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Kanashimi 01-01-2010 04:24 PM

Switching Servers & Other Various Things
For those of you who have yet to notice, a few posts on the forums as well as the site were lost. This was due to the fact that we transferred both the site and the forums to a more dedicated server. This is to ensure we face no downtime during the launch of our station on the 3rd, the reason for our worry is the fact our press release will be covered by some of the most noteworthy anime sites on the web!

As such, we're attempting to take every precaution to make sure there will be no glitches during the launch. We've tested the site thoroughly as well as the station itself. We've done everything within our power to make sure we're ready for the estimated amount of visitors finding the site.

Please make sure to keep checking the site, as later today we will announce our guests for the first week of the station as well as various contests for a chance to win real life prizes. So stay tuned!

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