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Marpolo 1991 10-17-2010 09:37 PM

Aki Con
Hi Marpolo here, I was wondering if anyone here is planning on going to Aki Con in the first weekend of November (the 5th - 7th) in Bellevue Washington. for more information here is the site


Kanashimi 10-18-2010 08:39 PM

Re: Aki Con
I think V-Tan might be going to that, but I can't confirm. I'll ask him and let you know~

Marpolo 1991 10-18-2010 09:48 PM

Re: Aki Con
Cool, also can I get a link to those 918 the fan fliers, I cant remember where the page was. Curse my lousy memory.

Zero Gravity 10-19-2010 05:44 AM

Re: Aki Con
I was planning to go the Jon Stewart rally to restore sanity on Halloween weekend.... but a trip to Salem, Mass sounded sweeter...

Why is Washington so desperately trying to suck me back there!?!?!?!?

Kanashimi 10-19-2010 12:51 PM

Re: Aki Con
New flyers: http://918thefan.com/images/misc/flyers12page.png

Marpolo 1991 10-25-2010 07:08 AM

Re: Aki Con
Awesome, any idea how many fliers I should print out?

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