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Zero Gravity 02-07-2015 03:22 PM

My Love Story!
"My Love Story!" is a different kind of Shoujo manga. Instead of the typical pretty boy and pretty girl.
We have a pretty girl and....... an ugly guy????? DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!!!
With an anime adaption due in April, I felt the need to bring up discussion.

"My Love Story!" is a manga written by Kazune Kawahara ("Ai no Tame ni"/"For The Sake of Love", "Aozora Yell", "Platinum Snow", "High School Debut" and "Sensei!") with art by Aruko ("Yasuko and Kenji").

The story is about Takeo Gouda, a rather large, strong and honorable 17 year old, however his gorilla sized body, strength and look scares away girls as well as his enemies, despite how good hearted he is. When Takeo and his childhood friend, Makoto Sunakawa the eye of every girl throughout their school life, witness a molestor fondling a student from another school, Rinko Yamato, Takeo and Makoto step in and save her, upon baking them sweets foe saving her, Takedo deduces that like all the other girls, Rinko has fallen in love with Makoto. Little does he know, Rinko is actually in love with him! Thus Takeo has his first girlfriend, but he doesn't know the first thing about being a proper boyfriend!

First two volumes are available on Viz Media, with an anime being released in April!

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