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Kanashimi 08-17-2013 02:37 AM

Say "I Love You" Episode 013 Discussion
Little sister, I thought I liked you. You just went on my horrible characters lists. Little brat.

Where were these episodes through the meat of the series? Like seriously? These cute, affection types of plots where there's a lot of thought about the other person and how they would react.

Ugh, this was adorable and it was relationship progression without all the drama and random people trying to break them apart. Let's be real here, overall, this series isn't bad. My experience with it has been rocky. My problems stemmed from characters and the focus on their flaws. A flawed character is a good thing, you say. I would agree with this, but the discrepancy is when the show decides to focus on character arcs over actually getting us to like the main characters.

I felt like I couldn't care about anything happening because it took too long for anyone to become likable. On episode 12, Yamato and Mei finally did just that, but by then it was too late. Without this last episode I wouldn't have had the chance to enjoy it.

Either way, this isn't a series I would watch again soon. It's hard for me to recommend it, too. I feel like a certain type of person would enjoy it and that obviously isn't me. I'm tempted to read the manga out of sheer curiosity, but I don't think the anime sold me enough even for that. If it also has pacing issues then I doubt I'll be able to appreciate it.

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