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Alisace 07-14-2014 07:16 PM

Finally I've decided to make an introduction thread, after about a month of lurking on the IRC :)

Anywho, hi! I am Alisace. I'm short, I'm an anime nerd and go to conventions, like cats and listen to loud music. Hmmm, what else... Can't remember.

Eclipse 07-14-2014 07:59 PM

Re: Hi!
Ah! Ahoy, Alisace! Am I right in assuming your name is the words "Al is ace" put together? Regardless, glad to have you!

Kanashimi 07-14-2014 11:35 PM

Re: Hi!
Howdy-ho! I've seen you in the IRC a lot and so I'm glad you're being active in the forums as well. Enjoy!

moonhawk81 07-15-2014 02:45 AM

Re: Hi!
Well met and welcome.

Alisace 07-17-2014 12:59 PM

Re: Hi!
It's just a random scrambling of my name. I don't use this nickname a lot of places, just a few. (Another name I use is Kiyami)

Thank you for the warm welcomes :) Hopefully my influence can wake this place up more.

Kayarath 07-18-2014 12:17 AM

Re: Hi!
Raarrr! Who dares disturbs my slumber!!!!

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