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Brie 11-14-2009 05:45 PM

Manga Rules
Section Rules - Manga

We require that any talk on Manga be pointed specifically to their chapter. For example, if you have just read the latest chapter of Ouran High School Host Club and wished to discuss it, you would then be required to make a thread entitled Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 32 Discussion. This allows users to see what chapter others are discussing as well as avoiding any small bits of spoilers they may accidentally see.

We would also like all users to be aware of our spoiler tags, which should be used in any case that there is a certain plot device revealed. To make a spoiler tag, make sure to type [ spoiler ], whatever the content is here, and then finish it off with [ / spoiler ]. Remove the spaces in the spoiler tags listed above to use the BBC properly.

Lastly, any links to Manga torrents, illegal Manga viewing sites, or the mentioning of which and the likes are cause for an immediate ban. 91.8 The Fan does not promote piracy in anyway, and will deal with such events with the biggest ban hammer we have on hand.

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