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EagleEyes 07-31-2010 03:16 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
* +PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB runs in the shower with EE and hides

TheNinja4759 07-31-2010 03:48 PM

[18:41] <+Doph_watchinHULU> dude, Im going to college
[18:41] <+TheNinja4759> Dude
[18:41] <+Doph_watchinHULU> I dont have money
[18:41] <+TheNinja4759> you're getting a Dell.
[18:41] <+Doph_watchinHULU> I take out loans
[18:41] <+JinnRemona> Dude. I'm getting a Dell.
[18:41] <+TheNinja4759> DUDEEE
[18:41] <+Kyonikov> dude.
[18:41] <+Doph_watchinHULU> dude
[18:41] <%EagleEyes> WHA
[18:41] <+TheNinja4759> dude
[18:41] <%EagleEyes> I never had my shower
[18:41] <+JinnRemona> Dude.
[18:41] <+Doph_watchinHULU> hey dude
[18:41] <+TheNinja4759> sup dude
[18:41] <+JinnRemona> Sup Brah.
[18:41] <+Kyonikov> not brah dude, dude.
[18:41] <+Doph_watchinHULU> c-c-c-c-combo breaker!
[18:41] <+TheNinja4759> dude
[18:41] <+TheNinja4759> FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
[18:41] <+Kyonikov> the dude abides.

[20:22] <+Alani> *starts throwing rocks at Ninja*
[20:22] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> No fire for you.
[20:22] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> ...
[20:22] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> The hell?
[20:22] <+Alani> dong im out
[20:22] <+Alani> dang*
[20:22] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> o.o
[20:22] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> LOL
[20:22] <+Alani> >.< Lolz whoopsies
[20:22] <+sh4z> so
[20:22] <+sh4z> no clues
[20:23] <+sh4z> ogg and flac support in itunes
[20:23] <+sh4z> give up ?
[20:23] <+sh4z> lol
[20:23] <+Alani> I GOT A MACHINE GUN!
[20:23] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> That's going in the chat thread.
[20:23] <+Doph_watchinHULU> WO!
[20:23] <+Doph_watchinHULU> SHARK WEEK!
[20:23] <+Doph_watchinHULU> XD
[20:23] <+Alani> *starts shooting everywhere* YEA!
[20:23] <+Doph_watchinHULU> GOOD REACTION!
[20:23] <+Doph_watchinHULU> XD
[20:24] <+Alani> heh
[20:24] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> >.>
[20:24] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> Oh, how exploitable
[20:24] * TheNinja44759|Choji grins
[20:24] <+Alani> TT.TT *shoots Ninja*
[20:24] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> Ewww.
[20:24] <@Cerulaine> I would change the topic
[20:24] <@Cerulaine> But it's too long!
[20:24] <+TheNinja44759|Choji> XD
[20:25] <@Cerulaine> So I dunno what to keep up there XD

Kanashimi 08-01-2010 05:29 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[17:19] <+Zehutsumei> I've been addicted to the english version of Bad Apple
[17:19] * +PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB waves at Twillulaine
[17:20] *** TheNinja4759|AFFK has joined #918thefan
[17:20] *** Raug sets mode +v TheNinja4759|AFFK
[17:20] <&Kanashimi> Zeh, by Cristina?
[17:20] <+Zehutsumei> Yeah
[17:20] * @Cerulaine loves it as well
[17:20] <&Kanashimi> I'm working on adding Cristina's stuff to the DB
[17:20] <+Amui> Ceru
[17:20] <@Cerulaine> Yes?
[17:20] <+Cameron> SWEET
[17:20] <+Amui> SWOT
[17:21] <&Kanashimi> We only have the Hirugashi theme in right now
[17:21] <+Zehutsumei> And now that I think about it, her voice reminds me of Noel Vermillion
[17:21] <@Cerulaine> Mhmm?
[17:21] <@Cerulaine> >>
[17:21] <&Kanashimi> Zeh
[17:21] <&Kanashimi> She is Noel
[17:21] <+Zehutsumei> Really?
[17:21] <&Kanashimi> And V-13
[17:21] <@Cerulaine> Lol
[17:21] <+Cameron> I lol'd IRL
[17:21] <&Kanashimi> And whatever other robot there is
[17:21] *** TheNinja4759|AFFK is now known as TheNinja4759|STUFF
[17:21] <&Kanashimi> In our interview with her we talked about her being Noel xD
[17:21] <+Zehutsumei> Holy crap
[17:22] <+Zehutsumei> She is

grimdefeat 08-01-2010 10:48 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[23:30] <+grimdefeat> i hate onions
[23:31] <+TheNinja4759> susposedly they are good for ya.
[23:31] <+grimdefeat> the only time i like onions are when a friend of mine cooks them into his burgers
[23:31] <+JinnRemona> Yeah. Good at making you stink.
[23:31] == Artimid [qwebirc@Rizon-E32680A7.tampabay.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net]
[23:33] <@Raug> they're reasonably healthy but the true use of onions is sulfuric acid
[23:33] <@Raug> the small amounts it contains irritates your tongue making it more sensitive to taste
[23:34] * Chibi-Katanashi milks some onions...
[23:34] <+TheNinja4759> During the American Civil War, General Ulysses S. Grant sent a telegram to the War Department, "I will not move my army without onions." The next day he got them.
[23:34] <+TheNinja4759> The power of an Onion.
[23:35] <+TheNinja4759> Scientists believe that onions and other members of the allium family, such as garlic, leeks, chives and shallots, may be a significant dietary factor by protecting us from certain forms of cancer.
[23:35] <+TheNinja4759> :3
[23:35] <@Raug> my honest belief
[23:36] <@Raug> everything promotes cancer and everything protects us from cancer
[23:36] <+TheNinja4759> lol.
[23:36] <+TheNinja4759> Onions may also have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels, according to some studies.
[23:36] <+TheNinja4759> For the last year and a half
[23:37] <+TheNinja4759> I have always had a layer of half a onion before bed
[23:37] <+TheNinja4759> and i eat with a slice of cheese.

Zero Gravity 08-02-2010 07:17 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+Zero_Gravity> you wanna know who I blame for all my suffering?
<%EagleEyes> The wolfs?
<+Zero_Gravity> Drago
<%EagleEyes> Even better :D

#dragon DRAGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! #dragon

Kanashimi 08-02-2010 08:43 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
<@christmas4477> Where my sammich at?
<+Amui> Its in my pants.
<%EagleEyes> My room
<+Amui> Its in my pants in EE's room
<@christmas4477> It's been like ten minutes
<%EagleEyes> Where Amui's pants are apparently
<@christmas4477> And I still do not have a sammich
<+Amui> Yeah i must have left them there EE
*** Hiiragi has quit IRC: Quit: Hiiragi
<%EagleEyes> Shhhh
<+twilly> My question is why are Amui's pants in EE's room?
<+Amui> Don't ask
<+Amui> Don't tell
<@christmas4477> Naked Twister
<&Kanashimi> CHAT QUOTES
*** yugiboy360 has joined #918thefan
*** ChanServ sets mode +o yugiboy360
*** Raug sets mode +v yugiboy360
<%EagleEyes> Of course this would summon yugi

Cameron 08-02-2010 06:32 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(9:24:32 PM) Cerulaine: We're all kitties! XD
(9:24:37 PM) TheNinja4759|: NEOW
(9:24:38 PM) Taokaka: YAAAY~
(9:24:44 PM) Cerulaine: NYAAAAA~
(9:24:47 PM) Amui: WOOF~
(9:24:52 PM) Amui: c-c-c-c-combo breaker

See, if I quote stuff other then just Ceru nyahing, it makes me seem like less of a creeper!

Zero Gravity 08-04-2010 10:03 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
[12:57] <+Cameron> .time
[12:57] <@Raug> It is currently Wed Aug 04 09:55:38 in PDT (GMT -8)
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> what the
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> .time
[12:57] <@Raug> It is currently Wed Aug 04 09:55:53 in PDT (GMT -8)
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> awesome
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> .time
[12:57] <@Raug> It is currently Wed Aug 04 09:56:00 in PDT (GMT -8)
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> .time
[12:57] <@Raug> It is currently Wed Aug 04 09:56:01 in PDT (GMT -8)
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> .time
[12:57] <@Raug> It is currently Wed Aug 04 09:56:01 in PDT (GMT -8)
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> .time
[12:57] <@Raug> It is currently Wed Aug 04 09:56:02 in PDT (GMT -8)
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> .time
[12:57] <@Raug> It is currently Wed Aug 04 09:56:03 in PDT (GMT -8)
[12:57] <+Zero_Gravity> fufufufu
[12:57] <+twilly> lol
[12:57] <+Cameron> You didn't know about time?
[12:58] <+Zero_Gravity> I knew OF time, I just didnt know I could have Raug bend the time stamp to my will

Cameron 08-04-2010 07:43 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(10:36:14 PM) Kibs: kana we need to have a talk about you planting your seed in another man
(10:36:18 PM) Kibs: ohu
(10:36:35 PM) Kanashimi: Zero's a man?

The less context, the better the joke is!

Zehutsumei 08-04-2010 08:10 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
*** Kibs is now known as Ragna
*** Terumi is now known as Jin

<~Ragna> I'LL KILL YOU
*** Zehutsumei is now known as nu-13
<+nu-13> RAGNA!
*** Jin is now known as Jin_Kisaragi
*** Ragna kicked Jin_Kisaragi from the channel: INFERNO DIVIDER

Kibs is win

Zero Gravity 08-06-2010 01:50 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
[04:42] <+Zero_Gravity> Why is EE a +?
[04:42] <+Zero_Gravity> and not a @
[04:42] == LucJenson [qwebirc@Rizon-4793DEEC.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #918thefan
[04:42] == mode/#918thefan [+v LucJenson] by GlaD0S
[04:42] <+Chibi-Katanashi> he isnt loved enough for his % or @
[04:43] <+Zero_Gravity> supressing his power level I see
[04:43] == EagleEyes [~EagleEyes@Rizon-BA72FA98.sbr800.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has left #918thefan []
[04:43] <+Zero_Gravity> he caught on to me!
[04:43] <+Zero_Gravity> o_o
[04:43] <+Chibi-Katanashi> o.o
[04:43] <+Zero_Gravity> he caught on to me catching onto him
[04:43] <+Chibi-Katanashi> lol
[04:43] == EagleEyes [~EagleEyes@Rizon-BA72FA98.sbr800.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #918thefan
[04:43] == mode/#918thefan [+v EagleEyes] by GlaD0S
[04:43] == mode/#918thefan [+o EagleEyes] by GlaD0S
[04:43] <@EagleEyes> OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[04:44] <+Zero_Gravity> o_o
[04:44] <+Zero_Gravity> Such power...
[04:44] <+Zero_Gravity> CHIBI
[04:44] <+Chibi-Katanashi> its over 8000.
[04:44] * Zero_Gravity crushes Chibi's Scouter
[04:44] <+Zero_Gravity> 8000?????
[04:44] <+Chibi-Katanashi> yes. 8000
[04:45] <+Zero_Gravity> DERS NOWAI DAT CAN BE RIGHT

Zehutsumei 08-06-2010 04:20 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+dbull620> ah, I did the one year thing so I'm still god
<+dbull620> *goodl
<+dbull620> I'm not god
<@EagleEyes> T.T
<%Sailor_Moon> i didnt lol just the 3 months
<+dbull620> ...am I?
<@EagleEyes> You had me excited there

Zehutsumei 08-06-2010 05:19 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+TheNinja4759|Richard> If I win
<+TheNinja4759|Richard> I'm picking Raug.
<+TheNinja4759|Richard> .time
<@Raug> It is currently Fri Aug 06 05:11:47 in PDT (GMT -8)

EagleEyes 08-07-2010 04:35 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+Cameron> *licks Chibi*
<+Cameron> That is all
<+DUKE-NUKEM> .........
* +DUKE-NUKEM turns Cameron into bubble gum
<+Cameron> Yeah, chew me, that's an appropriate response...

Cameron 08-07-2010 04:02 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(6:53:40 PM) Drago142222: WAIT
(6:53:43 PM) Drago142222: boobs arent food?

Zehutsumei 08-07-2010 06:40 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+Dophanes> so stop being yourselves!
<+Chibi-Katanashi> NEVER!
<+Dophanes> and start being each other
<+Gannon|reads-manga> I am confizzled...
<+Dophanes> Chibi, you're the new Kana
<+Chibi-Katanashi> o.o
<+Dophanes> Cam, you're the new Ceru
<&Kanashimi> ._.

Kana is unamused

Cameron 08-07-2010 08:46 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(11:38:29 PM) helixD: also my booth is in the maid cafe everybody!
(11:38:40 PM) Cerulaine: Oh snap
(11:38:41 PM) Amui: Did someone say maid cafe?!
(11:38:41 PM) helixD: so if you want a ygotas shirt, and a boner, come on down!
(11:38:46 PM) Cerulaine: ...
(11:38:46 PM) Cameron: Paint
(11:38:49 PM) Cerulaine: I lol'd
(11:38:49 PM) helixD: i mean
(11:38:49 PM) Amui: Did someone say b-....Wait

TheNinja4759 08-08-2010 01:59 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[16:52] <Raug> ugh i should buy a 360 just to play ssf with some other people
[16:52] <TheNinja4759|Tobi> o.o
[16:52] <TheNinja4759|Tobi> computers talk?
[16:52] <Drago142222> i suck sf
[16:54] <Raug> I am a humanoid interface for use in contact with organic living creatures, created by the Integrated Data Thought Entity that supervises this galaxy
[16:54] |<-- sh4z has left irc.rizon.net (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:55] <Drago142222> well im not to bad at it but i can never get the combos down
[16:55] <TheNinja4759|Tobi> so you are a talking computer.

Lite 08-09-2010 11:46 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
19:34 sakura10163 - no cam, doph, OR drago? wow.....
19:35 litespeed - great ain't it? xDDDD
19:37 sakura10163 - XD
19:38 Cameron - I'm back!
19:38 Cameron - I got the stuff~
19:38 Cameron - Lite, you big jerkface!
19:39 Cameron - *cries*
19:39 litespeed - xDDDDDDDD

EagleEyes 08-11-2010 02:34 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
* +EagleEyes does not want to go to work so early
<+EagleEyes> D:
<@Jubilee> D=
<+Amui> D:
<+Cameron> Dee equal sign
<+Drago142222> lololol

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