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Animelover19 04-08-2013 02:12 PM

ALT*Con-April 13,2013-Tallahassee,FL
Gaming Convention with Anime and Comic

April 13, 2013
Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center
Tallahassee, FL

Do you have a better relationship with your online gamer friends than your real life ones? Do you take serious offense when someone calls you a geek, and means it as an insult? Yeah, us too. That, and so many other reasons, is why we're bringing you a world of nerds, gamers, geeks, cosplayers, otaku, goths, and punk, packed into a little convention right here in North Florida. ALT*Con seeks to bridge the great expanse of fandoms, and bring a little harmony to our bit of the universe. With vendors ranging from comic book dealers to handmade crafts and t-shirts, this is a place where the more different you are, the more normal you'll seem! The only thing we won't have is hate, so, suit up, and let your geek and/or freak flag fly at ALT*Con 2013.

Website: http://altconflorida.com/

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