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Elk 07-14-2012 12:56 PM

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm
So this game is fairly new, and thanks to Shido, I remembered to pick it up.

This game is awesome, if you have a 3DS and you like Final Fantasy music, GET THIS!

The sad thing is it had day 1 DLC ;_; BUT I'm fairly certain they did it for space reasons, because it's not cart locked DLC, you actually had to download each file(Also, it's been out in Japan for a long time, so it might not have been there?). Cosmo Canyon was DLC, so I grabbed a few songs, Cosmo Canyon included.

The 3DS Speakers aren't the best quality, but my Pro DJ Quality headphones make it sound beautiful. But really most any headphones you listen to things on PC or mp3 player will work.

The gameplay at first I thought was a step down from EBA, but that was on Basic, the easiest difficulty setting, on ultimate the game shines, and in chaos notes when you get high enough, it gets even more insane.

The RPG elements(setting skills, picking an item to equip and levelling up), unlockables(extra characters, extra songs), and collectables(collectable cards, like the old marvel cards, and trophies) really keeps you playing, although even without them, the awesome music and gameplay would keep you playing anyways.

Dark Notes in the Chaos Shrine can be played multiplayer, though only locally

Shidohari 07-14-2012 01:02 PM

Re: Final Fantasy Theatrhythm
And for someone who fails alot at DDR that would be me btw. Let me just tell you for ME personally...Dark notes are like DDR on maniac mode. and a good portion of the EXPERT LEVEL challenge versions of the songs are like Hard level to me.

For someone like elk who has REALLY GOOD THEATRHYTHM (see what i did there), while the songs were challenging in the harder modes he has managed to beat a massive chunk of the game.

I love this game and even though i fail, i will still play because it's awesome...

Elk 07-14-2012 01:24 PM

Re: Final Fantasy Theatrhythm
So what are everyone's fav songs?

Mine are Jenova and Judgement Day from FFVII and the Atma Weapon music from FFVI

So far anyways.

Cheflelouch 07-15-2012 02:03 AM

Re: Final Fantasy Theatrhythm
Well I wish I could get my hands on it cause I'm a huge fan of Nubuo Uetmatsu but unfurtunaly someone stole my 3Ds 3 weeks ago

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