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Zero Gravity 01-13-2011 05:55 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[07:51] == jessi_ [qwebirc@Rizon-23C3F0D7.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #918thefan
[07:51] == mode/#918thefan [+v jessi_] by GlaD0S
[07:51] <@LeviathanMist> jess!
[07:51] <+jessi_> Kusari!
[07:51] <@LeviathanMist> he..wait
[07:52] <+jessi_> I knew you would be alive today!
[07:52] <+Zero_Gravity> Mist: DI-DI-DI-DI-DISSAPPOINTMENT

Zehutsumei 01-14-2011 11:18 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
EagleEyes> Zero to early to talk about people spicy cracks
<ZzZzZero> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 9:59:50 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
<ZzZzZero> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 9:59:55 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
<ZzZzZero> .....
<ZzZzZero> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 10:00:03 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

jessileo127 01-15-2011 05:20 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[11:16] <+jessi_> mew T.T
[11:17] <+joegoku> Mewto?
[11:17] <+jessi_> Meeeew T.T
[11:17] <+joegoku> Mewtoo O.O
[11:17] <+jessi_> Mew ¬.¬
[11:17] <+joegoku> Mewto :D
[11:18] <+jessi_> Mew o.o
[11:18] <+joegoku> Mewto .///.
[11:18] <+jessi_> Mew /sigh
[11:18] <+joegoku> Mewto /pffft
[11:18] <+jessi_> Mew o.o?
[11:18] <+joegoku> Mewto >.>
[11:19] <+jessi_> Mew T.
[11:19] <+jessi_> T.T*
[11:19] <+joegoku> Mewto ,_,
[11:19] <+jessi_> Mew T.T
[11:20] <+joegoku> Mewto /hug
[11:20] <+jessi_> Mew ^.^
[11:20] <+joegoku> Mewto :D
[11:20] <+jessi_> Mew :D
[11:21] <+joegoku> Bisari wants a hug too? xD
[11:21] <+jessi_> lol
[11:21] <+jessi_> I am soo quoting that
[11:21] <+joegoku> xD
[11:21] <@Bisari> I proposed to BrEE.

Convensation has been cut down for full effect

<+jessi_> Why Perry the Platypus I didn't expect you here!
[09:45] <+PerrythePlatypus> ...
[09:45] <+jessi_> How did you find out my location?
[09:45] <+PerrythePlatypus> ...
[09:45] <+jessi_> Well, heres my new "inator" and heres my new Trap!
[09:45] <+PerrythePlatypus> *is trapped*
[09:46] <+jessi_> Now This inator makes people forget you know why Perry the platypus?
[09:48] <+PerrythePlatypus> o rly?
[09:48] <+PerrythePlatypus> ...
[09:48] <+PerrythePlatypus> *crosses arms*
[09:48] <+jessi_> Well... Actually I forgort, but am going to to Call it the "FORGOTINATOR"!!!!!!!
[09:49] <+jessi_> Forgot*
[09:49] <+PerrythePlatypus> ...
[09:49] * Demonic-Shakira is eating demonic yogurt
[09:50] <+jessi_> You see when I use this, I can make people forget stuff, like me stealing candy or.... urrrm apparently my monolog.
[09:50] <+PerrythePlatypus> ,,,
[09:51] <+jessi_> But now Perry The Platypus! Behold as I make the whole of the Tri-State Area Forget about You!
[09:51] <+PerrythePlatypus> *escapes off-screen*
[09:51] * jessi_ walks over to the Inator
[09:51] <+PerrythePlatypus> *kicks jess*
[09:51] <+jessi_> Perry the Platypus how did you escape?
[09:51] <+jessi_> And owww!
[09:52] <+PerrythePlatypus> ...
[09:52] <+jessi_> That hurts you kn- Aha! *shoots Nerf gun at Perrt*
[09:52] <+jessi_> Prry*
[09:52] <+jessi_> Gawd
[09:52] <+jessi_> Perry*
[09:52] <+PerrythePlatypus> *dodges*
[09:53] <+jessi_> ((Dude you forgot to press the self explode button))
[09:53] <+PerrythePlatypus> *grabs nerf rocket launcher*
[09:53] * jessi_ chases after perry then runsback
[09:53] * jessi_ grabs her lightsaber
[09:53] <+jessi_> Aha!
[09:53] <+jessi_> I have the Force on my side!
[09:53] <+PerrythePlatypus> *is cornered*
[09:54] <+PerrythePlatypus> ...
[09:54] * jessi_ is about to attack!
[09:54] <+jessi_> And not Perry!
[09:54] <+jessi_> now*
[09:54] <+jessi_> Good Bye!
[09:54] <+PerrythePlatypus> *shoots nerf rocket at self destuct button*
[09:54] <+jessi_> Nooo!
[09:54] * jessi_ runs to my Inator
[09:54] <+PerrythePlatypus> *shoots rocket at
[09:54] <+PerrythePlatypus> doof
[09:54] <+jessi_> ((Am not Doof am Jessi)
[09:55] <+PerrythePlatypus> *jessi
[09:55] <+jessi_> ((When did Doof have nerf or lightsaber?)
[09:55] <+PerrythePlatypus> (magic)
[09:56] <+PerrythePlatypus> *rocket carries Jess away*
[09:56] <+jessi_> You know what Perry this is getting old
[09:56] <+jessi_> Dont Drop me!
[09:57] <+PerrythePlatypus> (points up)
[09:57] <+PerrythePlatypus> (*rocket carries Jess away*)
[09:57] <+jessi_> Whats up there? Ahhh! CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!
[09:58] <+PerrythePlatypus> (lol)
[09:58] * jessi_ background music "Doobie dooba do be do da"
[09:58] <+PerrythePlatypus> *theme song plays* A! Gent! P!

Convensation has been cut down for ful effect

Shidohari 01-16-2011 05:53 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[07:38] == Shidohari has changed nick to PerrythePlatipus2
[07:39] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: shows up on the scene to foil doctor Jessi's plans for the tri state area::
[07:39] <+jessi_> o.o
[07:40] <+jessi_> Perry the platypus what are you doing here
[07:40] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: makes the platypus noise::
[07:41] <+jessi_> Well heres my new inator, and heres your trap!
[07:41] * jessi_ traps perry
[07:41] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: is trapped in something?
[07:41] <+jessi_> Now I suppose you want to know what my plan is this time?
[07:41] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: platypus stare at Dr Jessi::
[07:41] == G-man [~G-man@Rizon-13877CA2.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #918thefan
[07:41] == mode/#918thefan [+v G-man] by GlaD0S
[07:42] <+jessi_> Well when I was a kid my teddys never had the stuffing in so they were allways fluffy and huggable
[07:42] <+jessi_> I despise the huggable teddys!
[07:42] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: more platypus stare
[07:43] <+jessi_> So this inator changes the stuffing into pure helium so that the teddys will simply float away!
[07:43] <+jessi_> I call it the "INFLATINATOR"!!!
[07:43] <+jessi_> *Cue lightning*
[07:44] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: still platypus staring::
[07:44] <+jessi_> Now all I have to do is mave it over to the window ... *struggles with the weight*
[07:44] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: breaks free using a hidden handy dandy little device::
[07:45] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: kicks dr jessi out of the way and goes to try to deactivate the INFLATINATOR which is convienently aimed at phineas and ferb's house
[07:45] <+jessi_> And now I... Hey
[07:46] <+jessi_> Perry your have no right... *accidently shoots the inator which conveinatly hitsa giant teddybear in the back garden of Phineas and Ferbs house*
[07:47] <+jessi_> Opps
[07:47] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: the giant teddybear in the back yard floats away and out of sight just as Candace tries to show it to her mother, and failing again to do so goes into the house depressed::
[07:48] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: meanwhile perry destroys the INFLATINATOR and turns to face dr jessi::
[07:49] <+jessi_> Wait wait Perry *backs away and falls out of the window* Ahhh!
[07:49] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: rolls eyes and jumps out of window activating the conveienent jet pack and saves Dr Jessi...
[07:49] <+PerrythePlatipus2> dropping her uncerimoniously on the ground::
[07:49] <+jessi_> Curse you Perry the Platypus!
[07:50] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: makes platypus noise and flys back home and walking into the backyard as a normal platypus::
[07:50] <+PerrythePlatipus2> Phineas :: oh there you are perry
[07:50] <+jessi_> Mom: who wants pie?
[07:51] <+PerrythePlatipus2> Phineas : we do come on guys
[07:51] <+jessi_> Ferb :: You know that teddy bears are the most well sought after thing after Barbie Dolls
[07:52] <+PerrythePlatipus2> Isabel: really? didn't know that
[07:52] <+jessi_> Candice : Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu
[07:52] <+PerrythePlatipus2> Mom: now candace come eat some pie
[07:52] <+jessi_> End of show!
[07:52] <+PerrythePlatipus2> :: bows::
[07:52] <+jessi_> A Gent P!
[07:53] <+PerrythePlatipus2> and now to INTRODUCE THE PLAYERS
[07:53] <+jessi_> Mew?
[07:53] <+PerrythePlatipus2> AS DR JESSI, MOM, AND CANDACE...JESSI
[07:53] * jessi_ bows
[07:53] <+jessi_> Ad the rest Shido!
[07:53] <+PerrythePlatipus2> OH AND JESS ALSO PLAYED FERB OOPS
[07:54] <+PerrythePlatipus2> Thank you for watching the show
[07:54] <+PerrythePlatipus2> oh i forgot i also played the Mom for one line
[07:54] <+jessi_> indeed with my awesome engrish accent

soundbreaker 01-17-2011 06:11 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[22:23] <@soundbreaker> Well, that's the last time I kick someone because they ask me.
[22:23] <+jessi_> aww
[22:23] <+Miv> can you kick me soundbreaker?
[22:23] <+jessi_> And me!
[22:23] <@soundbreaker> Yeah, sure.
[22:23] <+jessi_> lol
[22:24] == Miv was kicked from #918thefan by soundbreaker [Miv]
[22:24] == jessi_ was kicked from #918thefan by soundbreaker [jessi_]

[23:10] <@soundbreaker> .nowplaying
[23:10] <@soundbreaker> Hello?
[23:10] <@soundbreaker> .nowplaying
[23:11] <@soundbreaker> .time
[23:11] <@soundbreaker> .muffinbutton Brie?
[23:11] <@soundbreaker> .Damn

[00:15] <@soundbreaker> Both Monkeys are here!
[00:15] <+the00monkey> hey all
[00:16] <@soundbreaker> And a Penguin!
[00:16] <+Toonpenguin> do you like penguins?
[00:16] <+the00monkey> i do
[00:16] <@soundbreaker> A veritable cornucopia of animals!
[00:16] ->> You are now known as LionTamer
[00:17] * LionTamer whips and brandishes a chair!
[00:17] <@LionTamer> Back!
[00:17] <@LionTamer> Back!
[00:17] <@LionTamer> Back I say!
[00:17] <@LionTamer> Now, up!
[00:17] <+Toonpenguin> haha
[00:17] <@LionTamer> Jump through this flaming hoop!
[00:17] <+the00monkey> no
[00:17] <@LionTamer> Bad kitty.

[21:47] <@soundbreaker> How can a nose be stuffed and running at the same time?
[21:48] <@Kusari> Sound: It's kind of like an M&M.
[21:48] <@Kusari> Melts in your mouth, not in your pants.
[21:48] <%Katelynn> o.o
[21:48] <@Kusari> Wait...that's not right.
[21:48] <@soundbreaker> Heh heh
[21:48] <%Katelynn> I didn't read a thing.
[21:48] <@Kusari> Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.*
[21:48] <@Kusari> That seems better.
[21:48] <@soundbreaker> Liked it better the first way
[21:48] <+Shidohari> haha

[21:57] <@soundbreaker> I've actually been sober since that night at Monkey's place where I threw my guts up
[21:58] <@soundbreaker> But I suppose a litre of kentucky bourbon will do that.

Shidohari 01-25-2011 03:58 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[07:23] <@Kusari_of_the_Kusari_Juice> Shidohari is
[07:23] <@Kusari_of_the_Kusari_Juice> a
01[07:24] <+Shidohari> kusari can't speak, his voice is weak
01[07:24] <+Shidohari> he's such a sheep, he really should get some sleep
01[07:24] <+Shidohari> don't even try to respond to this
01[07:24] <+Shidohari> you'll surely fire and surely miss
01[07:24] <+Shidohari> and now that i've busted out my rhyme
01[07:24] <+Shidohari> for me to get ready for work it is just about time
01[07:24] <+Shidohari> i've finished my waffles and i've finished my tea...
01[07:25] <+Shidohari> So see you punk, you get nothing from me
01[07:25] <+Shidohari> :D
[07:25] <@Kusari_of_the_Kusari_Juice> I heard your latest rumour
[07:25] <@Kusari_of_the_Kusari_Juice> I thought hard to make a reply
[07:25] <@Kusari_of_the_Kusari_Juice> But all I got was a tumor.
03[07:25] * Kusari_of_the_Kusari_Juice is now known as Kusari
01[07:26] <+Shidohari> :: arnold s. voice: IT IS NOT A TUMAH
[07:26] <+Aeri|Clannad> xDDDDDDDDDD
01[07:27] <+Shidohari> and who says i can't rap :D
[07:28] <@Kusari> Yir rap was wack.
[07:28] <@Kusari> You haven't got a nack.
[07:28] <@Kusari> I'll get you off my track and you'll be set to pack
[07:29] <@Kusari> Your things and go. You're not like Diggy-Mo. You want to try and play me but you always swing too low.
[07:29] <@Kusari> So try again. I'll put you in the penn. You'll be headin' out to work, I'll be here in my DEN.
06[07:29] * @Kusari puts sunglasses on and folds arms.
[07:29] <@Kusari> So Spheal with it.
03[07:30] * Quostin (~DarkRetur@Rizon-84F404E7.velocity.net) has joined #918thefan
03[07:30] * GlaD0S sets mode: +v Quostin
[07:30] <@Kusari> Heya Quoste.
01[07:30] <+Shidohari> Oh so you think you're all that you say
[07:30] <+Quostin> hihi
01[07:30] <+Shidohari> Well news for you this is how i play
[07:30] <@Kusari> Your rhyme's about to be cliche.
01[07:30] <+Shidohari> I'm not wack but you're a wacko
01[07:30] <+Shidohari> You won't go to sleep and hit the sack so
01[07:30] <+Shidohari> you can stay all nice in your den
01[07:31] <+Shidohari> and all you can do is chew on your pen
01[07:31] <+Shidohari> The snow outside you can keep
01[07:31] <+Shidohari> Since it's frozen like ice and over a couple of feet deep
01[07:31] <+Shidohari> You walk too and from work every day
01[07:32] <+Shidohari> And can't get no skis because you haven't got the money to pay
01[07:32] <+Shidohari> i actually have a normal eight hour shift
01[07:32] <+Shidohari> and don't have to worry about getting stuck in a snow drift
[07:32] <@Kusari> Here's my final verse.
[07:33] <@Kusari> Ready? Here's the curse.
06[07:33] * @Kusari falls asleep.
01[07:33] <+Shidohari> ((ooc ROFLMAO))
01[07:34] <+Shidohari> Kusari may think he's getting some sleep
01[07:34] <+Shidohari> Because he's not saying a peep
06[07:34] * @Kusari wakes up.
01[07:34] <+Shidohari> But for the record
[07:34] <@Kusari> You thought I'd sleep for real?
01[07:34] <+Shidohari> He can't even count sheep
01[07:34] <+Shidohari> WE know he's awake
[07:34] <@Kusari> Sit back, 'kay? Here's the deal.
[07:34] <@Kusari> You think that you can rap
[07:35] <@Kusari> I put rap on the map
[07:35] <@Kusari> Yir gonna wanna kneel.
[07:35] <@Kusari> 'cause I make my fangirls squeal~
[07:35] <@Kusari> With awesome joy
[07:35] <@Kusari> It's my rap that I'll deploy
[07:36] <@Kusari> During Breaker's shift. So catch my rap's bump drift.
[07:36] <+JinnRemona> http://damnyouautocorrect.com/images/dog-groomer.jpg
06[07:36] * @Kusari ends the rapping.
[07:36] <+JinnRemona> The perfect image to wake up too.
01[07:36] <+Shidohari> I will try to catch that rap
01[07:36] <+Shidohari> HOwever i will be at work so i'll be in a trap
01[07:36] <+Shidohari> My job i must do and do it well
01[07:36] <+Shidohari> Or i may find myself unable to pay bills for a spell
01[07:36] <+Shidohari> My job is secure and my bosses are great
01[07:37] <+Shidohari> I want nothing to change that fate
01[07:37] <+Shidohari> Because i always show up to work fashionably late
01[07:37] <+Shidohari> I must away now or suffer a different fate
01[07:37] <+Shidohari> :: ends rap::

jessileo127 01-26-2011 04:37 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
23:07] <+Mai-Valentine> Ohhhh Elk Dearest
[23:07] == Shidohari has changed nick to Joey_Wheeler
[23:07] <@Elk> I'm not really a fan of the joke Gametag ads :S
[23:08] <+Joey_Wheeler> HEY MAI...GIT AWAY FROM DAT AUSSIE
[23:08] <+Joey_Wheeler> YOU LOVE THE BROOKLYN RAGE
[23:08] == jessi_ has changed nick to YugiMoto
[23:08] <+YugiMoto> Clearly she loves me
[23:08] <+Joey_Wheeler> Wait mai...ELK'SA CANADIAN
[23:08] * Chibi_Maria hands Elk a cookie
[23:08] <+Joey_Wheeler> GET AWAY FROM THE CANADIAN
[23:08] <@Elk> IN CANADA!
[23:08] * Elk noms
[23:08] <+Chibi_Maria> lol
[23:09] <+Joey_Wheeler> (sorry EE i forgot you were the one from austrailia for a second))
[23:09] <+Mai-Valentine> I can out duel you both
[23:09] <@Elk> B ut I'll bbl, I'm swizzomped today ;_;
[23:09] <+Joey_Wheeler> ((i got home from work about a hour ago)
[23:09] <+YugiMoto> With your purfume?
[23:09] <+Joey_Wheeler> Fo Shizzle elk?
[23:09] <+YugiMoto> om nom nom
[23:09] <+Joey_Wheeler> i'm actuall noming on good stuff
[23:09] == RhetoricalGamer has changed nick to SetoKiaba
[23:09] <+YugiMoto> Well I have cookies
[23:10] <+YugiMoto> Beat that
[23:10] <+Joey_Wheeler> hot dogs cut up in velveta shells and cheese with misses dash garlic and herb plus some rice seasoning
[23:10] * SetoKiaba cuts YugiMoto hair
[23:10] <+YugiMoto> NOOOOO!
[23:10] <+Joey_Wheeler> wow
[23:10] * Kanashimi dances
[23:10] <+Joey_Wheeler> DA HAIR...YOU MESSED WITH DA HAIR
[23:10] * Chibi_Maria grabs some popcorn
[23:10] <+YugiMoto> What the Hell is wrong with you!
[23:10] * SetoKiaba smiles "10000 puppies died"
[23:10] <+Mai-Valentine> Kaiba
[23:10] <+Joey_Wheeler> Ya never Mess wit da hair of yami
[23:10] <+Mai-Valentine> We must defeat them
[23:10] <+Mai-Valentine> o.o
[23:10] <+YugiMoto> Smexy altra transformation sequence activate!
[23:10] <+SetoKiaba> Screw the rules i have money!
[23:10] == YugiMoto has changed nick to YamiYugi
[23:11] <+Joey_Wheeler> ((ROFLMAO))
[23:11] <+Kayarath> I'm gone for like 5 minutes and suddendly it's all "Children's Card Games?"
[23:11] <+SetoKiaba> Yes now kiss my feet!
[23:11] * Mai-Valentine summons a harpy
[23:11] <+YamiYugi> Its Time to Duel Kiba!
[23:11] <+Mai-Valentine> In attack mode
[23:11] <+Mai-Valentine> D: <
[23:11] <+SetoKiaba> Fine now ill beat you yugi!!!
[23:11] <+Joey_Wheeler> Just ask Dave
[23:11] * SetoKiaba summons 3 blue eyes
[23:11] <+Chibi_Maria> Kay: be happy it's not on motorcycles
[23:11] == NeonX has changed nick to ZaneTruesdale
[23:11] <+YamiYugi> You don't stand a ghost of a chance, Am the main Character
[23:11] == Kayarath has changed nick to CelticGuardianDave
[23:12] * Mai-Valentine rides off on their motorcycle
[23:12] <+reptar> did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?
[23:12] <+Joey_Wheeler> ((good one kay))
[23:12] <+CelticGuardianDave> I'm ready to help Yugi!
[23:12] <+ZaneTruesdale> I SUMMON CYBER END DRAGON
[23:12] <+Chibi_Maria> I spoke too soon
[23:12] <+SetoKiaba> Yeah?? What kind of main character lives with his grandpa???
[23:12] == Mai-Valentine has changed nick to EagleEyes
[23:12] <+CelticGuardianDave> ((thank yo Joey))
[23:12] <+Joey_Wheeler> Shhh Kaiba We don't mention dat
[23:12] == mode/#918thefan [+o EagleEyes] by GlaD0S
[23:12] <+SetoKiaba> Quiet DOG!
[23:12] <+YamiYugi> What kind of character sends all his money on holograms and jets
[23:12] <+CelticGuardianDave> Yeah!
[23:12] <+YamiYugi> spends*
[23:12] <+SetoKiaba> .........shut up.....
[23:12] <+Joey_Wheeler> I AM NOT A FURRY
[23:13] <+YamiYugi> OOO Burrrn
[23:13] <+CelticGuardianDave> Your so lame, with all your money and cool gadets, and expensive suits, and your fangirls!
[23:13] <+SetoKiaba> Are too why are you wearing a dog suit wheeler?!?!?!
[23:13] <+Cameron> Oh, sweet!
[23:13] <+CelticGuardianDave> Yugi doesn't have any of that stuff!
[23:13] <+CelticGuardianDave> NOT AT ALL!
[23:13] * Chibi_Maria passes out bags of popcorn
[23:13] <+Joey_Wheeler> Actually Dave...i kinda like da fangirls
[23:13] * YamiYugi grows his hair back
[23:13] == ZaneTruesdale has changed nick to BlueEyesWhiteDragon
[23:13] <+SetoKiaba> Because he is poor and get beat up by guys with bushy eye brows!!!
[23:13] <+BlueEyesWhiteDragon> I have 3000 attack points :D
[23:13] <+Joey_Wheeler> Dave...um...he has Teya
[23:13] == Cameron has changed nick to Silver_Fang
[23:14] <+YamiYugi> Go Dave attack the Dragon!
[23:14] <+Joey_Wheeler> Teya's da fangirl ya know
[23:14] <+SetoKiaba> Blue eyes attack yugi and that mutt wheeler!!!!!
[23:14] <+CelticGuardianDave> Well, I'm not afriad of you, BLue eyes!
[23:14] <+Silver_Fang> 1200 ATK, sons!
[23:14] * BlueEyesWhiteDragon attacks Yugi and that mutt Wheeler
[23:14] <+YamiYugi> Dave!
[23:14] <+Joey_Wheeler> um...Dave only has 1400 attack points Yug...you sure ya want to do that
[23:14] <+CelticGuardianDave> on it!
[23:14] <+YamiYugi> Attack the dragon!
[23:14] <+Joey_Wheeler> I AM NOT A FURRY
[23:14] * SetoKiaba jumps on his dragon "weeeee"
[23:14] * CelticGuardianDave attacks the BLue Eyes!
[23:14] == CelticGuardianDave [qwebirc@A9E33514.743B8BA8.F71EC53B.IP] has quit [Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net/]
[23:14] * BlueEyesWhiteDragon attacks CelticGuardianDave
[23:14] <+Joey_Wheeler> TIME ROULETTE
[23:14] == Mathes [~Mathes@furniture.for.world.domination] has quit [Quit: Don't follow me.]
[23:14] * YamiYugi summons Slyther
[23:15] * SetoKiaba fuses his blue eyes with 2 other dragons!!!
[23:15] * YamiYugi jumps on Slyther
[23:15] == BlueEyesWhiteDragon has changed nick to BlueEyesUltimateDragon
[23:15] <+YamiYugi> Weeeee
[23:15] <+Joey_Wheeler> Um Yug...it's Sleifer
[23:15] <+Silver_Fang> and this nick is now mine!
[23:15] <+SetoKiaba> Since there is no chance of this working im going to defy logic and attack you yugi!!!!
[23:15] * YamiYugi summons Obolisk
[23:15] <+SetoKiaba> uh-oh.....
[23:15] <+YamiYugi> Die!
[23:15] <+YamiYugi> Attack!
[23:16] * SetoKiaba is TORMENTED
[23:16] * BlueEyesUltimateDragon attacks Obelisk
[23:16] <+Joey_Wheeler> TORMENTED
[23:16] <+Joey_Wheeler> TORMENTING KAIBA
[23:16] <+YamiYugi> MIND CRUSH
[23:16] <+SetoKiaba> No my dragon.....wait shouldnt I be falling?????
[23:16] * SetoKiaba falls "AUGH!!!!"
[23:16] <+Joey_Wheeler> forgot the bottomless pit
[23:16] <+Joey_Wheeler> :: activates bottomless pit::
[23:16] * YamiYugi crushes Kiaba's mind
[23:16] <+Joey_Wheeler> you're good to fall now Kaiba
[23:16] <+YamiYugi> Heheh...
[23:17] * YamiYugi jumps off Sleifer
[23:17] <+YamiYugi> Weeee
[23:17] == SetoKiaba has changed nick to MindCrushedKiaba
[23:17] * MindCrushedKiaba drools
[23:17] <+Joey_Wheeler> Kaiba had a mind?
[23:17] == YamiYugi has changed nick to YugiMoto
[23:17] <+Joey_Wheeler> :: dresses Kaiba in a Dog suit::
[23:17] <+YugiMoto> Apparently
[23:17] <+Joey_Wheeler> SEE HOW YA LIKE IT NOW FURRY KAIBA
[23:17] * MindCrushedKiaba woof
[23:17] <+pollardy> D;
[23:17] <+MindCrushedKiaba> blue
[23:17] * BlueEyesUltimateDragon roar
[23:17] <+MindCrushedKiaba> eyes
[23:17] <+MindCrushedKiaba> help
[23:17] <+MindCrushedKiaba> me
[23:18] * BlueEyesUltimateDragon helps MindCrushedKiaba
[23:18] <+Joey_Wheeler> blue eyes are currently playing with the dark magician girl
[23:18] <+Joey_Wheeler> he thinks the BEUD is helping him
[23:18] == MindCrushedKiaba has changed nick to CoatTailsOfDoom
[23:18] <+Joey_Wheeler> but in reality they're playing with the dark magician girl because she gave em treats
[23:18] * CoatTailsOfDoom attacks Yugi
[23:18] * YugiMoto summons Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl
[23:19] <+YugiMoto> Super awesome Smexy Transformation sequence!
[23:19] == YugiMoto has changed nick to YamiYugi
[23:19] * BlueEyesUltimateDragon plays with Dark Magician Girl
[23:19] * YamiYugi punches Kiaba
[23:19] * CoatTailsOfDoom whaps blue eyes "They are the enemy you fool!!!"
[23:19] <+Joey_Wheeler> :: whistles innocently::
[23:20] <+Joey_Wheeler> But the Blue eyes can't resist the cute
[23:20] <+YamiYugi> Nooobody but nooobody -beep- with the hair.
[23:20] <%Katelynn> o_o
[23:20] * CoatTailsOfDoom gets scissors and chases yugi
[23:20] <&Kanashimi> Where's LK when you need him lol
[23:20] <+Joey_Wheeler> they still play with the Dark magician girl
[23:20] <+Joey_Wheeler> Because he's the Mother flippin
[23:20] * YamiYugi runs away
[23:20] <%Katelynn> Is this really a Yugi fest going on in here? xD
[23:20] <%Katelynn> I agree, Kana.
[23:20] <+Joey_Wheeler> yes yes it is kate
[23:20] <+CoatTailsOfDoom> Blue eyes sick that DOG!!!
[23:20] * YamiYugi summons Kuriboh
[23:20] <+Joey_Wheeler> i use magic cylynder
[23:20] <+YamiYugi> Get him!
[23:21] <+Joey_Wheeler> deflects all your attack points back on you DOG
[23:21] <+Joey_Wheeler> oops i mean Kaiba
[23:21] <+erotha> isketch is fun
[23:21] * CoatTailsOfDoom backs to the cliff
[23:21] <+YamiYugi> .o
[23:21] <+Joey_Wheeler> well kaiba is a name for a dog...so...yeah
[23:21] * BlueEyesUltimateDragon attacks YamiYugi
[23:21] <%Katelynn> Yesh, I know. :D
[23:21] <+CoatTailsOfDoom> attack and I fall
[23:21] <+YamiYugi> Ah!
[23:21] * BlueEyesUltimateDragon attacks Joey_Wheeler
[23:21] <%Katelynn> But.. it does have a problem with some words.
[23:21] <+YamiYugi> Well then prepare to die!
[23:21] <+YamiYugi> ((We need teya))
[23:21] <+Joey_Wheeler> I activate my trap card...MIRROR FORCE
[23:22] * CoatTailsOfDoom hope his emo stragedy works
[23:22] <+BlueEyesUltimateDragon> Bye Kaiba
[23:22] == BlueEyesUltimateDragon has changed nick to NeonX
[23:22] * YamiYugi attacks Kiaba
[23:22] <+Joey_Wheeler> i'm sorry kaiba....but your dragon fought well for ya
[23:22] <+CoatTailsOfDoom> noooo!!! Come back ill pay you lots of money!!!!
[23:22] <+YamiYugi> lol
[23:22] <+Joey_Wheeler> but we won the duel becaues we're supah special awesomesauce charactahs of this series
[23:22] == CoatTailsOfDoom has changed nick to Kiaba
[23:23] <+Joey_Wheeler> you just have loads of moneh and no heart
[23:23] * YamiYugi jumps on a motorcycle
[23:23] * Kiaba throws a trading card at Wheeler
[23:23] <+Joey_Wheeler> Jumps on a Scooter
[23:23] * YamiYugi rides away
[23:23] * Kiaba jumps on his dragon jet
[23:23] <+Joey_Wheeler> ((i mean this is joey, i can't give him anything too cool))
[23:23] <%Katelynn> o_o
[23:23] <+Joey_Wheeler> :: rides away on his scooter::
[23:23] <%Katelynn> Did it just restart? xD
[23:24] == Joey_Wheeler has changed nick to Shidohari
[23:24] <+YamiYugi> om nom nom nom
[23:24] <+NeonX> GEE
[23:24] == Kiaba has changed nick to RhetoricalGamer
[23:24] <+RhetoricalGamer> Class is about to start :/
[23:24] <+YamiYugi> I now have Yami's voice in my head going om nom nom
[23:24] <+RhetoricalGamer> So no more kiaba
[23:24] * YamiYugi pours cold water on Gamer
[23:24] <+RhetoricalGamer> :O
[23:25] <&Kanashimi> Hm?
[23:25] <+YamiYugi> That for messing with the hair
[23:25] == RhetoricalGamer has changed nick to RhetoricalGamerGirl
[23:25] <&Kanashimi> Ummm, doesn't seem like it
[23:25] <+Shidohari> Dat's what ya get
[23:25] <+YamiYugi> ...#
[23:25] <+Shidohari> BROOKLYN RAGE
[23:25] <+RhetoricalGamerGirl> I hate you yugi
[23:25] <+YamiYugi> I am Dan Green!
[23:25] <+Shidohari> He's also the MOTHER FLIPPIN
[23:25] * RhetoricalGamerGirl looks for hot water
[23:25] <+YamiYugi> Whos the mother flippin?
[23:25] <+Shidohari> WITH LEATHER PANTS
[23:26] <%Katelynn> It restarted for me.
[23:26] <+YamiYugi> And leather shoes
[23:26] <+Shidohari> with awesome powers inside
[23:26] <%Katelynn> So, I heard about maybe six minutes of Geeeeeeeeee.
[23:26] * Chibi_Maria hands Gamer some warm water
[23:26] <+Shidohari> wait warm water
[23:26] <+Shidohari> doesn't that mean he'll be BOTH GENDERS THEN?
[23:26] * RhetoricalGamerGirl pours it on herself
[23:26] <+YamiYugi> Allright Im staying like this, so I hear Yami's voice in my head
[23:26] <+NeonX> music is too good
[23:26] <+NeonX> can't leave computer
[23:26] == RhetoricalGamerGirl has changed nick to RhetoricalGamer
[23:26] <+NeonX> lol
[23:26] <+YamiYugi> It has to be hot water?

Shidohari 01-28-2011 05:18 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
06[22:18] * +Zero_Gravity raps like Killer Bee
[22:18] <+Cameron> It's in mah hands
[22:18] <+Joseph_M> No, thats a fish you idiot
06[22:19] * +Joseph_M points to fish in Cam's hand
01[22:19] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> zero you're trying to rap
01[22:19] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> but you're caught in my trap
01[22:19] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> there is no way,
01[22:19] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> you're goin to win this day
[22:19] <+Cameron> *cocks gun* Get yo eyes checked
[22:19] <+Joseph_M> I already did, you prick
06[22:19] * +Joseph_M takes his gun and eats it
[22:19] <@Amui> Oi Oi
[22:19] <+Zero_Gravity> Ya think you got me
[22:19] <+Zero_Gravity> but you just can't see
[22:19] <@Amui> Don't use that sort of language please
[22:19] <+Zero_Gravity> that i'm too awesome
[22:19] <+Cameron> Woah
[22:19] <+Zero_Gravity> to be caught by a stupid possum
[22:20] <+Joseph_M> What language?
01[22:20] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> You think i'm a possum
01[22:20] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> but i'm just awesome
[22:20] <@Amui> The kind that can be offensive to people and is against the rules.
01[22:20] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> you see i can keep it cool
01[22:20] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> and take you back to grade school
[22:20] <+Joseph_M> Ah
[22:20] <+Zero_Gravity> Your rhymes are so lame
[22:20] <+Zero_Gravity> you think dis is a game?
[22:20] <+Zero_Gravity> I'll kick your butt
[22:21] <+Zero_Gravity> way worse then King Tut
06[22:21] * +Kitty_Maria pulls out a plot hole
01[22:21] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> ((whew i thought you were going to say the other word zero))
[22:21] <+Zero_Gravity> What other word?
[22:21] <+Cameron> *jumps and hides in the hole*
01[22:21] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> ((don't ask))
[22:21] <+Joseph_M> 「(゚Д゚)「
01[22:21] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> King tut was great
[22:21] <+Zero_Gravity> this song rocks o_o
01[22:21] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> that i won't debate
01[22:22] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> but Zero don't be a hater
01[22:22] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> Just because you aren't smarter than a fifth grader
[22:22] <+Cameron> Don't ask? (10:18:21 PM) Zero_Gravity: What other word? < Then what do you call that?
01[22:22] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> ((zero kick cameron after we're done))
01[22:22] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> ((please and thank you))
[22:22] <+Zero_Gravity> I'm so much smarter then a fifth grader
[22:22] <+Zero_Gravity> I'll come up with a new rhyme later
[22:23] <+Zero_Gravity> but until then
[22:23] <+Zero_Gravity> go back to your pig pen
[22:23] <+Zero_Gravity> ((I cant kick, I'm not strong enough to warrant KICKUUUUU powers))
01[22:23] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> Oh talk about pigs you bore
01[22:24] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> here's my rhyme now don't be sore
01[22:24] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> I could go on like this all night and day
01[22:24] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> Five second rhymes are my specialties i always say
01[22:24] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> and now if you think i'm through
01[22:24] <+Shidohari]YGOWC2010> watch out my rhymes are comin after you
[22:24] <+Quostin> You think K-on could have a sequel in a way?
03[22:25] * Shidohari]YGOWC2010 is now known as Shidohari
[22:25] <+Cameron> "If I ever get dropped into a shapeless, featureless void; "I'm gonna make my own anime girl" is the first thing that comes to mind"
[22:25] <+Zero_Gravity> BAH
06[22:25] * +Zero_Gravity surrenders

Zero Gravity 02-01-2011 11:07 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[21:59] * Zero_Gravity is now known as Soccer_Ball
[21:59] <+Soccer_Ball> first to kick wins
[21:59] * +GracefulDisaster kicks Zero?
[21:59] * +GracefulDisaster kicks Soccer_Ball
[21:59] * Soccer_Ball was kicked by Chibi-Haku (lol)
[21:59] <@Chibi-Haku> 8D
[22:00] <+GracefulDisaster> 8D
[22:00] <+GracefulDisaster> xD
[22:00] <+Kayarath> 8D

Cameron 02-02-2011 11:18 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
(1:16:03 PM) Cameron: (1:15:21 PM) Cerulaine: He's fine just hot last I heard < Oh, so that's what you think of him, Ceru?
(1:16:12 PM) Cerulaine: Lol Cam
(1:16:16 PM) Cameron: You sly dog, Ceru!
(1:16:24 PM) Cerulaine: Totally, EE in all his australian glory
(1:16:31 PM) Cerulaine: Yummy

neondantou126 02-02-2011 08:51 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<grimbldoo> nerd is a sore loser
<Ser-JinnRemona> Grimb. You just killed Zero.
<grimbldoo> yup
<grimbldoo> misspell, it will bring kibs to life
<grimbldoo> why is his name kibs?
<grimbldoo> how many times do we have to write his name for him to talk
<Ser-JinnRemona> Why ask? That's like asking why your name is grimbldoo and mine is JinnRemona.
<grimbldoo> i have a reason
<grimbldoo> its my cat's nickname
<Ser-JinnRemona> As do I, and that tends to be personal reasons. XD
<grimbldoo> kibs
<grimbldoo> 1
<grimbldoo> 2
<grimbldoo> kibs
<Ser-JinnRemona> Quit trying to summon Angus McAwesome.
<grimbldoo> 3
<grimbldoo> kibs
<grimbldoo> 4
<grimbldoo> kibs
<Ser-JinnRemona> Grimb. You're gonna get booted doing that.
<grimbldoo> if i do it too much
<grimbldoo> bet you cant write kibs on seperate entries 5x in under 5 seconds
<Cameron> Where are the mods?
<grimbldoo> how many of the mods are just watching this?
<KaelemGaen> Okay I know many people are like "Huh" With CSM, but honestly whether or not there is a Religious bias ( I don't really see one) this is pretty freakin cool.
<KaelemGaen> http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/201...n-out-wrinkles
<Cameron> All we need is the one mod
<grimbldoo> kael has religeous bias
<grimbldoo> lets summon kibs!!!!!!!!!!!!
<grimdefeat> i wouldnt if i were you
* grimbldoo starts a seance
<Cameron> Reaper!
<Cameron> Wait, you're just a silver star
<grimbldoo> just misspell it wrks
<grimbldoo> al da tme
<Ser-JinnRemona> You underestimate the power of the one named Angus McAwesome.
<grimbldoo> no
<grimbldoo> i dont
<Cameron> Do you guys, you silver stars, get vent access?
<Hiiragi> .k grimbldoo stop spamming staff (kibs') name
* GlaD0S has kicked grimbldoo from #918thefan (stop spamming staff (kibs') name)

<Ser-JinnRemona> I dislike Vent.
<Ser-JinnRemona> I was waiting for t hat.
* grimbldoo (qwebirc@Rizon-FD64334D.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to grimbldoo
<Ser-JinnRemona> What took you so long to boot him? :P
<grimbldoo> well that was late
<Hiiragi> i just walked in the door
<grimbldoo> i had already stopped
<grimdefeat> i dont believe we get vent access
<Hiiragi> and i sit down to see this
<Cameron> Hiiragi, scroll up
<Ser-JinnRemona> I tried to warn him.
<grimbldoo> way up
<grimbldoo> up some more
<Cameron> Like, to about 20 minutes ago
<grimbldoo> yup
<grimbldoo> that far
<grimbldoo> wait
<grimbldoo> not even
<Ser-JinnRemona> Grimb. Has anyone ever told you you're a tad annoying?
<grimbldoo> yup
<grimbldoo> all the time
<Ser-JinnRemona> Just making sure you knew.
<grimbldoo> esspecially my older siste
<Hiiragi> .kb grimbldoo that link is obviously inappropriate. enjoy your ban
* GlaD0S sets ban on *!*@Rizon-FD64334D.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net
* GlaD0S has kicked grimbldoo from #918thefan (that link is obviously inappropriate. enjoy your ban)

Kibs 02-03-2011 04:31 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<@Cerulaine> Chanting to me
<@Cerulaine> "Cerulaine, use me!"

Zehutsumei 02-05-2011 12:16 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<Ser-JinnRemona> So. I'm in the Lair of Werewolves, killing their people, and suddenly the want me to talk to their leader, to come a peace parley. I suddenly remember how much I hate Edward from Twilight, and agree.

<EagleEyes> **Werewolfs

<Ser-JinnRemona> Good call.

Drago142222 02-05-2011 01:26 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
Sat[03:09p] <+Drago142222> so jessi's mom how did it feel to give birth to a pokemon
Sat[03:09p] <+mum_> very very sore lol
Sat[03:09p] <+jessi_> ¬.¬
Sat[03:10p] <+Drago142222> omg you are awesome
Sat[03:10p] <+Drago142222> jessi;s mom
Sat[03:10p] <+Drago142222> is awesome
Sat[03:11p] <+Drago142222> lol
Sat[03:11p] <+Drago142222> ok
Sat[03:11p] <+mum_> how does it feel being a pokermon ?
Sat[03:12p] <+Drago142222> ask ur daughtyer
Sat[03:12p] <+Drago142222> shes a mew
Sat[03:12p] <+mum_> ummm i dont ask her anything she never talk's to me just purrrrrrrrr's at me
Sat[03:13p] <+Drago142222> what moves did u teach her
Sat[03:13p] <+Drago142222> oh so shes part cat?
Sat[03:13p] <+mum_> yes ask her to purrr for you
Sat[03:14p] * Arguile is now known as Arg-Away
Sat[03:14p] <+mum_> silly you forgot to rub under her chin
Sat[03:15p] <+mum_> ok i off bye bye

Shidohari 02-06-2011 10:09 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
00:07] <@EagleEyes> Maybe
[00:07] <@EagleEyes> :)
[00:07] <@EagleEyes> I lost my dvd
[00:07] <@Bromas> EE
[00:07] <@EagleEyes> So went and got a new one
[00:07] <@EagleEyes> XD
01[00:07] <+Shidohari> haha
[00:07] <@Bromas> You can also download the Raikou
[00:07] <+Cameron> Then I could say "Yeah, I've eaten a g-" Oh wait, to early for that joke
[00:08] <@Chibi-Haku> EE, from now on, you shall refer to me by the name...Betty!
[00:08] <@Chibi-Haku> >D
[00:08] <@EagleEyes> I would rather not
[00:08] <@EagleEyes> <.<
[00:08] <+GracefulDisaster> o.o
[00:08] <+Cameron> I'll get back to it in an hour
[00:08] <+GracefulDisaster> Betty La fea?
[00:08] <@EagleEyes> Swingin the chain
[00:08] <+GracefulDisaster> *Fea
[00:08] <@EagleEyes> Swingin the chain
01[00:08] <+Shidohari> so that means you have issues with a gamma irradiated anti hero then haku?
06[00:08] * +GracefulDisaster pokes Betty La Fea.
[00:08] <@Chibi-Haku> lol
[00:08] <@EagleEyes> You do know, Betty is a womans name?
01[00:08] <+Shidohari> the mods are now maids ee
01[00:08] <+Shidohari> remember
[00:08] <@Chibi-Haku> Nyeh!?
03[00:08] * Bromas is now known as Maidmas
[00:09] <+GracefulDisaster> Haku is Betty-o el Feo.
[00:09] <@Chibi-Haku> Ooh! It's Master Pain!. "Actually, he goes by the name Betty now...."
03[00:09] * EagleEyes is now known as The-NannEE
[00:09] <@The-NannEE> Ohhh Mr Shefield
[00:09] <@The-NannEE> Heeeeeeheehehehehe
01[00:09] <+Shidohari> ROFLMAO
01[00:09] <+Shidohari> omg EE
[00:09] <@Maidmas> How many nicks do I have grouped to this thing anyway?
[00:09] <+Cameron> Wut
[00:09] <+velociraptor_nerd> ... lol
01[00:09] <+Shidohari> people may say you have no sense of humor but i would argue that fact...that actually really did make me laugh
01[00:09] <+Shidohari> and that's not common
01[00:09] <+Shidohari> ever
[00:09] <+Cameron> I've got Ridley and Silver_Fang
[00:09] <+Cameron> That's all
[00:09] <+velociraptor_nerd> ^

Zero Gravity 02-10-2011 02:15 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[04:13] <+Zero_Gravity> you indirectly helped solve a problem
[04:13] <@Sailor-Moon> ..i did?
[04:13] <+Zero_Gravity> i requested this song cause i liked it
[04:13] <+Zero_Gravity> you played it
[04:13] <@Sailor-Moon> lmfao you dork
[04:13] <+Zero_Gravity> it playing now while i was thinking of something somewhat warped what i was thinking which made me think of how to solve my problem
[04:13] * Zero_Gravity head explodes

GracefulDisaster 02-10-2011 01:50 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
Topic set by christmas4477 on Thu Feb 10 2011 13:43:57 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
13:44 NickServ Password accepted - you are now recognized.
13:44 <Aeri> finally!
13:44 <Aeri > yay, he changed it~
13:44 <Tsundere> do you not mean her
13:44 *** LeviathanMist quit (Quit: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day)
13:45 <Aeri > Nope
13:45 <Aeri> and I don't mean "she" either
13:45 <Cameron> Don't you hate when you're all mystified and confused about something, and then the answer is revealed and then you facepalm?
13:45 <Aeri> Last time I checked, Christmas was male.
13:45 <christmas4477> I'm getting rather tired of you calling me a girl
13:45 <Cameron> Yeah, I just had that
13:45 <christmas4477> Do it again and I kick you
13:45 <Tsundere> T_T
13:46 <Kuroshimo> who is she gonna kick?
13:46 *** Kuroshimo was kicked by christmas4477 (You apparently)
13:46 <Aeri> *he
13:46 <Amui> UGH beat me to it
13:46 <Cameron> Ha
13:46 <Aeri> /late
13:46 <Amui> I misspelt his name 3 times trying to type it
13:46 <christmas4477> Tab complete Bro
13:46 <Aeri> press tab, Amui

jessileo127 02-10-2011 02:33 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[21:29] <+Toonpenguin> breaking brie : 100 dollars breaking the internet : 500 dollars accidentally clicking 50 songs : priceless
[21:29] <+Jessi_> lol
[21:29] <@christmas4477> Let's see here
[21:29] <+Toonpenguin> for most things there sound breaker
[21:29] <+Toonpenguin> for others theres christmas
[21:30] <+Jessi_> awesome fail no jutsu
[21:30] <+Toonpenguin> and with that my final joke on this is done haha
[21:30] <+Jessi_> I am soo quoting that

11th febuary
[18:39] <+Quostin> Christmas, you should do one
[18:39] <@christmas4477> I should do a lot of things
[18:41] <+Jessi_|babysitting> Christmas should be fun ^.^ maby I sould poke him more?
[18:42] <+Jessi_|babysitting> should*
[18:42] <@christmas4477> I have this weird reflex when people poke me
[18:42] <@christmas4477> I just kick them for no reason
[18:42] <+pollardy> *poke*
[18:42] == pollardy was kicked from #918thefan by christmas4477 [pollardy]
[18:42] <+Jessi_|babysitting> lol
[18:42] <@christmas4477> See

Zero Gravity 02-13-2011 09:20 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
23:16 *** Cerulaine quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
23:16 Zero_Gravity QUITTER!
23:17 Zero_Gravity That good for nothing quitter!
23:17 Zero_Gravity When all else fails BAIL
23:17 Zero_Gravity Thats Cerulaine style -___-
23:18 *** Cerulaine joined #918thefan
23:18 +++ GlaD0S has given voice to Cerulaine
23:19 Zero_Gravity I knew you'd come back Ceru!
23:19 velociraptor_nerd That's what Zero said

GracefulDisaster 02-14-2011 02:24 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[01:18] <@gEE-gEE> <+Chibi-Aeri> but we're Italian, so he used to let me have drinks with dinner, etc.
[01:18] <@gEE-gEE> I'm australian so I am going to shoot you in the face.
[01:18] <+Chibi-Aeri> what?
[01:18] <@gEE-gEE> That is how much sense that made
[01:18] <+Chibi-Aeri> HA
[01:18] <+Chibi-Aeri> no, it makes more sense than you think, EE
[01:19] <+Chibi-Aeri> It's because of American laws
[01:19] <~Kibs> Sorry, let me explain it to EE
[01:19] <~Kibs> Italy is a country
[01:19] <~Kibs> in Europe

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