator!"
[17:15] * Box almost was, but was saved
[17:15] <+Akaiha> :D

Zero Gravity 07-23-2011 07:29 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[22:31] <+Cerulaine> Mist
[22:31] <+Cerulaine> I need you
[22:31] <+Prinny_Zero> giggity

Renku 07-24-2011 08:49 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[22:43:14] <ShiningDiamond> I do however need to practice Bassoon like crazy
[22:43:41] <Kohta_the_Maid> Sexophone. Favorite instrument.
[22:43:48] <Kohta_the_Maid> *Saxophone
[22:43:52] <Renku> o.o
[22:43:54] <ShiningDiamond> Claranet :D
[22:44:05] <ShiningDiamond> I mean Clarinet
[22:44:07] <Renku> lol Sexophone
[22:44:15] <Renku> Ohu
[22:44:23] <ShiningDiamond> ^ Hey that chat is only used at the pool
[22:44:43] <LeviathanMist> o.o chat quotes?
[22:44:49] <Renku> Yesh~
[22:45:02] <LeviathanMist> but that requires effort
[22:45:07] <ShiningDiamond> Renku word XD The exphone is only used in the pool XD
[22:45:15] <Kohta_the_Maid> Pool's closed though. Feels bad man.
[22:45:45] <ShiningDiamond> XD JK don't feel bad lol ya thats all we were laughing at the pool a few weeks back
[22:45:48] <LeviathanMist> wat
[22:45:49] * Renku does Chat quote for her lazy man :P
[22:45:59] <LeviathanMist> <3 Renky~
[22:46:04] <Renku> lol <3

Renku 08-06-2011 06:18 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[20:14:08] <LeviathanMist> I just had a total derp moment
[20:14:11] <Renku> So your... 17?
[20:14:24] What you do?
[20:14:25] <Sasukeuzi> yarp
[20:14:27] <LeviathanMist> I went to put the ice cream up, and instead of putting it in the freezer, I put it in the microwave
[20:14:29] <Renku> :o
[20:14:35] xD
[20:14:40] <Sasukeuzi> at least u didnt press the button
[20:14:44] <LeviathanMist> I almost did :P
[20:14:47] <Renku> xD
[20:14:51] <Sasukeuzi> ooooo
[20:15:06] * Renku chat quotes
[20:15:08] <Sasukeuzi> u can still freeze it
[20:15:14] <LeviathanMist> hey, a freezer and a microwave look similar :P

Silly Mist~.

Renku 08-09-2011 04:26 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[18:24:08] <LeviathanMist> Renku is better than Minorin :P

Leviathan Mist 08-12-2011 10:10 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[22:08:58] <@HeikaHaku> If anyone sees King, tell him Haku said that "Haku sucks, and I have no idea what it is. ;D"
[22:09:01] <+xxjellybeanzxx> HeikaHaku: ANYTHING VIC MIGNOGNA.
[22:09:02] <@HeikaHaku> I mean
[22:09:04] <@HeikaHaku> HOMESTEAD
[22:09:05] <@HeikaHaku> NOT HAKU
[22:09:10] <@HeikaHaku> NOBODY SAW THAT!
[22:09:12] <+xxjellybeanzxx> xDDD
[22:09:14] <@HeikaHaku> I'M NOT THAT TIRED YET!
[22:09:19] * everyone is now known as Dophanes
[22:09:25] <@LeviathanMist> chat quote tiem

[01:17:39] * Duck (~Kusari@Rizon-3C6E6362.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) Quit ( )
[01:17:48] <@HeikaHaku> What the Duck?
[01:17:52] <+twilly> D:
[01:17:52] <@LeviathanMist> Duck him
[01:17:57] <@LeviathanMist> he can go duck a duck
[01:17:58] <+twilly> HAKU WATCH YOUR MOUTH
[01:18:02] <+twilly> MIST!
[01:18:10] <@LeviathanMist> Twilly, want a duck?
[01:18:12] <@HeikaHaku> lol
[01:18:15] <+twilly> I am ducking appalled.
[01:18:16] <@HeikaHaku> Mist
[01:18:22] <@HeikaHaku> I don't think he gives a Duck about your Duck.
[01:18:34] <@LeviathanMist> well that's f***ing riduckulous
[01:18:36] <@LeviathanMist> oops
[01:18:37] <@LeviathanMist> ducking*
[01:18:39] <@HeikaHaku> .lol
[01:18:41] <+Renku> o.o
[01:18:41] <@HeikaHaku> lol
[01:18:44] <@LeviathanMist> good thing it's that time
[01:18:48] <%grimdefeat> lol
[01:18:48] <@HeikaHaku> Yeah
[01:18:51] <@HeikaHaku> That was hilarious.

Renku 08-16-2011 02:15 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[04:11:44] <LeviathanMist> lol
[04:11:45] <LeviathanMist> Haku
[04:11:52] <LeviathanMist> I went to go search for Miku Hatsune
[04:11:52] <Renku_the_Panda_Maid> o.o Plants for hire?
[04:11:58] <LeviathanMist> guess what I searched for instead
[04:12:05] <HeikaHaku> Hiku Matsune?
[04:12:06] <Renku_the_Panda_Maid> Minorin?
[04:12:06] <LeviathanMist> "Haku Mitsune"

Leviathan Mist 08-16-2011 09:28 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[21:25:44] <%Eternal_Scholar> Mist, you should help me design an IRC game :P
[21:25:50] <+LeviathanMist> uh okay
[21:25:53] <+LeviathanMist> so you got this thing
[21:25:57] <+Scholarmy> Is scholar on the radios
[21:25:57] <+LeviathanMist> and you have to post something
[21:25:59] <+Scholarmy> :o
[21:26:01] <+LeviathanMist> and the winner gets a prize
[21:26:01] <%Eternal_Scholar> Not right now.
[21:26:02] <+LeviathanMist> the end
[21:26:04] <%Eternal_Scholar> ....
[21:26:06] <@Jubilee> I think it is in this part
[21:26:12] * Eternal_Scholar bashes Mist's head with his book

Zero Gravity 08-23-2011 09:47 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
12:28 Team> eternal i need it since i work and go to school i have loads to read for american hystor and speach class so try to read when you havent had much sleep i almost didnt go to class cause i almost fell asleep
12:29 Zero_Gravity> Whats to learn?
12:29 Zero_Gravity> American history:
12:29 Zero_Gravity> British people showed up
12:29 Zero_Gravity> Hung some ugly ladies
12:29 Team> its from 1877 to the present
12:29 Zero_Gravity> kicked england's butt
12:29 Zero_Gravity> did some things
12:29 Zero_Gravity> invented the internet
12:29 Zero_Gravity> done
12:30 Eternal_Scholar> xD
12:31 Team> wait dont forget the creation of the worst comapny in hystory Microsoft
12:32 Zero_Gravity> don't forget to go to English class too

withasigh 08-25-2011 09:00 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
Kanashimi dances
CociCookie starts poking random people with a stick
Kanashimi shoots the stick with her laser eyes
Withasigh AhHa take that stick!
Kanashimi .nowplaying
Brie Now Playing: BoA - Lazer
Kanashimi Hah
Kanashimi See what I did thar
CociCookie D:
CociCookie Yes.. yes I did...
CociCookie shudders in fear

Leviathan Mist 08-25-2011 08:56 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[20:51:44] <+KaelemGaen> .time
[20:51:53] <+KaelemGaen> sleep brie is sleepy
[20:51:55] <@LeviathanMist> .muffinbutton
[20:52:08] <%DJ_Scholar> o.o
[20:52:11] <+Erinovauch> .dj
[20:52:16] <+Erinovauch> .nowplaying
[20:52:17] <%DJ_Scholar> ME!
[20:52:21] <%DJ_Scholar> D<
[20:52:21] <@LeviathanMist> .hugbutton
[20:52:23] * Maria_Plushie runs away crying "Brie no like me"
[20:52:30] <+Erinovauch> i know i was trying to see if she was active
[20:52:31] <%DJ_Scholar> Brie is broke
[20:52:37] <%DJ_Scholar> Ping timeout~
[20:52:38] <@LeviathanMist> .rock paper
[20:52:44] <@LeviathanMist> .twilly
[20:52:47] * Kayarath (~Kayarath@Rizon-CCA3FE5B.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
[20:52:47] * GlaD0S sets mode +v Kayarath for #918thefan
[20:52:54] <+Erinovauch> HEIKAHAKU BRIE is not functioning
[20:52:57] <@LeviathanMist> .muffinbutton Kayarath
[20:53:01] * GlaD0S sets mode +o Kayarath for #918thefan
[20:53:02] * Brie dispenses a muffin for LeviathanMist.
[20:53:03] <@Brie> Current DJ is: Elk.
[20:53:03] <@Brie> Now Playing: Wowaka - Lineart
[20:53:04] * Brie hugs LeviathanMist.
[20:53:04] <@Brie> You used paper and I used paper. We tied.
[20:53:04] <@Brie> A wild twilly appears and hurls a starfish at you!
[20:53:05] * Brie dispenses a muffin for Kayarath.
[20:53:07] <+Erinovauch> ok now it's working
[20:53:07] <%DJ_Scholar> o.o
[20:53:09] <%DJ_Scholar> Holy hell
[20:53:10] <+JinnRemocobo> This Alan Wake game is pretty good. So far. XD
[20:53:12] <%DJ_Scholar> Major lag.
[20:53:13] * Nirvash_Redemption (~UnseelieC@Rizon-C62ED0A0.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit ( Quit: 'ahem' This will be the last time you see me... )
[20:53:14] <@LeviathanMist> woohoo
[20:53:17] <@LeviathanMist> now that was awesome
[20:53:21] <@LeviathanMist> chat quote tiem
[20:53:22] * Kayarath eats his muffin
[20:53:27] <@Kayarath> thanks Mist

luigimeister 08-25-2011 10:33 PM

My Little Fan
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Maybe tomorrow, Vashy
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> ...Rainbow Vash >3
[00:15] * Kayarath puts on cool shades
[00:15] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ......NO
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Yes, Vindictus
[00:15] <+vindictusmeister> if so you could rant on the archdemon on nighmare mode
[00:15] <&Hiiragi> alright
[00:15] <&Hiiragi> so
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Hey, Renky!
[00:15] <@Kayarath> .nowplaying
[00:15] <@Brie> Now Playing: Shoko Nakagawa - Sky-Colored Days
[00:15] <&Hiiragi> you don't have to play RO to know this is crappy support
[00:15] == vindictusmeister has changed nick to luigimeister
[00:15] <&Hiiragi> http://kagami-sama.com/images/ticket.png
[00:15] <+Nirvash_Redemption> NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO
[00:15] * JellyBeans is still loling over that Vic pun.
[00:15] <+Renku> o.o
[00:15] * DJ_Scholar is greatly amused by Rainbow Vash
[00:15] * Nirvash_Redemption crawls under a rock
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky Pie.
[00:15] <+Renku> lol
[00:15] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky Pie and Rainbow Vash
[00:16] <+Renku> Yes~!
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> I is not a pony
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> In "Cupcakes". Coming to an IRC near you.
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> >D
[00:16] <+Renku> YES~!'
[00:16] <@Kusari|iWork> What's the prob, Raug?
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> Y U DO THIS!?
[00:16] * luigimeister eye twitches
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> Cause it's fun.
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ......
[00:16] <+Nirvash_Redemption> $@@%$%^
[00:16] * DJ_Scholar needs to think up other names for the other ponies.
[00:16] <+JellyBeans> ...
[00:16] == JellyBeans has changed nick to Fluttershy
[00:16] <%DJ_Scholar> We have JellyShy
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> SCHOLAR.
[00:17] <+Nirvash_Redemption> ......Oh god.
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> YES.
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> BECAUSE THAT'S MY NAME ON STEAM.
[00:17] <%DJ_Scholar> Jellyshy, Rainbow Vash, Renky Pie.....
[00:17] <+Fluttershy> Jellyshy. XD
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> do you see my ticket on the bottom?
[00:17] == Kusari|iWork has changed nick to DJ_P0n-33
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> (it goes from bottom to top chronologically)
[00:17] <%DJ_Scholar> So we need a Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Applejack
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> i go about this whole spiel how they don't bother to read what tickets contain
[00:17] * DJ_Scholar scans the IRC
[00:17] <@DJ_P0n-33> I see the ticket. I know the problem's that they're ignoring you. But I don't see the original problem.
[00:17] <&Hiiragi> and the response (just like previous tickets) reinforces that
[00:17] <+Nirvash_Redemption> Twilly Sparkle?
[00:17] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Yes!
[00:18] == Fluttershy has changed nick to Jellyshy
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> Mm, how do I lump this with my other nicknames, again?
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Princess Kanalestia?
[00:18] <&Hiiragi> Ah, it's hard to see since the 3 other ticket numbers I have in the ticket are all in the same situation
[00:18] <&Hiiragi> for the most part
[00:18] == Renku has changed nick to Renky
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky_Pie?
[00:18] <+Renky> ><
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> Yes. XD
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> I was just thinking that.
[00:18] * Maria_Plushie walks away
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> Which one, Jelly?
[00:18] == Renky has changed nick to Renky_Pie
[00:18] <%DJ_Scholar> I don't know XD
[00:18] <+Renky_Pie> I forgote the _
[00:18] <+Jellyshy> Scholar, for Renku.
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> Oooh.
[00:19] <@DJ_P0n-33> Err I just mean which quest bugged you? <.<
[00:19] <+Renky_Pie> o.o
[00:19] <@Cameron> OH
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> ...Huh?
[00:19] <@Cameron> CANDI
[00:19] <@DJ_P0n-33> I thought you said on air in 2 minutes, Scholar? <.<
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> I...was on air.
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> Like...5 minutes ago
[00:19] <@Cameron> I'mma cosplay DJ P0N3
[00:19] <%DJ_Scholar> Camity?
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> You talk me that before, Cammie. x3
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> LOL
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> YES.
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> CAMITY.
[00:19] <+Jellyshy> IT'S PERFECT.
[00:20] <@Cameron> ...
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> Camity, Jellyshy, Renkie Pie, Rainbow Vash, Princess Kanalestia...
[00:20] <+Nirvash_Redemption> :|
[00:20] <+Jellyshy> HEY
[00:20] <+Jellyshy> HEY
[00:20] * DJ_Scholar is enjoying this way too much
[00:20] <@DJ_P0n-33> <.< Yeah. But that was 5 minutes.
[00:20] <@DJ_P0n-33> Not 2.
[00:20] <+Nirvash_Redemption> LISTEN
[00:20] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:20] <@DJ_P0n-33> I demand another air session.
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> I'm going to give you one.
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> ;D
[00:20] <+luigimeister> look down below
[00:20] <+Maria_Plushie> Scholar you foregot twilly sparkle
[00:20] <%DJ_Scholar> And Twilly Sparkle.
[00:21] <+Renky_Pie> Ummm /ns group Nick pass?
[00:21] <+Jellyshy> Okay, I'll try that.
[00:21] <@Cameron> Oh, however /<you contact nickserv> GROUP <nick> <pass>
[00:21] <+luigimeister> there be instructions in the second section below the irc
[00:21] <%DJ_Scholar> So we're missing applejack
[00:21] <%DJ_Scholar> Hakujack?
[00:21] <@Cameron> I typo'd that badly
[00:21] * Renky_Pie is start and right
[00:21] <+Renky_Pie> *smart
[00:21] <+Jellyshy> HAH
[00:21] <+Jellyshy> WIN
[00:21] <%DJ_Scholar> xD
[00:21] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:21] <@Cameron> I think ya got it anyway, I dunno
[00:22] <%DJ_Scholar> That one work or do I need to keep trying?
[00:22] <+Jellyshy> Cameron: CHANGE YOUR NAME TO CAMITY.
[00:22] <+Maria_Plushie> so who's Spike
[00:22] <@Cameron> I don't wanna be her...
[00:22] <%DJ_Scholar> Mist.
[00:22] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:22] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:22] <+Maria_Plushie> lol
[00:22] <+DarkReturns> so... if i watch school days... should i watch the whole thing, or just the gorey part? :P
[00:23] <@LeviathanMist> wha
[00:23] * grimdefeat refuses to be part of this pony nonsense
[00:23] <+luigimeister> well I'll be seeing everyone
[00:23] <@Cameron> The whole thing!
[00:23] <+Nirvash_Redemption> the whole thing
[00:23] <+luigimeister> before this gets...... namey
[00:23] == DJ_P0n-33 [~Kusari@Rizon-3C6E6362.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has quit []
[00:23] <@Cameron> The end means nothing on its own
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> Hakujack, Camity, Rainbow Vash, Twilly Sparkle, Renky Pie, Jellyshy, Princess Kanalestia....
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> My little Fan
[00:23] <+Jellyshy> I AM A PEGA-SIS.
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> Music is magic
[00:23] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:23] <+Renky_Pie> Yes~!
[00:23] <+Nirvash_Redemption> oh lordy
[00:23] <+DarkReturns> well, i know the story, but i never seen the gorey part. :P
[00:23] <+Jellyshy> I love how they have a version of brony for girls now. Pega-Sis.
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> My friend called herself that.
[00:23] <%DJ_Scholar> She's amazing
[00:24] <+Maria_Plushie> this needs to be quoted
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> Do it!
[00:24] == Nirvash_Redemption has changed nick to Rainbow_Vash
[00:24] <+Rainbow_Vash> .......
[00:24] <+luigimeister> to the first post in scholar's forum?
[00:24] <%grimdefeat> now im just gonna say if there was a pony named chaos bringer then i may be a bit more interested in it
[00:24] <+Jellyshy> YESSSSS
[00:24] <+Rainbow_Vash> TT~TT
[00:24] <+Renky_Pie> :D I Vashy~!
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> My little pony, musical pony, listening to all of Vic
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:24] <+Jellyshy> xDDDD
[00:24] <+Rainbow_Vash> ;A:
[00:24] <%DJ_Scholar> Muaahahha!
[00:24] <+Renky_Pie> *hi
[00:25] * Jellyshy is watching her friend play Persona 3.
[00:25] <%DJ_Scholar> Grimbloom can be Hakujack's younger sister.
[00:25] <+Jellyshy> LOVE THIS GAME.
[00:25] <+Renky_Pie> :o I like 4
[00:25] <%DJ_Scholar> Cerulu is Scotaloo
[00:25] <+Jellyshy> I love the brotag in 3.
[00:25] <%DJ_Scholar> What's Rarity's sister's name?
[00:25] <+Renky_Pie> Ceruloo?
[00:25] <+Jellyshy> I don't remember. ><
[00:26] <@christmas4477> Sweetie Belle
[00:26] <@Cerulaine> >>
[00:26] <%DJ_Scholar> Hm...
[00:26] <+Jellyshy> XD
[00:26] <%DJ_Scholar> I'm surprised I haven't gotten kicked for this yet.
[00:26] <+luigimeister> Luigi Belle?
[00:26] <@Cameron> Welp, time for bed, I have to try and get my SIN card and Health card back tomorrow after work, even though I don't have all the documents...
[00:27] <+Rainbow_Vash> later dood
[00:27] <+Jellyshy> Awwww, okay Cammie. :C See you!
[00:27] <+Jellyshy> I'll miss you!
[00:27] <+Jellyshy> Love yooouuu!
[00:27] <%grimdefeat> hey i got an idea lets use link names to something good like legend of zelda
[00:27] <%DJ_Scholar> I like that one, Luigi
[00:27] <+Renky_Pie> BYE~!
[00:27] <@Cameron> D'awww
[00:27] <@Cameron> Love you too! See ya~!
[00:27] <+Renky_Pie> lol Grim
[00:27] <%DJ_Scholar> Who's Zakura?
[00:27] <@christmas4477> Zecora
[00:27] <@christmas4477> Is a zebra
[00:27] <+Renky_Pie> o.o lol Zakura
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> I know WHO Zecora is.
[00:28] <+Renky_Pie> You?
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> Who's their persona here?
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> o.o
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> How would my name play into that?
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> Scholora?
[00:28] <+Renky_Pie> Yes~
[00:28] == Rugal [cgiirc@Rizon-6D8AB2D5.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client
[00:28] <%DJ_Scholar> I can't rhyme worth crap, though
[00:29] <+Renky_Pie> Also, I was Zecora at one point
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Twilly Sparkle
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Jellyshy
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Rainbow Vash
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Renky Pie
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Camity
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Hakujack
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Princess Kanalestia
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Cerulu
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Grimbloom
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Luigibelle
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> Scholora
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> :3
[00:29] <+Renky_Pie> :D
[00:29] <%grimdefeat> hey i told you i refuse to be part of this
[00:29] <%DJ_Scholar> You did? Too late!
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> .nowplaying
[00:30] <@Brie> Now Playing: Minori Chihara - That Day You Gave
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> Wait! We need a Nightmare Moon/Luna!
[00:30] <%DJ_Scholar> Nightmare Mist
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> xD
[00:30] <%DJ_Scholar> :D
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> Wait Mist was Spike o.o
[00:30] <+Maria_Plushie> ^
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> shouldn't it be Nightmare Moon?
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> as in Sailor Moon?
[00:30] <@LeviathanMist> :P
[00:30] <+Renky_Pie> xD
[00:30] <+Jellyshy> This is awesome.
[00:30] <+Rainbow_Vash> lool
[00:30] <%DJ_Scholar> Nah, I couldn't make a pun out of Mist and Spike
[00:30] <+DarkReturns> i thought about watching a serious anime...
[00:30] <+DarkReturns> :o
[00:30] <%grimdefeat> im not even joking i watched one episdoe of that accursed show and laughed maybe once
[00:31] <+Rainbow_Vash> a serious anime?
[00:31] <+Rainbow_Vash> Hmm
[00:31] <+Maria_Plushie> NightMist Moon?
[00:31] <%DJ_Scholar> Grim, Vash hates ponies too.
[00:31] <%DJ_Scholar> I'm just grossly amused by this
[00:31] <%DJ_Scholar> That works, MAria
[00:31] <+Rainbow_Vash> I'm just playing along
[00:31] <+Renky_Pie> I would say add Kibs in :P but then we all be kicked
[00:31] <%grimdefeat> no just you supporters would get kicked
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> So....all of us
[00:32] <%grimdefeat> im not
[00:32] <+Renky_Pie> lol
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> Fiine. We need a new Applebloom
[00:32] <%grimdefeat> damn straight you do
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> XD
[00:32] <%DJ_Scholar> Kayabloom?
[00:32] <+Jellyshy> XDDD

DalekCam 09-01-2011 05:15 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[01:04.08] * CociCookie (qwebirc@Rizon-325BC9C8.plus.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[01:04.18] <%nerdwerld> D:
[01:04.18] * CociCookie_ is now known as CociCookie
[01:04.29] <Stitch_Ahoy> Ahaha... the awesome powers of refreshing >D
[01:04.59] <+CociCookie> xD
[01:06.13] <Stitch_Ahoy> Well... I pressed play and it didn't work so now I am totally out of sync XD
[01:06.27] <+CociCookie> Ahaha smae Stitch xd
[01:07.02] <Stitch_Ahoy> It's coz we're British D<
[01:07.09] <Stitch_Ahoy> Racist link DX
[01:08.30] <+CociCookie> XD
[01:09.01] <+CociCookie> It's now a radio show XD
[01:09.10] <Stitch_Ahoy> Yup xD
[01:09.12] <%nerdwerld> lol
[01:09.34] * Stitch_Ahoy is very tempted to put that on Chat Quotes...
[01:09.45] <+CociCookie> xD
[01:09.48] <+Quostin> So... the new persona fighting game is player vs player with their "Special" thing being their persona
[01:10.04] <+CociCookie> Makes sense
[01:10.10] <Stitch_Ahoy> I think I might... I mean it made me laugh XD
[01:10.21] <+CociCookie> Doitdoitdoit
[01:10.24] <Stitch_Ahoy> I SHALL >D
[01:10.33] <%Eternal_Scholar> 0.0

Renku 09-21-2011 10:13 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[23:49:20] * Zero_Gravity sucks Renku and Mist into cards
[23:49:24] takes out duel disks
[23:49:26] <LeviathanMist> wat.avi
[23:49:33] <Renku> o.o
[23:49:33] * Eternal_Scholar draws Mist out of Renku and junctions him so he can summon Mist later
[23:49:33] <Zero_Gravity> I SUMMON LEVITHAN MIST
[23:49:39] <LeviathanMist> who is this "Levithan Mist"?
[23:49:40] * Eternal_Scholar grabs dual disjk
[23:49:49] <Zero_Gravity> When Leviathan Mist is on the field, i can special summon Renku from my hand, deck or graveyard
[23:49:53] * Zero_Gravity summons Renku
[23:49:56] <Eternal_Scholar> I sacrifice Kayarath and Elk to summon Minorin!
[23:49:57] <Renku> lol
[23:50:10] <LeviathanMist> o.o
[23:50:15] <LeviathanMist>Minorin is my weakness
[23:50:16] <LeviathanMist>D:
[23:50:26] <Zero_Gravity> now i activate my trap card! Jubilee!
[23:50:30] <Eternal_Scholar> When Minorin is on the field, Mist is rendered useless and other monsters can only attack othe singers on the field
[23:50:32] <Renku> xD
[23:50:38] <Eternal_Scholar> I activeate my counter trap! Plant!
[23:50:46] <Zero_Gravity> using this card, I can combine at ATk of Renku and Leviathan Mist and launch a direct attack!
[23:50:52] <LeviathanMist> Renku is my strength though
[23:50:54] <Zero_Gravity> LEVIATHAN MIST! RENKU!
[23:50:56] <Eternal_Scholar> With this counter, Jubie is rendered totally useless!
[23:50:57] <Kayarath> what? I'm sacrificed?
[23:51:05] <LeviathanMist> What if we transform?
[23:51:06] <Renku> USE THE PANDA CARD!
[23:51:08] <Zero_Gravity> then I'll activate my counter trap
[23:51:17] <Zero_Gravity> Kana's Judgement
[23:51:26] <Zero_Gravity> I sacrafice half of my life points and negate your card and end and chains
[23:51:32] <Zero_Gravity> because kana be ninja'ing
[23:51:37] <Eternal_Scholar> I activate the Kibbles and Bits, rendering Kana's Judgement useless!
[23:51:40] <LeviathanMist> Zero
[23:51:46] <LeviathanMist>You need to make a 91.8 card game
[23:51:48] <Zero_Gravity> -gasp- NOT THAT CARD
[23:51:56] <Eternal_Scholar> That's right!
[23:51:57] <Syth> Trying so hard not to make a YGOTAS reference. >.>;
[23:52:03] <Zero_Gravity> I'll lay one card face down and end my turn there
[23:52:05] <Eternal_Scholar> My draw!
[23:52:18] * LeviathanMist uses the "Automatic Win" card
[23:52:21] <LeviathanMist> oh look, I win
[23:52:24] <Renku> xD
[23:52:30] <Eternal_Scholar> I activate the Haku's Hijinx spellcard to special summon Haku to the field.
[23:52:31] * Zero_Gravity smacks Mist, quiet card!
[23:52:45] <Eternal_Scholar> When this card is summoned, if I have a Brie card in my hand, I can play it at the same time! And look at this!
[23:52:45] <Zero_Gravity> I activate my trap!
[23:52:47] <Zero_Gravity>Soundbreaker!
[23:53:01] <Eternal_Scholar> Crap!
[23:53:04] <Zero_Gravity> When soundbreaker is in play, everything in play becomes broken and unusable for one turn!
[23:53:15] <Eternal_Scholar> Well then....
[23:53:21] <Renku> D: *is brocken*
[23:53:26] * LeviathanMist gives Renku the "Automatic Win" card
[23:53:27] <Eternal_Scholar> I'll switch Minori to defense and lay three face downs
[23:53:40] <Renku> xD See! I'm brocken!
[23:53:43] <Zero_Gravity> my draw!
[23:54:01] * Eternal_Scholar is imaginng Zero and himself playing Yu-Gi-Oh in a big 91.8 stadium
[23:54:16] <Eternal_Scholar> And my spelling skills have gone to crap
[23:54:18] <Zero_Gravity> I activate Twilly's revenge!
[23:54:23] <Eternal_Scholar> Oh crap!
[23:54:39] <Zero_Gravity> By banishing one "DJ" from my graveyard
[23:54:52] i can negate your face down cards until the end of my turn
[23:54:58] <Eternal_Scholar> Gah!
[23:55:12] <Zero_Gravity> Next I'll activate Mist's other special ability!
[23:55:20] <Zero_Gravity>Dummy swap
[23:55:25] <Zero_Gravity>I place a "Fake Minorin" on the field
[23:55:28] <Zero_Gravity>a token
[23:55:29] <LeviathanMist> lolwat
[23:55:33] <Zero_Gravity> then you and i swap Minorins
[23:55:35] <Renku> lol Nice
[23:55:46] <Zero_Gravity> and mist keeps Minorin prisoner on my field
[23:55:46] <LeviathanMist> I like where this is going
[23:55:47] <Maria_Plushie> "blah blah blah active mode blah"
[23:56:11] <Zero_Gravity> Now Minorin! Mist! Renku, Attack Eternal's life points directly!
[23:56:23] <Eternal_Scholar> Don't forget~! I have Haku and brie on the field!
[23:56:29] <LeviathanMist> if we combine, we get the ultimate triforce
[23:56:30] <Zero_Gravity> Oh really?
[23:56:30] * Renku attacks with pandas
[23:56:33] <Eternal_Scholar> And Brie's ability activates!
[23:56:35] * Zero_Gravity plays a quick play spell
[23:56:44] <Zero_Gravity> Net Split
[23:56:44] <Eternal_Scholar> I use muffinbutton, distracting one of your monsters.
[23:57:00] <Zero_Gravity> by paying 1000 life points per monster I can send monsters on your field back to your hand
[23:57:06] <Zero_Gravity> Oh no!
[23:57:07] <Eternal_Scholar> Urgh..
[23:57:07] <Renku> And that would be Mist
[23:57:16] <Renku>:o
[23:57:18] * LeviathanMist is totally not distracted by muffins
[23:57:24] <LeviathanMist> unless they're Renku's muffins
[23:57:24] <Syth> Oh noes. Net Split. D:
[23:57:31] <Zero_Gravity> Eternal this has gotten out of hand
[23:57:34] <Eternal_Scholar> Then it's time to end it...my draw!
[23:57:41] I activate the field spell, IRC room!
[23:57:56] <Zero_Gravity> grr!
[23:58:03] <Eternal_Scholar> With this I can re-summon Brie without a sacrifice, and her power goes up by 500 for every member of the IRC.
[23:58:14] |<-- Wyt_Wolf has left irc.rizon.net (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:58:19] <Renku> o.o
[23:58:20] <Maria_Plushie> .time
[23:58:21] <Brie> Server time is: Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011 at 9:58:45 PM PDT.
[23:58:25] <Eternal_Scholar> And now...by sacrificing my three face downs, I can play this!
[23:58:33] The all powerful GlaDoS!
[23:58:45] <Zero_Gravity> I activate atwilly's Revenge from my graveyard! it's 2nd ability!
[23:58:48] <Renku> Oh crap
[23:58:52] <Eternal_Scholar> Hah! IRC's other ability activates!
[23:59:02] <LeviathanMist> I hope someone is chat quoting this whole thing :P
[23:59:04] <Zero_Gravity> By banishing "twilly's Revenge" I'm allowed to draw one card, and if It's a trap, I can play it right away at the cost of half my Lifepoints
[23:59:06] <Eternal_Scholar> Any banned cards from the IRC are rendered useless!
[23:59:10] * Renku is
[23:59:15] <LeviathanMist> :D
[23:59:23] <Zero_Gravity> I haven't bannished it yet! >>
[23:59:26] <Eternal_Scholar> IRC Room auto renders it useless.
[23:59:39] Since Twilly is banned, all effects by twilly cards are useless!
[23:59:43] <Zero_Gravity> Very well, attack me then if you dare
[23:59:55] <Eternal_Scholar> I play one more card..
[23:59:56] <Renku> D:
[00:00:11] <Eternal_Scholar> IRC sacrifice!
[00:00:30] <Renku> You wouldn't attack a baby panda, would you?
[00:00:36] <Eternal_Scholar> Now, by sacrificing GlaDOs, IRC room, and half my life points, I can summon the three owners.
[00:00:45] <LeviathanMist> Zero! The answer is Renku! Use it :o
[00:00:49] <Eternal_Scholar> So come to me. Kanashimi, Hiiragi, and Kibs
[00:00:50] <Zero_Gravity> not yet
[00:00:51] <Renku> xD
[00:00:54] <Zero_Gravity> He's falling for m ytrap
[00:01:04] <Zero_Gravity>FOOL
[00:01:05] <Zero_Gravity>I activate my trap!
[00:01:05] <Kibs> what
[00:01:10] <Zero_Gravity> BITTER END OF STUPIDITY
[00:01:15] <Eternal_Scholar> WHAT?!
[00:01:28] <Maria_Plushie> childrens card game IRC style Kib
[00:01:30] <Zero_Gravity> As long as those 3 exist on either side of the field, both our life poitns drop to 0 and end this in a tie
[00:01:37] <Zero_Gravity>**points
[00:01:42] <Eternal_Scholar> Well damn....good match
[00:01:51] <Zero_Gravity> very good

Toonpenguin 09-30-2011 01:59 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
16:52 Toonpenguin Hi cerulaine whats up?
16:52 +++ GlaD0S has given op to Cerulaine
16:52 Cerulaine I'm bored
16:52 Cerulaine I wanna play pool
16:52 Sasukeuzi goes checking his mailbox
16:52 Sasukeuzi i wanna hav a poo;
16:53 Sasukeuzi pool
16:53 Sasukeuzi o god
16:53 Sasukeuzi that was so fail
16:53 Cerulaine XD

NeonX 10-02-2011 12:01 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[HeikaHaku] Inorite?
[HeikaHaku] Here, why don't I do this, so you can kick me.
[HeikaHaku] .voice
* GlaD0S gives voice to HeikaHaku
[HeikaHaku] .deop
* GlaD0S removes channel operator status from HeikaHaku
[Jessi_] <3333
[TheManorexic] Oh yeah it's October
[NeonX] Stop tempting me D:
[TheManorexic] EXP Con
* Scholar_Plushie sits on Jessi's head
[TheManorexic] Who runs the the Fan table at EXP?
* Jessi_ huggles Etty
[HeikaHaku] Kibs, I think.
[Hiiragi] .k HeikaHaku 天罰
* GlaD0S has kicked HeikaHaku from #918thefan (天罰)

* HeikaHaku (admin@super.fighting.robot) has joined #918thefan

[GlaD0S] [HeikaHaku] We go together like Peanut Butter and.....I'm so lonely.... T.T I need a girlfriend.
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to HeikaHaku
[TheManorexic] I remember being there last year and seeing it and that's what got me into the Fan
[HeikaHaku] Where is EXP Con?
[NeonX] Heavenly Punishment?
[TheManorexic] St. Augustine, FL
[NeonX] o.o
[HeikaHaku] lol
[HeikaHaku] Why did Raug kick me? :(
[Hiiragi] because i'm a gigantic jerk
[Hiiragi] of course
[HeikaHaku] JERK
[Hiiragi] plus one of hte rare times i look at irc i see kick and haku in the same line
[Hiiragi] so i say
[HeikaHaku] xD
[Hiiragi] OK HERE I GO
[Hiiragi] doesn't matter who you said to kick you!

DalekCam 10-04-2011 08:19 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[04:16.34] * Zero_Gravity is a lonely Zero
[04:16.38] * NeonX is a lonely Neon
[04:16.55] <Stitch_Ahoy> o.o
[04:16.57] <%Zero_Gravity> Neon, lets get hitched
[04:17.02] <%Zero_Gravity> Dibs on the Seme
[04:17.09] <Stitch_Ahoy> I'll marry you two if you want :D
[04:17.12] <Stitch_Ahoy> I'm a captain >D
[04:17.21] <%NeonX> LOL
[04:17.32] * Stitch_Ahoy falls over in hysterics

Kayarath 10-12-2011 11:03 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
Kayarath- also, thanks to Renku for being helpful in her own mysterious ways
Renku- *surprised face*
Renku- What I do?
Kayarath- how you're helpful, we won't tell you, but we really are thankful for it
Renku- *surprised face*>> Ok....
Eternal_Scholar- hugs Renku
Kayarath- lol
Renku- hugs

Zero Gravity 10-13-2011 09:07 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
12:01 Donovan curls up in a corner
12:03 Zero_Gravity you dying there Dono?
12:03 Zero_Gravity Dono's response: "Dono"
12:03 Zero_Gravity puts on shades
12:03 Maria_Plushie .____.

Leviathan Mist 10-13-2011 07:58 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[19:44:17] <+Renku> Mist o.o Why you like Zelda 2?
[19:45:34] <+Renku> >> So far it's boring me xD
[19:51:51] <@LeviathanMist> Renku: I like it because of the RPG elements
[19:52:02] <@LeviathanMist> the ability to grind is what got me through the game :P
[19:52:14] <+Renku> Pff
[19:52:16] <+Renku> xD
[19:52:25] <@Scholar_Plushie> Mist is a grinder. Giggity
[19:52:26] <@LeviathanMist> these days I can beat it without grinding
[19:52:29] <@LeviathanMist> wat
[19:52:35] <@LeviathanMist> wow
[19:52:40] <@LeviathanMist> that looked very wrong

Toonpenguin 10-14-2011 02:21 PM

17:12 *** Iskierka joined #918thefan
17:12 +++ GlaD0S has given voice to Iskierka
17:12 Jessi_ O.O
17:12 Jessi_ is rather confuzzled
17:13 slash_nick what has 2 hands and is typeing? me
17:13 Toonpenguin well its not soundbreaker, he can't really troll people XD
17:13 Jessi_ Sound can troll
17:13 Toonpenguin and he can also do push-ups to pokemon names XD
17:13 slash_nick .nowplaying
17:13 Brie Now Playing: Taku Iwasaki - Libera Me From Hell
17:13 Jessi_ Hes an Aussie, Aussies are the best rollers ever
17:14 Jessi_ trollers*17:14 Toonpenguin rollers XD

16:23 Sasukeuzi i feels so tires
16:23 Kanashimi Whhhhhhhhhhhhy
16:23 Kanashimi Did you peeps go out on Black Friday?
16:23 Kanashimi That's bad
16:23 Sasukeuzi ._.
16:23 Sasukeuzi ?
16:23 Kanashimi People die when they are killed on Black Friday
16:23 Kanashimi Just sayin'

Renku 01-20-2012 05:21 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[18:17:37] <Renku> o.o
[18:17:50] <Renku> .prinny
[18:17:51] * Brie throws a prinny at Renku.
[18:17:59] <Renku> xD

Renku 02-02-2012 11:41 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[00:14:36] <Renku> .prinny
[00:14:37] * Brie throws a prinny at Bobby_Henshin.
[00:14:42] <Renku> Opps
[00:14:46] <Renku> So close

[00:14:56] <Renku> .prinny
[00:14:57] * Brie throws a prinny at Bobby_Henshin.

[00:18:22] <Renku> .prinny
[00:18:23] * Brie throws a prinny at Bobby_Henshin.

[00:21:32] <Renku> .prinny
[00:21:33] * Brie throws a prinny at Bobby_Henshin.

[00:27:04] <Renku> .prinny
[00:27:05] * Brie throws a prinny at Bobby_Henshin.
[00:27:12] <Renku> xD 5 time!

[00:27:26] <Renku> New High score!

Leviathan Mist 02-03-2012 05:40 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[16:39:44] <+Renku> Well I haven't been to a can for over a year, so... yeah
[16:39:59] <&Kanashimi> You must really need to go to the bathroom
[16:40:00] <+Renku> Con ><

The Eternal Scholar 02-13-2012 11:25 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[01:23] <13@LeviathanMist> because Scholar just can't admit his fate
[01:24] <13@DJ_Scholar> My fate is a boot up your a** :P
[01:24] <04+Renku> Get one and try it
[01:24] <13@LeviathanMist> Renku, I hope you weren't talking to Scholar there
[01:24] <13@LeviathanMist> he'll do it

Renku 04-17-2012 09:46 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[23:36:44] <Christmas> First one to hit Christmas wins a prize
[23:36:46] <Nerdzilla> Maria
*Maria_Plushie Grim is that good
[23:36:50] <Cheflelouch> Prinny WAR Fight!!!!
[23:36:55] <Christmas> The prize is a kick
[23:36:58] <Christmas> .prinny
[23:36:59] *Brie throws a prinny at Christmas.
[23:37:01] <Christmas> :|
[23:37:02] <Nerdzilla> XD
[23:37:03] <Maria_Plushie> lo;
[23:37:04] <grimdefeat> hahaha
[23:37:05] <Kierax> Bobby....*waves to get attention*
[23:37:11] <Maria_Plushie> *lol
[23:37:13] =-= Christmas was booted from #918thefan by Christmas (Well damn)

christmas4477 08-08-2012 12:35 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
And now, for a quick peek into the private chat of 91.8 Staff.

[3:15:25 PM] christmas4477: Oh Siege
[3:16:04 PM] Siege: ?
[3:16:32 PM] christmas4477: Do you know what the spoiler for Citizen Kane is
[3:16:38 PM] Siege: Yes.
[3:16:45 PM] christmas4477: They burned his sled
[3:17:16 PM] Siege: Yeah?
[3:18:02 PM] christmas4477: Oh come on, I thought you'd get that
[3:18:57 PM] Siege: OH
[3:19:02 PM] Siege: It's been a while
[3:19:35 PM] Siege: Gonna have to get my wordplay chops up to par before I go on again.
[3:19:59 PM] christmas4477: Or in that romantic comedy this summer where the dude's relationship wasn't working out because of his bear
[3:20:03 PM] christmas4477: He kept getting
[3:20:10 PM] christmas4477: Burned by Ted
[3:20:22 PM] Siege: These are wonderful
[3:20:25 PM] Siege: I need these
[3:20:27 PM] Siege: I will take them
[3:20:57 PM] christmas4477: This is what happens when I sit in traffic and Burn My Dread comes on my ipod
[3:21:42 PM] christmas4477: Best way to prevent the zombie apocalypse
[3:21:50 PM] christmas4477: Burn the dead
[3:22:34 PM] Siege: The host of Extreme Home Makeover went on a killing spree
[3:22:36 PM] Siege: With a flamethrower
[3:22:42 PM] Siege: "Burn," Ty said
[3:23:16 PM] christmas4477: I heard someone's tires spin out
[3:23:19 PM] christmas4477: He must have
[3:23:23 PM] christmas4477: Burned his treads
[3:23:28 PM] Eternal Scholar: ....
[3:23:35 PM] Eternal Scholar: The ♫♫♫♫'s gotten into you two
[3:23:49 PM] Siege: God, Scholar
[3:23:58 PM] Siege: You're all the way on the other side of the room
[3:24:01 PM] Siege: I'm gonna have to
[3:24:03 PM] Siege: Turn my head
[3:25:08 PM] Eternal Scholar: Christmas I hate you for this
[3:25:17 PM] Siege: Say, Christmas, do you know what Roti is?
[3:25:22 PM] christmas4477: I do not
[3:25:27 PM] Siege: Wow Christmas
[3:25:31 PM] Siege: You really need to
[3:25:33 PM] Siege: Learn Thai Breads
[3:25:55 PM] Eternal Scholar: These are certainly interesting I'll say that
[3:26:00 PM] Siege: (I googled the name of a bread made in Thailand just for that wordplay)
[3:26:31 PM] christmas4477: My dad wants to move the little building out back where he keeps his motorcycle
[3:26:38 PM] christmas4477: He's gonna have me
[3:26:43 PM] christmas4477: Turn my shed
[3:27:46 PM] Elk: My dad was really getting on my case last night. but I showed him who was boss.
Stern guy bled.
[3:27:53 PM] Eternal Scholar: ....
[3:28:04 PM] Eternal Scholar: Where's my gun...
[3:28:19 PM] christmas4477: Oddly enough, I found this comic on Halolz
[3:28:21 PM] christmas4477: http://www.halolz.com/2012/08/03/ocarina-of-nightmares/
[3:28:25 PM] christmas4477: Looks like Link
[3:28:32 PM] christmas4477: Burned the shed
[3:28:35 PM] Siege: Came down with Tuberculosis the other day
[3:28:42 PM] Siege: So to keep it from spreading, we had to
[3:28:45 PM] Siege: Burn My Threads
[3:29:24 PM] Elk: I caught it before he managed to do that, so I
learned my meds.

I had to know what to take to keep healthy.
[3:29:32 PM] christmas4477: I want a new mattress
[3:29:35 PM] christmas4477: But they cost a lot
[3:29:38 PM] christmas4477: I'll have to
[3:29:41 PM] christmas4477: Earn my bed
[3:30:32 PM] Siege: I can get you a job to help you get money for a mattress, Christmas
[3:30:42 PM] Siege: I know this guy that owns a plant shop down the road
[3:30:45 PM] Siege: "Ferns by Ted"
[3:31:09 PM] christmas4477: I'm gonna go post this in the forums

Renku 09-14-2012 08:24 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[22:16:55] |<-- NirvashRedemption has left irc.rizon.net (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:17:16] <Renku> Nooooooo Vash!
[22:17:36] <DV8FromTheWorld> Quick! Get the jumpers!
[22:17:42] <DV8FromTheWorld> starts CPR
[22:17:49] <DV8FromTheWorld> We can save him! We can save him!....
[22:18:20] <Renku> D: I only have toaster!
[22:18:28] -->| NirvashRedemption (~Nirvash_R@Rizon-FCE9BD38.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #918thefan
=-= Mode #918thefan +v NirvashRedemption by GlaD0S
[22:18:29] <DV8FromTheWorld> That will work!
[22:18:32] <Renku> :O
DV8FromTheWorld> told you!
[22:18:35] NirvashRedemption> OF COURSE
[22:18:37] DV8FromTheWorld> :D
[22:18:44] <Renku> The power of toasters!
[22:19:42] <Renku> I feel the need to chat quote this
[22:19:47] Bobby_Henshin> Toaster Rangers go!

AvidReader 12-11-2012 04:05 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[15:57:39] <@Eternal_Scholar> Grim's too poor for consoles
[15:57:56] <@grimdefeat> nah i have a ps2 just beat everything onit
[15:58:05] <+asrz> my ps2 broke
[15:58:10] <+asrz> :(
[15:58:19] <@Eternal_Scholar> Mine is sitting in my setup just not hooked up
[15:58:33] <@grimdefeat> but we are getting a wii so im gonna be wasting alot of time on twilight princess and skyward sword
[16:00:29] <+Cider> Mine is sitting in a combinate
[16:00:38] <+Cider> i misspelled that
[16:01:03] <+Cider> *cabinet
[16:01:06] <+Cider> woah
[16:01:12] <+Cider> I must be really tired
[16:01:33] <+asrz> you should try sleep, I hear it's great for that :P
[16:01:57] <+Cider> Sleep is for noobs
[16:02:10] * @Eternal_Scholar enjoys sleep
[16:02:37] <+Cider> Noob
[16:02:38] <+Cider> :P
[16:02:41] <@Eternal_Scholar> Scrub
[16:02:56] <+Cider> Peasant
[16:03:08] <@Eternal_Scholar> Tool
[16:03:18] <+Cider> CoD player
[16:03:28] <@Eternal_Scholar> Halo lover
[16:03:33] <+asrz> this is far more entertaining than it would be with swears
[16:03:42] <+Cider> EA lover
[16:03:45] <@Eternal_Scholar> Casual
[16:03:57] <+Cider> Nintendnerd
[16:04:04] <@Eternal_Scholar> Sony drone
[16:04:14] <+Cider> Apple humper
[16:04:22] <@Eternal_Scholar> Windows fanboy
[16:04:30] <+Cider> Linux fanatic
[16:04:43] <@Eternal_Scholar> Droid nerd
[16:04:48] <+Cider> yea well
[16:04:53] <+Cider> YOU'RE A VERY NICE PERSON
[16:04:55] <+Cider> TAKE THAT
[16:05:10] <@Eternal_Scholar> I am, thank you for noticing
[16:05:15] <+Cider> You're welcome
[16:05:32] * @Eternal_Scholar goes back to watchign ProtonJon

christmas4477 06-25-2013 04:00 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[06:57] VtamerX: morning DJ God-Sama-sensei-sempai-san-sama-kun-chan-sama-sensei-sempai
[06:57] MidnightDevont: suck up
[06:57] Christmas: Please, call me Christmas
[06:57] MidnightDevont: LOL
[06:58] Chaosbillie: LOL

Kanashimi 09-04-2014 01:05 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[12:10] <+Kroze> Kana
[12:11] <+Kroze> Kana.
[12:11] <+Kroze> Kana
[12:11] <~Kanashimi> ._.
[12:11] <~Kanashimi> JESUS
[12:11] <~Kanashimi> WHAT
[12:11] <+Kroze> .... danger zone
[12:11] <@Zero_Gravity> ._.
[12:11] <+Kroze> Wow... that actually worked out
[12:12] <+Kroze> ^_^()
[12:12] <+Kroze> http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-conten...one_archer.gif
[12:13] <+Kroze> :3
[12:13] <@Zero_Gravity> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gij-MUC9lIM
[12:13] <@Zero_Gravity> Peter = Kroze
[12:13] <@Zero_Gravity> Kana = Catie
[12:13] <@Zero_Gravity> *Katie
[12:14] <+Kroze> Nonono Kana = Lana, Kroze = Archer
[12:14] <+Kroze> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRU3I_o1vLc
[12:16] <~Kanashimi> ...
[12:16] <~Kanashimi> Hate
[12:17] <+Kroze> hehehehe

nerdwerld 02-15-2015 07:09 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<@Zero_Gravity> Oh Godzilla was hopin around
<@Zero_Gravity> Tokyo city like a big playground
<%nerdwerld> they both are nature freaks
<@Zero_Gravity> when suddenly Batman burst from the shade
<@Zero_Gravity> and hit Godzilla with a Batgrenade
<%nerdwerld> I have to remember the lyrics
<%nerdwerld> Godzilla got p'd and began to attack
<@Zero_Gravity> but didnt expect to get blocked by shaq
<%nerdwerld> who proceeded to open a can of shaq-fu
<@Zero_Gravity> when aaron carter came out of the blue
<%nerdwerld> and started beating up shaqeil o niel ( I don't know how to spell apparently)
<@Zero_Gravity> before they both got flattened by the batmobile
<%nerdwerld> but before he could make it back to the bat cave
<@Zero_Gravity> Abraham Lincoln popped out of his grave
<%nerdwerld> and took an AK47 from under his hat and went rat-tat-tat
<@Zero_Gravity> and took an AK-47 out frm his hat, blew Batman away with a rattatatat
<%nerdwerld> okay I was about to correct that
<@Zero_Gravity> but he ran out bullet and he ran away, because Optimus Prime came to save the day
<@Zero_Gravity> **bullets
<%nerdwerld> This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny, good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see
<@Zero_Gravity> Godzilla took a bite out of Optimus Prime
<%nerdwerld> like scruff mcgruff took a bite out of crime (sorry got strawberries)
<@Zero_Gravity> then Shaq came back covered in a tire track
<%nerdwerld> when Jackie Chan jumped on his back
<%nerdwerld> *and landed on his back
<@Zero_Gravity> And Batman was injured and trying to get steady
<%nerdwerld> when abraham lincoln came back with a machete, but suddenly he tripped as Indiana Jones took him out with his whip
<@Zero_Gravity> Then he saw Godzilal sneaking up from behind, then he reached for his gun which he just couldn't find
<%nerdwerld> because Batman stole it and he shot and he missed, because Jackie Chan deflected it with his fist
<@Zero_Gravity> then he jumped in air and did a somersault, while that Abraham Lincoln tried to pole vault onto Optimus Prime
<%nerdwerld> but they collided in the air and both got hit by a care bear stare
<@Zero_Gravity> this is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, good guys bad guys and explosions, as far as the eye can see, and only one can survive, I wonder who it'll be, this is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny
<%nerdwerld> angels sang out an immaculate chors, down from the heavens desceneded chuck norris who delievered a kick that could shatter bones that landed into the c***** of Indiana Jones
<%nerdwerld> ^I can't spell
<@Zero_Gravity> who fell over on the ground, writing in pain
<@Zero_Gravity> *writhing
<%nerdwerld> as Batman changed back into Bruce Wayne, but Chuck saw through his clever disguise and he crushed Batman's head between his thighs
<@Zero_Gravity> then Gandolf the grey
<%nerdwerld> and gandolf the white
<@Zero_Gravity> and monty python and the holy grail's black knight
<%nerdwerld> and bendito mussoluni and the blue mooni
<@Zero_Gravity> blue meanie
<%nerdwerld> ^ yeah that
<@Zero_Gravity> And Cowboy Curtis
<%nerdwerld> and jambi the geneie
<@Zero_Gravity> Robocop
<%nerdwerld> the Terminator
<@Zero_Gravity> Captain Kirk
<%nerdwerld> and Darth Vadar
<@Zero_Gravity> Lo-Pan
<%nerdwerld> Superman
<@Zero_Gravity> every single Power Ranger
<%nerdwerld> Bill S Preston and Theodore Logan
<@Zero_Gravity> Spock, The Rock
<%nerdwerld> and Hulk Hogan
<@Zero_Gravity> (you forgot Doc Ock)
<%nerdwerld> Doc Ock and Hulk Hogan, came out of nowhere lightning fast
<@Zero_Gravity> all came outta nowhere lightning fast, and they kicked Chuck Norris in his cowboy @$$
<%nerdwerld> it was the bloodiest battle that the world ever saw
<@Zero_Gravity> with civilians looking on in eternal awe
<%nerdwerld> the battle raged on for a century, many lives but eventually the champion stood, mr. rogers in a blood stain sweater

Kanashimi 05-01-2015 12:15 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[12:05] <@Zero_Gravity> NOW
[12:05] <@Zero_Gravity> .prinny
[12:05] * &Brie throws a prinny at LoneTonberry.
[12:05] <@Zero_Gravity> .prinny
[12:05] * &Brie throws a prinny at NagiSpringfield.
[12:05] <@Zero_Gravity> .prinny
[12:05] * &Brie throws a prinny at AnimeWatcherNewbie.
[12:05] <@Zero_Gravity> D:<
[12:12] <~Kanashimi> .prinny
[12:12] * &Brie throws a prinny at AvidReader.
[12:12] <~Kanashimi> .prinny
[12:12] * &Brie throws a prinny at AvidReader.
[12:12] <~Kanashimi> .prinny
[12:12] * &Brie throws a prinny at AvidReader.
[12:12] <~Kanashimi> THREE
[12:12] <~Kanashimi> THREE IN A ROW
[12:12] <+AvidReader> ...
[12:12] <~Kanashimi> I AM THE WINRAR
[12:12] * ~Kanashimi has won the interwebs
[12:13] <@Zero_Gravity> ...
[12:14] <@Zero_Gravity> I will never prinny battle again
[12:14] * @Zero_Gravity leaves in disgrace
[12:14] <~Kanashimi> MAWAHAHA

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