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Cameron 06-18-2010 01:57 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(3:36:04 PM) ***Eslyn thinks Kana should play Again by Yui, so we can reminice about FMA
(3:36:29 PM) Kanashimi: Sure, gimme a sex
(3:36:31 PM) Kanashimi: * sec
(3:36:39 PM) RynxXK5: OK!! i mean um....nvm
(3:36:39 PM) Jubilee: xD
(3:36:49 PM) RynxXK5: walks away very fast embarressed lmao
(3:36:55 PM) Cameron: That is the best typo ever
(3:36:57 PM) Drago142222: yes kana it was awesome
(3:37:01 PM) RynxXK5: yea lol
(3:37:10 PM) Kanashimi: lmao
(3:37:25 PM) Eslyn: RynxXK5 hes doing Sonar tech stuff on a Sub
(3:37:35 PM) RynxXK5: every guy in the 91.8 the fan universe was LIKE OMG YES and then NOOOOO
(3:37:41 PM) Kanashimi: xDDD


(3:42:18 PM) RynxXK5: kana do you have the link to the forums where i may post songs to get for you guys?
(3:42:26 PM) Kanashimi: Yeah, gimme a sex
(3:42:30 PM) Kanashimi: *sec
(3:42:36 PM) RynxXK5: STOP TEASING US!!
(3:42:38 PM) RynxXK5: lol
(3:42:38 PM) Kanashimi: That's apparently today's type
(3:42:39 PM) Kanashimi: *typo
(3:42:42 PM) christmas4477: Off day for Kana
(3:42:46 PM) Jubilee: haha
(3:42:53 PM) Kanashimi: Yeah, pretty much
(3:42:54 PM) RynxXK5: na she loves to torture us hehe

Why do you torture us so, Kana?!

Ore-sama 06-18-2010 07:16 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+Eslyn-Anime> Hey guys! Have you heard the joke they dont tell gay people
<02+Drago142222> lol
<+Cameron> No, I haven't?
<+Eslyn-Anime> exactly Cameron
<+Cameron> Do tell!
<JinnRemona> lol
<02+Drago142222> lol wow cam
<+Cameron> OMG
<02+Drago142222> u ddnt get it
<JinnRemona> You walked right into that.
<02+Drago142222> he did
<+Eslyn-Anime> XD
<+Eslyn-Anime> I WIN

Ore-sama 06-18-2010 11:03 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+ziggy78eog> who is "he", and what is this "business"
<+hotlikesauce> cameron, his left hand
<+Chibi-Katanashi> [22:53:21] <+hotlikesauce> cameron, his left hand <- indeed
<+ziggy78eog> ...lol
<+twilly> He's a lefty?

They got you again Cameron XD

Camajak 06-19-2010 02:17 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[16:59] == Sandgolem [~admin@Rizon-903DD688.pools.spcsdns.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[16:59] <SaiQ> welcome back Sandy
[17:00] <+CamaTora> no
[17:00] <+CamaTora> he quit
[17:00] <+CamaTora> lol
[17:00] <SaiQ> ..
[17:00] <SaiQ> gah
[17:00] <+Drago142222> lol nooooooo
[17:00] <+CamaTora> so weird... he must be having connection issues like last night
[17:00] == SaiQ has changed nick to FailQ
[17:00] <+CamaTora> :D
[17:00] <+Drago142222> yea
[17:00] == CamaTora has changed nick to WinCama
[17:00] <+WinCama> :)
[17:00] <FailQ> he's always having comp issues
[17:00] == Drago142222 has changed nick to MehDrago
[17:01] <FailQ> did he get his home comp fixed after power spike?
[17:01] <+WinCama> I dunno
[17:01] <+WinCama> I haven't asked
[17:01] <+MehDrago> meh
[17:01] <+MehDrago> i havent asked either
[17:02] <+WinCama> I wonder if someone will notice our Fail, Win, and Meh
[17:02] <+WinCama> UNITE
[17:02] * WinCama hold up power ring
[17:03] * MehDrago holds up power ring
[17:03] <+Chibi-Katanashi> =\
[17:03] <+WinCama> CMON FAILQ
[17:03] <+WinCama> YOU CAN HAVE A WIN!
[17:03] <+Chibi-Katanashi> i did notice it... and was about to question it...
[17:03] <+WinCama> Hehe
[17:03] <+MehDrago> lol
[17:03] <+WinCama> Where'd our fail go?!
[17:03] <+MehDrago> COME ON FAILQ
[17:04] <+WinCama> The world cannot exist without Fail
[17:04] <+Chibi-Katanashi> your fail failed at failing
[17:04] <+WinCama> Isn't that a win?
[17:04] <+MehDrago> lol
[17:04] <+WinCama> Did his fail at failing result in an unexplained win?
[17:04] <+Chibi-Katanashi> hmmmm
[17:04] <+MehDrago> lololol
[17:05] <+WinCama> Our Fail would not appreciate winning his win
[17:05] <+WinCama> He needs fail
[17:05] <+WinCama> to complete our harmony
[17:05] <+MehDrago> lol
[17:05] <+MehDrago> yes
[17:05] * Chibi-Katanashi leaves the logic to others
[17:05] <+WinCama> oh meh Win and Fail
[17:05] <FailQ> o_o
[17:05] <+WinCama> FAILQ HAS FAILED
[17:05] <+MehDrago> yep
[17:05] * FailQ fails to unite
[17:05] <FailQ> xD
[17:06] <+MehDrago> but wait
[17:06] <+MehDrago> if it fails dosnt that mean he wins
[17:06] <+WinCama> THE WINMEH FAILS
[17:06] <+MehDrago> lol yes
[17:06] <FailQ> that makes... no sense @_@
[17:06] <+WinCama> No, his fail is a fail
[17:07] <+WinCama> therefore it is right
[17:07] <+WinCama> but if he fails at failing, he therefore wins
[17:07] <+WinCama> and he has succeeded at failing
[17:07] <FailQ> no.. just more fail
[17:07] <FailQ> that's all
[17:07] <+MehDrago> hmmmmmm ok
[17:07] <+WinCama> which, adversely, just means he fails
[17:07] <FailQ> I fail more xD
[17:08] <FailQ> Cama, your logic is scaring me
[17:08] <+WinCama> It scares all
[17:08] <+WinCama> that is why I am the win

SaiQ 06-19-2010 02:45 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
By request of yugiboy, I censored his real name.

Drago142222 06-22-2010 04:21 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[19:14] <+Drago142222> DONT FORGET UR TINFOIL HAT
[19:14] <+Team> omg u kidnaped elk
[19:14] <+Drago142222> OMG
[19:14] <+Drago142222> she is gonna marry elk
[19:15] <@Cerulaine> ^^

EagleEyes 06-23-2010 03:49 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
<@Litespeed> oh god
<@Litespeed> i do him well too actually
<%EagleEyes> I bet you do

<+twilly> I hate it when I'm roasting marshmallows and Cap'n Crunch comes and kicks me in the junk.
<+Kyonikov> I think a combo of those two is better. I hate when I go to the super market and a snorlax is blocking the entrance
<%EagleEyes> Not your lucky charms :o
<+Kyonikov> but.. they're magically delicious!
<+twilly> O_O
<+Chibi-Katanashi> O>O
<%EagleEyes> O.O

<%Jubilee> Ohhhh Yes, Going Commando was my favorite ^_^
<+twilly> ^ mine too

Amui 06-28-2010 07:47 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
* +Amui hugs Cama in tears
* +Camajak is hugged
<+Camajak> be careful. Your cheese compartment might rub off on me
<+Amui> Giggity
<+Jubilee> o.o
<+Camajak> ....XD
<+Amui> I think it already haaas
<+Camajak> LOL
<+Amui> trollface.jpg
<+Camajak> oh god
<+Camajak> <+Camajak> be careful. Your cheese compartment might rub off on me <-- FAIL
*** Eslyn has joined #918thefan
<+Amui> You walked right into that one
*** Zehutsumei has joined #918thefan
<+Camajak> I really did.

Cameron 07-02-2010 07:05 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(9:53:32 PM) SaiQ: haha
(9:53:34 PM) SaiQ: we'll see
(9:53:37 PM) SaiQ: the magna is good
(9:53:40 PM) SaiQ: anga*
(9:53:42 PM) SaiQ: manga*
(9:53:43 PM) SaiQ: gah
(9:53:44 PM) Cerulaine: XD
(9:53:47 PM) ***SaiQ having an off day
(9:53:55 PM) ***Cerulaine turns you on
(9:53:58 PM) Cerulaine: ....
(9:54:02 PM) Cerulaine: Not like that

EagleEyes 07-03-2010 05:45 AM

Re: Chat Quotes
<+setsuna91> o thank you, there is a god
<+setsuna91> **blows harldy on the rape whistle**
<@Kanashimi> Sailor Pluto
<@Kanashimi> That is all
<@DS|_> Rape whistles summon Kana, apparently

Camajak 07-04-2010 12:41 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[15:34] <+Camajak> That's why Amui is only kicked.... when.... actually, Amui is just special
[15:34] <+Amui> I usually only get kicked during cruel jokes
[15:34] <+Camajak> And you guys made me lol here XD
[15:34] <+Camajak> True XD
[15:34] <+Amui> Also i am quite speshul
[15:34] <@DS|_> Amui knows where the line is for the most part. :o
[15:34] <@yugiboy360> I agree with DS
[15:35] <+Amui> I agree with Yugi for agreeing with DS
[15:35] <@DS|_> However, I dance all around the line.
[15:35] <+Camajak> He likes to hover over it going "I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU. I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU"
[15:35] <@yugiboy360> DS you play the Mexican hat dance with the line

Cameron 07-05-2010 12:03 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(2:40:40 PM) iBEveryBORED: anyways enough about me how bout you?
(2:42:12 PM) iBEveryBORED: good to hear
(2:42:33 PM) iBEveryBORED: lol really? interesting
(2:42:37 PM) Cerulaine: Oh sorry
(2:42:38 PM) Cerulaine: WhaT?
(2:43:00 PM) iBEveryBORED: -_-
(2:43:11 PM) Cameron: I lol'd IRL
(2:43:11 PM) iBEveryBORED: wait then who was i talkign to!?

Camajak 07-06-2010 07:54 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[22:45] <Camajak> HEY
[22:45] <Camajak> WAIT A SECOND
[22:45] <+Cameron> What's going on, now?
[22:46] <+Kyonikov> the sky is falling
[22:46] == mode/#918thefan [-v Jubilee] by Raug
[22:46] <@Raug> done

Cameron 07-07-2010 05:26 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
(8:13:30 PM) catilena1890: There is plenteh of Kitteh to go around
(8:13:46 PM) stellarhush: you're mean drago
(8:13:53 PM) ***Team gose away to shower up
(8:13:55 PM) Drago142222: ok how abou this
(8:14:03 PM) ***Drago142222 puts kitteh in a big bed
(8:14:11 PM) catilena1890: lol
(8:14:23 PM) Drago142222: now there is room for both of us in kitteh
(8:14:28 PM) Drago142222: and
(8:14:37 PM) catilena1890: IN ME? LMFAO!
(8:14:42 PM) Cameron: ...
(8:14:42 PM) stellarhush: o.o
(8:14:46 PM) stellarhush: um
(8:14:46 PM) withasigh: XD
(8:14:52 PM) Cameron: And he says he's not a perv?
(8:14:52 PM) catilena1890: that was the dirtiest typo I have ever seen!
(8:14:55 PM) Drago142222: no TYPO TYPO

Amui 07-08-2010 07:45 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
<%EagleEyes> Know the feeling of holding EagleEyes' wood in your hands
* %Jubilee would learn to play golf if such clubs existed.
<+Amui> This topic interests me EE
<+Amui> .....
<+stellarhush> XD
<+Amui> This is going into chat quotes
<%Jubilee> Hey...Wood is my thing D=

Drago142222 07-09-2010 02:03 PM

Re: Chat Quotes

Fri[04:37p] <+iBEveryBORED> it slips some tmes
Fri[04:47p] <+Cerulaine> >>
Fri[04:47p] <+Cameron> Okay, you know I love you so much Ceru, but after I lose 1k, that's it
Fri[04:47p] * +Cerulaine pats Cam
Fri[04:47p] * +Cerulaine hugs

EagleEyes 07-10-2010 08:19 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
*** cdoublejj has quit IRC: *.net *.split
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*** Chibi-Katanashi has quit IRC: *.net *.split
<@EagleEyes> CHAT SPLIT
<@EagleEyes> Allllll byyyy
<@EagleEyes> myselffffffff
<@EagleEyes> Don wannna be allll by my selffffff
<@EagleEyes> Anymoreeeeeeeeee

Lite 07-10-2010 11:45 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
Dophanes___ : *yawns* welp, anyway I need sleep or I might die tomorrow, night everyone good luck with your internets, and hurricanes, and I swear to god if you guy's get pie after I leave Ill shank you all
litespeed : see ya
EagleEyes : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L43nZ...os=Ik95dhU4XYc
EagleEyes : Watch now
JinnRemona : So. What's everyone up to tonight? XD
Dophanes___ has left IRC (Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net)
litespeed : right, so who's for a slice of pie?
SaiQ : mmm pie

Cameron 07-11-2010 09:01 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
New highscore?

(10:01:33 PM) Chibi-Katanashi left the room (quit: *.net *.split).
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(10:01:33 PM) O-W-L left the room (quit: *.net *.split).
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(10:01:33 PM) Kanashimi left the room (quit: *.net *.split).
(10:01:49 PM) Cameron: Wow, 4 left!
(10:02:03 PM) Cameron: Lowest it's ever been!


(11:58:42 PM) Grammar_Nazi: Where is your period CERULAIN!?
(11:58:46 PM) Cerulaine: o.o
(11:58:47 PM) catc0617: *Goes into the corner of shame because she has nothing to request*
(11:58:49 PM) Cerulaine: Oh lol
(11:58:49 PM) Grammar_Nazi: (not that kind)
(11:58:53 PM) Cameron: HA
(11:58:53 PM) Cerulaine: I was like "watttttt?"

SaiQ 07-12-2010 03:16 PM

Re: Chat Quotes
[14:58] <Amui> Vic should have been casted for Bible....nevermind
[14:59] <Amui> >_>
[14:59] <Cerulaine> LOL
[14:59] <Amui> Using his Ed voice too
[14:59] <Amui> Just sayin'
[14:59] <Cerulaine> Ahhhh >.<
[14:59] * Chibi-Katanashi headdesks repeatidly
[14:59] * Cerulaine flies away!!! AWAY!!!!
[14:59] <Cerulaine> My innocent eyes
[14:59] <Dophanes> Im with Chibi on this one
[14:59] <Cameron> Wut
[14:59] <SaiQ> bad Amui!


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