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Zero Gravity 02-14-2011 05:07 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[19:03] <+Zero_Gravity> ELK
[19:03] <@Elk> ?
[19:03] * Zero_Gravity hog ties Elk
[19:03] <+Zero_Gravity> Now i wont be alone this valentine's day
[19:03] * Elk cries
[19:03] <@Elk> lol
[19:04] * Zero_Gravity puts a wig on Elk
[19:04] <+Zero_Gravity> your my Candian bacon

JinnRemona 02-15-2011 02:16 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[13:32]<Amui> There is not even a word that exists to be said toward any person that would attempt to break a disc of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Because if a word like that existed the very world itself would know my wrath, the unbridled fury and hatred burning with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.
[13:33]<JinnRemona> Don't mess with Star Ocean....And now you know.
[13:34]* JinnRemona waits for it.
[13:34]<Amui> and knowing is half the battle
[13:34]<Amui> G.I JOOOOOOOOE

EagleEyes 02-19-2011 02:44 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<@EagleEyes> haku
<@EagleEyes> haku
<@EagleEyes> haku
<@EagleEyes> haku
<+Chibi-Haku> EE
<+Chibi-Haku> EE
<@EagleEyes> haku
<+Chibi-Haku> EE
<+Chibi-Haku> EE
<+Chibi-Haku> EE
*** GlaD0S kicked Chibi-Haku from the channel: Stop flooding!
*** Chibi-Haku has joined #918thefan
<&GlaD0S> [Chibi-Haku] NO RICE FOR YOU!
*** GlaD0S sets mode +o Chibi-Haku
<@Chibi-Haku> EE
<@Chibi-Haku> >.>
<@Chibi-Haku> xD
<@EagleEyes> XD

neondantou126 02-19-2011 03:03 PM

<Shidohari> if that was dS he's HAWT
<Shidohari> i love the long silky hairness
<Kanashimi> Hahaha
<Kibbles> .k shidohari no u
<Kibbles> fffffffffffff
<Rainbow-Dash> Fail
* Kibbles is now known as Kibs
<NeonX> Hahahahaha
<Cerulaine> I lol'd so hard
<NeonX> Fail
<Kanashimi> Hahahahahahahahahaha
<Cerulaine> SO HARD
* GlaD0S sets mode +q #918thefan Kibs
<Shidohari> i don't care who it was
<Shidohari> still HAWT
<Kibs> .k shidohari no u
* GlaD0S has kicked Shidohari from #918thefan (no u)

<Zero_Gravity> omg
<Zero_Gravity> I'm like
<Gannon133> I mean the list of anime
<Rail_Tracer> yeah Funimation has 10x better quality
<Renku> I'm confused!
<Zero_Gravity> in love with Bianca from Pokemon
<Zero_Gravity> she makes me laugh so hard
<Jubilee> nyanynaynaynaynayanyanya
<Czeslaw_Meyer> I don't watch Pokemon anymore.
<Rail_Tracer> oh no Mr. Quates is Happy guys he wants more
<NeonX> She's not real, Zero. lol
<Gannon133> I am using it for seeing the names of anime I want to see
<christmas4477> Here's how it works
<Gannon133> like Gundam
<christmas4477> When Funimation
<Czeslaw_Meyer> AGH
<Zero_Gravity> SHUSH NEON
* Kanashimi rolls
<christmas4477> Or whoever is posting Gurren Lagann and Gundam
<christmas4477> Posts to Hulu
<christmas4477> 4kids takes those
* Zero_Gravity rolls Kana into carpet
<christmas4477> And hosts it on this site
<Czeslaw_Meyer> I can't spell Quates' first name.
* Zero_Gravity throws carpet into car
<christmas4477> With Google ads on every page
<Gannon133> so...
* Zero_Gravity drives car off cliff
* Rail_Tracer is now known as MrQuates
<christmas4477> Szilard
<Gannon133> they are hosting it somewhere else then?
<NeonX> LOL Zero.
<Czeslaw_Meyer> NONONO Don't eat me! D;
<MrQuates> I Want More
<christmas4477> They take the embed codes from Hulu, and put them there
<Gannon133> hmm...
<christmas4477> Basically
* Kanashimi rolls through the carpet and car with her magical powers
<christmas4477> I could do it on a WordPress site if I really wanted to
<MrQuates> lol
<Gannon133> that easy?
<christmas4477> Pretty much
* MrQuates falls into the ocean
<Toonpenguin> wordperss no jutsu
<Toonpenguin> wordpress8
<Gannon133> I rather go to the original place to watch it
<Czeslaw_Meyer> HAH.
<Czeslaw_Meyer> Can't eat me from under the water.
<Zero_Gravity> Kana
<christmas4477> The main issue I have here
<Zero_Gravity> I heart you
<christmas4477> Is that they are making money off the Google ads
<Czeslaw_Meyer> ♥
<christmas4477> For other people's content
<pollardy> lol
<Gannon133> hmm...
<MrQuates> pretty much its a dirty business Christmas
<Czeslaw_Meyer> Well, Imma go now so I can get dinner.
<christmas4477> Each and every Toonzaki page has a Google ad on it
<Czeslaw_Meyer> See ya
<Zero_Gravity> My heart belongs to Kana....
* Czeslaw_Meyer has quit (Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net/)
<MrQuates> by little boy
<Zero_Gravity> ...literally... she stole it and is now making me dance for it

<NeonX> Zero says Elk points = Canadian currency
<NeonX> and Ceru points = American currency
<xxjellybeanzxx> lololol
<xxjellybeanzxx> WAT
<xxjellybeanzxx> NO
<xxjellybeanzxx> LIES
<Renku> D:
<xxjellybeanzxx> LIESLIESLIES
<NeonX> Lol.
<xxjellybeanzxx> Boooo
<xxjellybeanzxx> D:<
<Renku> Yesterday they didn't
<xxjellybeanzxx> nah
<xxjellybeanzxx> Too much effort.
<xxjellybeanzxx> lol
<Chibi-Haku> I would lol if Cerulaine was listening.
<Elk> WHOA!
<Elk> Stacheman! I haven't seen you around in a while~

NeonX 03-02-2011 07:03 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<yuetheguardian> yay
<Gannon133> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX3iKKuspH0<-Trumpcard
<NeonX> LOL
* Kibs has kicked Elk from #918thefan (This kick brought to you by: Being a douchebag - Being a douchebag, who needs friends?)

<bon-bon> lol
<Gannon133> LOL
<NeonX> LOL
<mahay> hehe
<Gannon133> hahahhahahahhahahah

(1st LOL was at Elk saying something like "Cerulaine_ why are you down there? OWNED" because Cerulaine_ was under Cameron with only voice.)

<Chibi-Haku> You know....
<Chibi-Haku> That gives me a great idea.
<NeonX> hmm?
<Chibi-Haku> I can make it so commands can be created while Brie is running, instead of having to reset her.
<NeonX> oh ic
<pollardy> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 1:13:17 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
* pollardy has quit (Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net/)
* pollardy (qwebirc@Rizon-4668A55F.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to pollardy
<NeonX> yeah xchat is really cool cuz you can unload and load plugins without restarting, unlike firefox
<Chibi-Haku> I don't use XChat.
<NeonX> You use mIRC.
<Chibi-Haku> Nor Firefox.
<Chibi-Haku> Indeed.
<Chibi-Haku> But Brie is none of those.
<NeonX> And you probed me. I feel violated.
<Chibi-Haku> Indeed.
<Chibi-Haku> Anyway, I would never have thought of it if you hadn't coded that hug button in Python.
<Chibi-Haku> Anyway, I'll consider a hug button.
<NeonX> You're welcome.
<Chibi-Haku> But no promises.

<Absolute_Zero> Kana-dono?
<Kanashimi> Hmm?
<Absolute_Zero> you got PKMn black/white?
<Kanashimi> Um... no ._.
<Kanashimi> The last one I got was Yellow
<Absolute_Zero> .______.
* Absolute_Zero is disappoint
<Kanashimi> I don't know crap about Pokemon
<Kanashimi> And sorta glad I don't :P

<Kanashimi> Haku
<Kanashimi> Fix everything
<Kanashimi> Peace.
<Chibi-Haku> xD
<Kibs> ^ the way xmas and EE and them talk about pokemon
<NeonX> LOL
<Kibs> I'm glad I stopped at gen 1
<Quostin> how about i spend all that money on ice cream sandwiches?
<pollardy> ^^
<pollardy> fill a bathtub full of fudge
<pollardy> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 7:58:50 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
<Aishia>That'll work
<GracefulDisaster>jesus mother-loving christ
* Kanashimi stares at Haku
<pollardy> i can't type any furthor
<Kanashimi> I didn't see a yes
<Quostin> Kibs, if they could redo the first gen with the epicness of gen5 (with just the first 151 pokemon). i would totally buy it
<GracefulDisaster> my grandma keeps walking in here to look at my rats
<NeonX> You must obey, Haku.
<Chibi-Haku> Yes, Master.
<GracefulDisaster> "do they ever come out of their house?! All they do is sleep!"
<Quostin> Gen5 is epic wise. Music, Cutscreens, Story...
<GracefulDisaster> "uhhh, yes, grandma"
<GracefulDisaster> "Well they're always in there when I come in"
<GracefulDisaster> "and how many times have you come in, grandma?"
<Zero_Gravity> gonna start black version tomorrow
<GracefulDisaster> "twice"
<Kibs> if Kana's a grandma, what does that make me?
* GracefulDisaster facedesks
<Kibs> shut up amui
<GracefulDisaster> grandpa?
<LeviathanMist> dead
<Kanashimi> Thanks Haku
<Kanashimi> It'd be a sucky loss of hits
<Chibi-Haku> ?
<Kanashimi> If it wasn't fixed
* LeviathanMist noms on pizza
<NeonX> Haku, fix the Fanatic system :p
<LeviathanMist> hey Haku, fix my unemployment situation
<GracefulDisaster> X
<Kanashimi> You're welcome Haku
<JinnRemona> Haku. Fix everything.
<NeonX> Haku. Fix everything.
<GracefulDisaster> Actually
<Quostin> Haku, Broke Everything
<GracefulDisaster> I don't mind the fanatic system being broken >_>
<GracefulDisaster> cause I'm sorta jelly
<Aishia> D<
<GracefulDisaster> So, I won't bug him to fix THAT, but he can fix everything else xD
<LeviathanMist> when did people start using the term "jelly"?
<LeviathanMist> >.<
<NeonX> Ignore Aeri.
<Chibi-Haku> Mist, you want me to fix your unemployment situation?
<NeonX> Since I introduced it to this IRC
<LeviathanMist> yeah Haku, find me a job
<Aishia> Well the Radio page is broken too!
[COLOR="DarkGoldenrod 4"]* Kina has quit (Quit: Rizon webchat: http://qchat.rizon.net/)[/COLOR]
<NeonX> everyone started using it
<pollardy> jelly is only good in a few scenario's
* Chibi-Haku has kicked LeviathanMist from #918thefan (Go look for a job yourself!)
* LeviathanMist (~Leviathan@Mist.disciple.of.Minorin) has joined #918thefan
<GlaD0S> [LeviathanMist] Welcome back, dood!
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to <LeviathanMist>
<pollardy> lol
<JinnRemona> Haku. Build a Gundam.
<LeviathanMist> that didn't fix anything
<Chibi-Haku> Maybe.
<Chibi-Haku> And lol, Mist.
<pollardy> haku rub my feet
<NeonX> LOL
<GracefulDisaster> ...
<GracefulDisaster> oh snap, what the hell?
<NeonX> I am serious about the fanatic system though.
<NeonX> Fix it, Haku :p
<JinnRemona> I'm serious about the Gundamn.
<JinnRemona> You heard me.
<Aishia> Yeah it's messing up the radio page
<JinnRemona> Gundamn.
<pollardy> im serious about my feet, i have an hour left to milk my bday
<LeviathanMist> Haku, fix the top 40 - there's not enough Minorin in it
<pollardy> i want a footrub with golden honey
<JinnRemona> Haku. Fix Haku.
* PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB wonders if Haku can fix EE, dont need any little Eagles running around
<NeonX> while you're at it fixing the fanatic system
<pollardy> HAKU HAKU HAKU
<Amui> Haku, fix me a sammich
<pollardy> lol bob
<Aishia> XD Bob
<JinnRemona> I want a sammich too, Haku!
<pollardy> haku probibly has a nuclear command to kick everyone at once
* Chibi-Haku has kicked Amui from #918thefan (Ask Grace for a sammich.)
* Amui (~Amui@Rizon-737CF1CC.hsd1.sc.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Amui
<Aishia>Aeri! Sammich!
* GracefulDisaster>makes 42 sandwiches TT~TT
<LeviathanMist> Aishia!
<LeviathanMist> Were you the one who made a new nation?
<Amui> i c wut u did thar grace
* Chibi-Haku has kicked JinnRemona from #918thefan (Flying Kick!)
* JinnRemona (~chatzilla@Rizon-AAEC7337.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to JinnRemona
* You have been kicked from #918thefan by Chibi-Haku (Falcon Kick!)
* Now talking on #918thefan
* Topic for #918thefan is: http://918thefan.com | Getchyo Freeq on, it's Freequest Friday! | New Posts: http://918thefan.com/2011/eagleeyes-...ship-is-magic/
* Topic for #918thefan set by Elk!~a@Rizon-6C3BD9E9.tbaytel.net at Fri Mar 11 19:56:15 2011

* GlaD0S gives voice to NeonX
<GracefulDisaster> Amui: D: What did I do?
<Chibi-Haku> That was a good test.
<GracefulDisaster> i did two things
* pollardy (qwebirc@Rizon-4668A55F.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to pollardy
* PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB pats Haku and hands him some rice
<NeonX> :D
<Chibi-Haku>I made a random kick message script.
<pollardy> I AM MOJOJOJO
<Amui> You said 42
<Amui> i c wut u did thar
<JinnRemona> Haku. Fix SkyNet. NAO.
<GracefulDisaster>Ah, the 42
<GracefulDisaster>that's Haku's fault
<GracefulDisaster>well, the whole thing is Haku's fault, really
* NeonX hugs LeviathanMist
<LeviathanMist> .hugbutton
<GracefulDisaster>in fact, everything is Haku's fault
<LeviathanMist> wat
<GracefulDisaster>including my impending kick
<NeonX> ohai Mist
<Amui> Anyway, good night everyone....nausea meds are about to kick in and knock me out.
<LeviathanMist> Neon has a bot? :P
<Chibi-Haku>Night Amui.
* GracefulDisaster>waves
<NeonX> I have a plugin for hugs
<NeonX> I wrote it in python
<LeviathanMist> nifty
* PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB waves goodnight at Amui
* Amui has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
<JinnRemona> Haku. Fix my Xbox.
<Chibi-Haku>Ask Microsoft.
<NeonX> Because Haku wouldn't make Brie a hug button! D:<
<pollardy> fix my heart </3
<JinnRemona> Pfft.
<NeonX> Haku.
<JinnRemona> Like Microsoft can do anything.
<LeviathanMist> ah well, a hug is a hug
<Chibi-Haku>You should help me write an irc library in Python.
* NeonX hides
<pollardy> so why are we abusing haku
<pollardy> did something break
<NeonX> Because we want stuff fixed
<Aishia>Kana said to~
<Kanashimi>Radio and Playlist page are boinked
<Kanashimi>And after today
<Kanashimi>It's break time

<Renku> Haku no need Pokemon!
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> The fanatic system still isn't working.
<Cameron> Theme Of Bayonetta is the only Helena Nogerra song we have
* Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy blames Haku :p
<JinnRemona> Dang.
* Chibi-Haku stabs Neon.
<pollardy> HAKU FIX IT NOW
<JinnRemona> Oh well. Got my hopes up.
* Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy pulls out the knife and puts on a bandage.
<Renku> Haku needs to fix the request system!!!
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> ^
<pollardy> HAKU HAKU HAKU
<pollardy> rub my back then my feet
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> LOL
* Chibi-Haku makes Neon do it.
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> I'm busy studying, as you can see.
<Chibi-Haku> I can see EXACTLY how much you're studying, seeing as you're talking to us.
<GracefulDisaster> ...
* GracefulDisaster snickers
<Renku> D: Brb!
* rosgone is now known as Rosqu
* Rosqu is now known as Rosque
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> Hey, I've been studying for the past 3 hours
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> I deserve a break
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> and it's called multi-tasking, much like Mist does :p
* Cerulaine just had ramen~
<Cerulaine> Now I shall not be hungry during my shift like I am 99% of the time
* Cerulaine makes everyone wake up
<Hiiragi> i need more eyes, ears, hands, and brains to improve my multitasking abilities
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> i'm half-asleep
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> I need another brain to improve my multitasking abilities
* Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy looks at Haku
* Chibi-Haku replaces Neon's brain with that of a cat's.
<Chibi-Haku> There, you have another brain, now.
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> meow
<Chibi-Haku> Also, Ceru, give me some Ramen! I'm hungry! T.T
<Cerulaine> Go get your own
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> ^
<Cerulaine> Besides Haku
<Cerulaine> you're asian
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> Haku's jewish >.>
<Chibi-Haku> No I'm not.
<Chibi-Haku> Well, I'm Jewish.
<Chibi-Haku> Not Asian.
<Chibi-Haku> >.>
<Cerulaine> YOU
<Cerulaine> Are a Jewish, asian
<Cerulaine> JEWIAN
<Chibi-Haku> xD
<Chibi-Haku> Lies. I'm just Jewish.
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> LOL JEWIAN
<Cerulaine> Explain your insane amount of RICE
* Chibi-Haku has no rice.
<Cerulaine> Haku you can't lie to me
* Chibi-Haku kicks Raug.
<Cerulaine> Yep
<Cerulaine> And it begins
<Chibi-Haku> lol
<Renku> D: No pizza!
<Renku> Lamp is love <3
<Cameron> Ceruto
<Cameron> Pluto and Ceru
<Renku> :O Ceru! The topic!
* Kyondesu (qwebirc@Rizon-C34EB6A8.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Kyondesu
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> Shiver
<Chibi-Haku> Shido
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> yes haku
* Chibi-Haku steals your Pokemanz.
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> stream fail
<Cerulaine> Knew it would happen
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> and oh no you didn't
<Renku> D:
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> it was bound to happen some time
<Chibi-Haku> It always happens during Ceru's show.
<Chibi-Haku> Also, I should just set the topic that Kibs put up yesterday.
<Chibi-Haku> xD
<Hiiragi> great
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> haha
<Quostin> http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/MSNBC/Co...09.ss_full.jpg
* chistery (~chistery@Rizon-E5A532C0.cpe.cableone.net) has left #918thefan
<Quostin> that's pretty impressive...
<Renku> :O Magic car~
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> the gazette shiver should go in
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> and dang it
<Hiiragi> i was gathering the stuff to apply for this job i found on USA jobs but apparently it expired almost 3 months before the posted closing date...
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> :: kicks the stream::
* Hiiragi rages at the government
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> stop messing things up for cerulaine's show
<Cerulaine> Raug
<Renku> Refersh it!
<Cerulaine> I blame you
<Cerulaine> go fix it
<Hiiragi> i did nothing!
<Neon|HardcoreKanjiStudy> The stream's working again o.o
<Cerulaine> HNNGGG
<grimdefeat> ceru to answer your question i would have black out playing in a zombie apocalypse
<Cerulaine> Now it's back up
<Renku> It is~
<Cerulaine> XD
* You are now known as Neon|EatingRamen
* Chibi-Haku stabs Neon.
<Neon|EatingRamen> Time to eat ramen :D
* Chibi-Haku stabs him again.
* Neon|EatingRamen takes out the blade and bandages the wound.
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> the song three minute ramen would not be good for zombie fighting
<Chibi-Haku> Yes it would.
<Shidohari|iPokemanz> but it would fit right now since i just fnished eating ramen myself
<Hiiragi> soumen > ramen

christmas4477 03-14-2011 03:23 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<@christmas4477> It's too bad I'm not the only one who like bacon, or I would microwave some up
<@christmas4477> I need a good recipe though
<@LeviathanMist> I've got a good recipe for Doritos chips
<@LeviathanMist> 1. Open package. 2. Grab chip. 3. Place in mouth. 4. Chew. 5. Swallow. 6. Repeat
<@Sailor-Moon> LOL
<@LeviathanMist> There's a recipe right there
<@Sailor-Moon> smart***
<@LeviathanMist> If the package is already open, you can skip step 1
<@LeviathanMist> if when you reach in to grab a chip and there are no chips, find another package
<@LeviathanMist> if your mouth is taped shut, remove tape from your mouth and then place chip in mouth
<@LeviathanMist> not yet
<@LeviathanMist> if you have no teeth, use plyers to crush it into chip dust and then consume
<@christmas4477> Can I substitute the handle of a screwdriver for lack of pliers?
<@LeviathanMist> if for some reason your throat is blocked, seek medical attention because you are probably about to die
<@LeviathanMist> depends what kind of screwdriver
<@LeviathanMist> it must be the kind with a big fat handle
<@christmas4477> Well I have a dual ended one lying around, but that might be too advanced for this
<@LeviathanMist> yeah, you're not doing rocket science here

EagleEyes 03-17-2011 04:50 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
*** soundbreaker has joined #918thefan
<&GlaD0S> [soundbreaker] Ahoy-hoy!
*** GlaD0S sets mode +o soundbreaker
<+Shidohari|iWork> and you need to tell me more about it tonight
<+Shidohari|iWork> BREAKER
<+Shidohari|iWork> BREAKER
<@soundbreaker> It worked!
<+Shidohari|iWork> just as i leaf for work
<@EagleEyes> OMFG
<@soundbreaker> As always
<@EagleEyes> BREAKER
<+nerdwerld> wait breaker
<+Shidohari|iWork> BREAKER
<+nerdwerld> BREAKER
<@soundbreaker> My god, it freakin' worked!
* @EagleEyes cheers
* +nerdwerld runs over and glomps breaker
<@soundbreaker> Ha, thanks for remembering me, peeps. ^_^

Renku 03-17-2011 04:15 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[18:06] <+Cameron> They were mashed and mixed with spanish
[18:06] <+Cameron> *spinach
[18:07] <+Renku> XD
[18:07] <+Tsundere> 0_0
[18:07] <+Tsundere> the poor Spanish
[18:07] <+Renku> You mix you potatos with Spanish people?
[18:07] <+xxjellybeanzxx> LOL
[18:07] <+xxjellybeanzxx> CANNABALISM.
[18:07] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Well, the Spanish are spicy people and well known for their food~
[18:08] <+Cameron> They are also an enemy of Lisbon!
[18:08] <+xxjellybeanzxx> ...So?
[18:08] <+Cameron> They sent their warships after me!
[18:08] <+xxjellybeanzxx> oO

EagleEyes 03-17-2011 09:35 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<+xxjellybeanzxx> Why is it banned?
<+JinnRemona> It's Australia. That's why.
<+JinnRemona> If anyone who runs the government is bad at a game, they ban it.

Renku 03-17-2011 11:48 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[01:09] <+GracefulDisaster> I hate shipping
[01:09] <+xxjellybeanzxx> I like handling.
[01:09] <+Renku> XD
[01:09] * GracefulDisaster giggles
[01:09] <+xxjellybeanzxx> My boobs smell fantastic.
[01:09] <+Renku> XD WTH!
[01:10] <+xxjellybeanzxx> PERFUME.
[01:10] <+GracefulDisaster> D: I think the bra I'm wearing is too small
[01:10] <+xxjellybeanzxx> The bra I'm wearing has gel inserts, so it pushies the boobies up.
[01:10] <+GracefulDisaster> :D not to brag, but I smell fantastic and I don't wear perfume
[01:10] * xxjellybeanzxx pokes her boobies.
[01:10] * GracefulDisaster is bragging
[01:10] <+xxjellybeanzxx> So squiiiishy.
[01:10] <+GracefulDisaster> I knowwwwwwwwww
[01:10] <+xxjellybeanzxx> THEY'RE FUN TO PLAY WITH.
[01:10] <+GracefulDisaster> I asked Moon if she ever plays with her's sometimes
[01:11] <+GracefulDisaster> RIGHT?!
[01:11] == moonhawk81 [qwebirc@Rizon-10EBCA9B.mem.bellsouth.net] has joined #918thefan
[01:11] == mode/#918thefan [+v moonhawk81] by GlaD0S
[01:11] <+GracefulDisaster> THAT'S WHAT I SAID
[01:11] <+xxjellybeanzxx> OMG WHAT DID SHE SAY?
[01:11] <+xxjellybeanzxx> DOES SHE PLAY WITH HER BOOBIES?
[01:11] <+Renku> *cough*Chat quots*cough*
[01:11] <+GracefulDisaster> *shifty eyes*
[01:11] <+xxjellybeanzxx> TELL MEEEEEEE.
[01:11] <+GracefulDisaster> She laughed at me

Then a few mins later:

[01:13] <+GracefulDisaster> Sometimes my boobs get in my way, and then I re-realize I have them, xxjellybeanzxx D:
[01:13] <+GracefulDisaster> If I'm sitting just right
[01:13] <+GracefulDisaster> they get in the way of typing on my laptop
[01:13] <+GracefulDisaster> The rest of the time, I never notice them xD
[01:14] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Same.
[01:14] <+xxjellybeanzxx> But only if I'm not wearing a bra.
[01:15] <+xxjellybeanzxx> I like to look at myself in the mirror and jump up and down, because it looks silly to see them bounce.
[01:15] <+GracefulDisaster> I can't stand not wearing one Dx
[01:15] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Though sometimes it's painful. xD
[01:15] <+GracefulDisaster> LOL
[01:15] <+GracefulDisaster> This is getting weird
[01:16] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Is not.
[01:16] <+Renku> XD You JUST realize this?
[01:16] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Boobies are boobies.
[01:16] * GracefulDisaster hides behind Renku
[01:17] <+Renku> O.O
[01:17] <+GracefulDisaster> My boobies are my boobies, kthx
[01:17] <+Renku> XD
[01:17] * xxjellybeanzxx pokes Renku 's boobies.
[01:18] * xxjellybeanzxx pokes GracefulDisaster 's boobies.
[01:18] <+Renku> D:
[01:18] * GracefulDisaster jabs xxjellybeanzxx's back D:<
[01:18] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Ouch.
[01:18] <+xxjellybeanzxx> I am just a connisuer of boobies! D: Don't hate me.
[01:19] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Bajoombas are fascinating.
[01:19] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Sacks of fat.
[01:19] <+GracefulDisaster> My butt is better :D
[01:19] <+xxjellybeanzxx> That secrete milk sometimes.
[01:19] <+GracefulDisaster> EW I DID /NOT/ JUST SAY THAT
[01:19] <+Renku> e.e
[01:19] * xxjellybeanzxx pokes GracefulDisaster 's butt.
[01:19] <+xxjellybeanzxx> I'm a violator of personal space today.
[01:19] <+Renku> Yes
[01:19] <+Renku> Yes you are
[01:20] <+GracefulDisaster> D:
[01:20] <+GracefulDisaster> Jelly
[01:20] * xxjellybeanzxx glomps Renku
[01:20] <+xxjellybeanzxx> wat
[01:20] <+GracefulDisaster> You are also violating my mind D:
[01:20] <+GracefulDisaster> And my speech
[01:20] <+xxjellybeanzxx> I'm inside of your mind.
[01:20] <+GracefulDisaster> and my innocence D:
[01:20] * Renku is glomped
[01:20] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Dancing with your thoughts.
[01:20] <+GracefulDisaster> Oh wait, not innocence, nevermind
[01:21] <+NeonX> soooooo tired
[01:21] <+Renku> XD Yeah I was wonder...
[01:21] <+GracefulDisaster> [23:20] <xxjellybeanzxx> Dancing with your thoughts. < and groping them
[01:21] <+GracefulDisaster> [23:20] <xxjellybeanzxx> Dancing with your thoughts. < and groping them < and copping a feel
[01:21] <+GracefulDisaster> [23:20] <xxjellybeanzxx> Dancing with your thoughts. < and groping them < and copping a feel < and getting fresh
[01:21] <@twilly> ...
[01:21] <+Renku> Jelly, You are just like Haruhi
[01:21] * GracefulDisaster hides behind Renku
[01:21] * twilly regrets reading up.
[01:21] * twilly walks away
[01:21] <+Renku> o.O
[01:21] <+Renku> D:
[01:22] <+GracefulDisaster> IRL, I'm laughing really hard
[01:22] <+GracefulDisaster> That was fun, I think we just scarred twills
[01:22] * GracefulDisaster giggles
[01:22] <+moonhawk81> he
[01:22] <+Renku> XD
[01:23] <+xxjellybeanzxx> XD
[01:23] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Poor twills.
[01:23] <+moonhawk81> he's just jealous nobody tried to grab his boobs?
[01:23] <@twilly> You didn't scar me. I just didn't need to read any of that, really.
[01:23] <+Renku> Just to let you know, most of this is going on Chat quot
[01:23] <+GracefulDisaster> trollolol
[01:23] * xxjellybeanzxx grabs twilly's boobies.
[01:23] <+GracefulDisaster> *quote
[01:23] <+GracefulDisaster> O_____O
[01:23] * GracefulDisaster slaps Jell
[01:23] <+GracefulDisaster> y
[01:23] <+xxjellybeanzxx> He was jealous.
[01:23] <+xxjellybeanzxx> So I made him feel wanted.
[01:23] <@twilly> lol
[01:23] <+moonhawk81> thought so
[01:23] <+GracefulDisaster> xD
[01:23] <+GracefulDisaster> Weirdos
[01:24] * GracefulDisaster pats Jelly on the head
[01:24] <+xxjellybeanzxx> See?
[01:24] <+xxjellybeanzxx> He lol'd.
[01:24] <+xxjellybeanzxx> I am in the green.
[01:24] * GracefulDisaster licks her as an after-thought
[01:24] <+xxjellybeanzxx> Kinky.
[01:24] <+GracefulDisaster> :3
[01:24] <+xxjellybeanzxx> ♥
[01:24] <+GracefulDisaster> I'm in a goooooood mood tonight
[01:24] <+GracefulDisaster> <3
[01:24] <+xxjellybeanzxx> ♥3♥
[01:24] <+GracefulDisaster> hehe
[01:24] <@twilly> Alright, back to whatever I was doing.

Renku 03-19-2011 12:17 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
>.> These two... *shakes head*

[23:50] <xxjellybeanzxx> *MOONLIGHT EVEN
[23:51] <Aeri|SleepingProperlyForOnce> YES, LET'S
[23:51] <xxjellybeanzxx> YEAAAAHHHH
[23:51] <Aeri|SleepingProperlyForOnce> with a lower case h at the end because I'm cool like that.
[23:52] <christmas4477> Suuuuuuuuuuure
[23:52] * Aeri|SleepingProperlyForOnce FROLICS IN ALL CAPS

Renku 03-20-2011 09:00 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[22:57] <xxjellybeanzxx> BRB POPPIN' PILLZ.

christmas4477 03-21-2011 08:03 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<@Cerulaine> you know
<+jessi_> huh
<@Cerulaine> Naruto abriged abriged reminds me of glee
<@Cerulaine> But with more gore
<+jessi_> heheh
<@Cerulaine> But that is all, back to dying~
<@christmas4477> And more sex jokes
<+jessi_> Good point, but Kurt and his now boyfriend are so awesome <3
<@Cerulaine> I KNOW
* @Cerulaine fangirls
* +jessi_ does too
<+jessi_> Did you just die when they kissed?
<@Cerulaine> UHM YES
<@Cerulaine> I started screaming >>
<@Cerulaine> A lot
<+jessi_> I was like Screaming at the top of my lungs!
<@Cerulaine> x3
<@christmas4477> So this is how Kibs feels about everything I talk about...

NeonX 03-21-2011 08:02 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<Kibs> Haku should write a script any time someone links to ponychan
<NeonX> ^
<Kibs> they get kicked
<Chibi-Haku> lol
<velociraptor_nerd> lol
<Kanashimi> KITTY
<Chibi-Haku> Do you really want me to write that one, Kibs? xD
<Kanashimi> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdPZqW7Z_9A
<Kibs> yes
<Kibs> yes I do
5 minutes later...
<Rainbow-Dash> Incoming
* Chibi-Haku has kicked Rainbow-Dash from #918thefan (Kibs said to.)
* Rainbow-Dash (~Amui@Rizon-737CF1CC.hsd1.sc.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Rainbow-Dash
<Aeri> Ponychan
<Rainbow-Dash> ....
* Chibi-Haku has kicked Aeri from #918thefan (Kibs said to.)

* Chibi-Haku has kicked Rainbow-Dash from #918thefan (Kibs said to.)

* Rainbow-Dash (~Amui@Rizon-737CF1CC.hsd1.sc.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Rainbow-Dash
* Aeri (~chatzilla@95A15E8D.DB23ACB7.B602FA3F.IP) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Aeri
<Chibi-Haku> Wait, what?
<Zero_Gravity> Is Elk on tonight?
* Chibi-Haku has kicked Zero_Gravity from #918thefan (Kibs said to.)

<Rainbow-Dash> FAIL
* Chibi-Haku has kicked Rainbow-Dash from #918thefan (Kibs said to.)

* Rainbow-Dash (~Amui@Rizon-737CF1CC.hsd1.sc.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Rainbow-Dash
<velociraptor_nerd> :/
* Chibi-Haku has kicked velociraptor_nerd from #918thefan (Kibs said to.)

<Chibi-Haku> Bleh.
<Chibi-Haku> Yes.
<Chibi-Haku> xD
<Chibi-Haku> I fixed it.
<Chibi-Haku> XD
<Aeri> Hmm
<NeonX> FAIL
<Chibi-Haku> I was changing the script when I found the bug.
<Chibi-Haku> And I fixed the bug, but forgot to change everything back.
<Cameron> What I miss?
<Rainbow-Dash> Well, chat quotes is gonna get a new post sometime soon.
<pollardy> what am i chop liver
<Chibi-Haku> xD
<NeonX> <Kibs> Haku should write a script any time someone links to ponychan
<NeonX> <NeonX> ^
<NeonX> <Kibs> they get kicked
* You have been kicked from #918thefan by Chibi-Haku (Kibs said to.)

* Now talking on #918thefan
* Topic for #918thefan is: http://918thefan.com | Chatot says shake that tail baby! | Newest Post: http://918thefan.com/2011/anime-bites-episode-16/ & Jubi/Xmas Pokemon Review
* Topic for #918thefan set by Jubilee!~Jubilee@E1255967.26285624.15BCA612.IP at Mon Mar 21 20:17:01 2011
* GlaD0S gives voice to NeonX
<Aeri> Chibi-Haku: PONYCHAN
<NeonX> That, Cameron.
* Chibi-Haku has kicked Aeri from #918thefan (Kibs said to.)

* Aeri (~chatzilla@95A15E8D.DB23ACB7.B602FA3F.IP) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Aeri
<pollardy> bahahaha
<Aeri> :33
<pollardy> fimchan is better yo
<NeonX> I never said Ponychan >.>
* You have been kicked from #918thefan by Chibi-Haku (Kibs said to.)

* Now talking on #918thefan
* Topic for #918thefan is: http://918thefan.com | Chatot says shake that tail baby! | Newest Post: http://918thefan.com/2011/anime-bites-episode-16/ & Jubi/Xmas Pokemon Review
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* GlaD0S gives voice to NeonX
<NeonX> oh wait i did
* nerdwerld (qwebirc@Rizon-183B6E9.hsd1.in.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to nerdwerld
<NeonX> lulz
<nerdwerld> :/
<Chibi-Haku> Sorry, Nerd.
<pollardy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zHZj8Xp-Ik
<Chibi-Haku> I failed.
<Chibi-Haku> xD
<NeonX> Pony-chan
<NeonX> :D
<nerdwerld> tis fine
<pollardy> :D
<Cameron> But I love pony chan!
<Aeri> [19:43] <Chibi-Haku> I failed. < SCREEN CAPPED
<pollardy> p0nych@n
<nerdwerld> lol
* Chibi-Haku kicks Aeri with the Iron Boots from Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.
<Aeri> <3
<nerdwerld> trendy
<Chibi-Haku> Aeri.
<Chibi-Haku> Do me a favor, type /clear
<Chibi-Haku> >.>
* Kanashimi has kicked Chibi-Haku from #918thefan (Ninjas be in your house with a ban hammer~)

* Chibi-Haku (~admin@Rizon-57B5BA1F.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
<GlaD0S> [Chibi-Haku] NO RICE FOR YOU!
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Chibi-Haku
<Toonpenguin> wartortle - http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...3DbKg8Ugnj&t=1
<Kanashimi> Stop.
<Aeri> Chibi-Haku: I'm not that dumb, either
<Kanashimi> I'll ban you next time for kicking without a legit reason, joke or not.
<Kanashimi> Serious business
<Rainbow-Dash> I, for one, welcome our new Celestiashimi overlord.
<Rainbow-Dash> JK
* nerdwerld hides behind Holy Rock Raptor Jesus
<Rainbow-Dash> But seriously, that wasn't fair at all :(
<pollardy> kanashimi
* Toonpenguin hides behind nerdwerld who is hiding behind holy rock raptor jesus
<pollardy> denmother to all the pony's c:
<Kanashimi> Hm?
<Kanashimi> It's not about ponies
<Kanashimi> You could have been saying frog for all I care
<pollardy> yes but you defended us
<Kanashimi> There's no sense in kicking people for a random reason
<Kanashimi> Kibs and Haku know better than that
<Rainbow-Dash> brb
<nerdwerld> I was just a random casualty
<Kibs> I think some people need to chill out
<pollardy> ^
<NeonX> ^
<pollardy> chillax bro
* nerdwerld brings out Beartic and chills
<Kanashimi> Well, when I get several people complaining to me and I step in
<Kanashimi> I make it serious business
<Kanashimi> So maybe it should have never gotten to that point
<Kanashimi> Kthx
<Kibs> okay, mom
<Kanashimi> Go to your room, young man D<
<Kibs> you can't tell me what to do, you're not the boss of me
<nerdwerld> lol Kibs
<NeonX> lol Kibs
<pollardy> lol
<Kanashimi> I can certainly give you more work though
<Kibs> work I won't do
<nerdwerld> divine punishment
<Kanashimi> And then you'll have to listen to me
<Kanashimi> Consistently
<Kanashimi> I have your phone number
* LeviathanMist faceplams
<Kanashimi> Your address
<Kanashimi> Your email
<Kanashimi> Your father's phone number
<christmas4477> Your credit card number
<pollardy> your social security
<Kanashimi> Actually
<Kanashimi> I think I have those things
<Renku|Okami> XD
<Kanashimi> lolcakes
<pollardy> quickly sign him up for mailing lists
<pollardy> ALL OF THEM
<nerdwerld> wait so Kana literally owns Kibs?
<Kibs> I've got just about the same amount of stuff on you
<Kanashimi> Hahaha
<nerdwerld> lol
<Aeri> [19:50] <pollardy> ALL OF THEM
<NeonX> Your cousin's phone number
<NeonX> lol
<Kanashimi> Ah, but how much of it is a ruse
<pollardy> i don't think so in the romantic way, but more of a pokemon kinda way
<nerdwerld> ^
<christmas4477> At least no one else has my social security
<Kanashimi> Pokemon can be cute
<Aeri> Can't Kana, like, fire Kibs, too?
<Kanashimi> Not romantic
<Kanashimi> But cute
<pollardy> garderoive begs to differ
<Kanashimi> I wouldn't fire Kibs and vice versa
<nerdwerld> I was going to do a pokemon joke anyway
<Kanashimi> We're a team
<christmas4477> I think most of us have to vote them off
<Aeri> /I/ don't even have my social security.
<christmas4477> Like Survivor
<pollardy> ^
<Kibs> "Oh hi, I'm an IRC member and I'm going to side with Kana because she has boobs" real fair, guise
* Aeri blinks
<Kanashimi> lolol
* LeviathanMist sides with no one
<Aeri> I never sided with her
<pollardy> we'll have to go to ponychan and call in for air support and we'd start bombing kibs and kana's compound to take over the site
<Renku|Okami> ^
<Aeri> We were just discussing her ability to black-mail/con you into doing things
<pollardy> and unilateraly purge them from office
<christmas4477> I'm just siding with not kicking people senselessly for talking about ponies
<LeviathanMist> I side with Minorin
<christmas4477> I like the ponies
<Renku|Okami> XD
<christmas4477> They are cool
<NeonX> I like the ponies too
<Kibs> and then you'll be disappointed because all of the members of ponychan are too busy watching a show for little girls to help
<christmas4477> AND NOT MADE PLURAL WITH 'S
<NeonX> LOL pony's
<Kanashimi> Though in truth there kinda is no Kana/Kibs side since without one of us the other can't do their work
<pollardy> they came here to listen about a show about little girls
<pollardy> we clone you
<Kanashimi> Thus a dimnonononono effect
<Cameron> (10:51:41 PM) Kibs: "Oh hi, I'm an IRC member and I'm going to side with Kana because she has boobs" real fair, guise < She actually has most of the IRC member's social security numbers, they have no choice
<Kanashimi> xD
<Rainbow-Dash> I, for one, am busy making a plate of Bojangles, now brb while I do that.
<nerdwerld> :/
<pollardy> *sips his tea and goes back to his pokemonz*
<pollardy> pony's dawg
<pollardy> pony's
<Kanashimi> AND I SAY HEY, HEY, HEY
<grimdefeat> how long till twilliam is on
<nerdwerld> ^
<LeviathanMist> oh god my brain
* LeviathanMist is now known as Mist|Away
* Mist|Away is now away - Reason : away
<Kanashimi> lolol
<pollardy> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWw5YdW57Es
<christmas4477> Twillbo has the same time every week
<Kibs> twilliam is DEAD
<christmas4477> It's not like we change it on you
<Cameron> Anyone know where E-man is?
<nerdwerld> I'll go in my corner and do raptor things
<Kanashimi> Gonna go back to David Bowie + Magic Dance + Labyrinth + Trauma Team + Massive Blood Loss
<nerdwerld> I'm not David Bowie
<christmas4477> I think it is sleep time for E-man
<christmas4477> Or work

<Cameron> .hugbutton
* Neon|5Ds hugs Cameron
<Cameron> Yay
<SakuraElric> .hugbutton
* Neon|5Ds hugs SakuraElric
<SakuraElric> 0,o when did we get one of these??
<SolRogue> O.O
<Cameron> Neon made it himself
<SolRogue> now that's new
<Cameron> If you need a hug, he's your man

Note: Spamming the hug button will result in automatic removal of said hug button.

<Cerulaine> http://www.ponychan.net/chan/pic/src/130119651352.gif
* EagleEyes has kicked Cerulaine from #918thefan (How can you use your AT as a weapon? You have no right to ride!)
* Cerulaine (~Cerulaine@Rizon-9206E88F.lv.lv.cox.net) has joined #918thefan

* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Cerulaine
<EagleEyes> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 10:21:47 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
<EagleEyes> Cerulaine
<EagleEyes> Just becuase it is after 10
* twilly highfives EE
<EagleEyes> Doesn't mean i will be taking no pony rides
* christmas4477 has kicked EagleEyes from #918thefan (Don't be hatin')

* EagleEyes (~EagleEyes@Rizon-2BAC70A1.sbr800.nsw.optusnet.com.au) has joined #918thefan

<GlaD0S> [EagleEyes] A Forbidden Fruit Which Lures You Into An Eternal Slumber, Crazy Apple!
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to EagleEyes
<Cerulaine> :P
* twilly has kicked Cerulaine from #918thefan (Cerulaine)

* Cerulaine (~Cerulaine@Rizon-9206E88F.lv.lv.cox.net) has joined #918thefan

* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Cerulaine
* EagleEyes giggles
<grimdefeat> yeah its a kick fest!!
* Zero_Gravity spents month putting money toward 3DS
<christmas4477> AWRIGHT
* christmas4477 has kicked grimdefeat from #918thefan (grimdefeat)

* grimdefeat (~chatzilla@Rizon-40D9D151.nrp1.dsl.d3c.infowest.net) has joined #918thefan

* GlaD0S gives channel half-operator status to grimdefeat
<EagleEyes> Saw that comming XD
<christmas4477> What have we learned?
<grimdefeat> wooo
<Kajiki> its a kickfest?
<grimdefeat> i like the adrenaline
<Kajiki> i lern fast
<grimdefeat> now its my turn!!!
* Zero_Gravity yawns
* grimdefeat has kicked grimdefeat from #918thefan (Yeah!!!!!)

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* GlaD0S gives channel half-operator status to grimdefeat
<Zero_Gravity> wtf
<EagleEyes> XD
<grimdefeat> yeah!!!
<EagleEyes> Drago isn't here
<EagleEyes> O_O
* EagleEyes looks around
* EagleEyes is scared
* NeonX hides
* twilly_ (~twilly@Rizon-BA117DBD.lv.lv.cox.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to twilly_
<EagleEyes> YEAH
* christmas4477 has kicked EagleEyes from #918thefan (TODAY IS MONDAY)

* EagleEyes (~EagleEyes@Rizon-2BAC70A1.sbr800.nsw.optusnet.com.au) has joined #918thefan

<GlaD0S> [EagleEyes] A Forbidden Fruit Which Lures You Into An Eternal Slumber, Crazy Apple!
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to EagleEyes
<EagleEyes> o.o"
<NeonX> o.o
<grimdefeat> YEAH
* EagleEyes climbs onto Neon's back
<EagleEyes> Too lazy
<EagleEyes> walk for me
* NeonX walks for EE
* Quostin is back from writing his personal essay and ready to play some more pokemon
* twilly has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
* twilly_ is now known as twilly
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to twilly
<Cerulaine> http://www.ponychan.net/chan/pic/src/130124709616.jpg
<Cerulaine> THIS IS NOT A PONY
<Cerulaine> I promise
<NeonX> So... what's the question, Ceru?
<Cerulaine> ....
<Cerulaine> .......
<Cerulaine> ........
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<Cerulaine> WHAT'S GOIN' ON?!
<NeonX> :D
<Quostin> wow
<Quostin> Imposter will make ditto playable. :o
<Renku|Drawing> EagleEyes: http://yubinada.deviantart.com/art/I...rest-202634449 >.>
<grimdefeat> i swore i would never get addicted to this game again and now im addicted to it again
<christmas4477> I wish I could use Jecht as well as this AI that is kicking my ♫♫♫
* KayarathIsAwayNow is now known as Kayarath
<grimdefeat> i have a psp but i dont have the money to get dissidia and i want it so bad
<EagleEyes> RENKU
* EagleEyes gives channel half-operator status to Renku|Drawing
* EagleEyes removes channel half-operator status from Renku|Drawing
<Renku|Drawing> XD
<NeonX> :o
<EagleEyes> I gave you 1 second of power
<NeonX> Just like with Zero. Isn't that evil?
<Renku|Drawing> YES~!
<NeonX> Giving you power, and taking it away.
<EagleEyes> RINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renku 03-28-2011 02:57 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<KusariNoEien> Who wants to see me say something VERY inappropriate?
<GracefulDisaster> I want in
<KusariNoEien> That's what I said.
* GracefulDisaster raises hand
<Renku> :O
[03:59] <Renku> >.>
<KusariNoEien> xD
<KusariNoEien> Something VERY inappropriate.
<twilly> rofl
<KusariNoEien> See? I said "Something VERY inappropriate."
<KusariNoEien> Nah, here it is:
* KusariNoEien plays with his Twilly.
<twilly> How did I know that was coming
<Sailor-Moon> LOLOLOLOL
<GracefulDisaster> KusariNoEien, didn't you make me promise to remind you to say something after hours?
* Sailor-Moon snorted too hard
* KusariNoEien plays with his Twilly until he sees Mist.
<GracefulDisaster> o.o
[04:00] <GracefulDisaster> ......
<GracefulDisaster> dude
<twilly> oh wow
* KusariNoEien plays with his Twilly until he sees Mist THEN notices a Disaster.
<GracefulDisaster> O___O*
* GracefulDisaster twitches
* KusariNoEien plays with his Twilly until he sees Mist THEN notices a Disaster but EagleEyes saw, too.
<Sailor-Moon> *dying laughing*
<GracefulDisaster> ...ewwwwwwww
<LeviathanMist> wha
<Renku> XD
* twilly watches Kusari play with his twilly while waiting for Mist, with his EagleEyes.. what a GracefulDisaster.
* KusariNoEien plays with his Twilly until he sees Mist THEN notices a Disaster but EagleEyes saw, too. Earns a shiny Elk 'point.'
[04:01] * LeviathanMist is confused
<GracefulDisaster> I love how I'm included in this
<GracefulDisaster> that is all
<GracefulDisaster> .-.
* KusariNoEien plays with his Twilly until he sees Mist THEN notices a Disaster but EagleEyes saw, too. Earns a shiny Elk 'point.' Cerulaine makes a sammich by the light of the Moon.
<twilly> I don't want to be
* GracefulDisaster facedesks
<Renku> XD
<GracefulDisaster> Moon is now too
<LeviathanMist> I wouldn't want to be in twilly's position either
<twilly> But apparently I'm the only one in the room with a name close enough to an innuendo of a p****.
<Renku> Tears there are tears in my eyes
[04:02] * GracefulDisaster gigglesnorts
<GracefulDisaster> Ren, same~
<LeviathanMist> I have a Leviathan twilly
<twilly> LOL
<GracefulDisaster> O___________O
<Sailor-Moon> .....
<GracefulDisaster> tmikthx
<twilly> Now that was funny
<Renku> So bad
<KusariNoEien> I tried to incorporate other IRC'ers but it was a grim defeat.
<Renku> but so funny
<KusariNoEien> ...
<LeviathanMist> I see nothing wrong with my statement :o
<Sailor-Moon> XDDDDDDDD
<GracefulDisaster> OW
<GracefulDisaster> kus
<GracefulDisaster> just
<GracefulDisaster> OW
<LeviathanMist> it just means twilly is huge
<LeviathanMist> and I own it
<twilly> Damn right
<GracefulDisaster> *him
<KusariNoEien> .nowplaying
<Brie> Now Playing: Girls Dead Monster - Crow Song
[04:03] <KusariNoEien> Crow.
<KusariNoEien> Crow
* Sailor-Moon Moons the chat....
<KusariNoEien> Where art thou?
<KusariNoEien> HA
<Sailor-Moon> thats all I have
<KusariNoEien> xD
<twilly> AHHH!
<GracefulDisaster> .-.
<Renku> O.O
<twilly> I saw Moon's moon!
<GracefulDisaster> big twilllies are scary
<GracefulDisaster> .-.
<twilly> D:
<Sailor-Moon> LOL Grace
<Sailor-Moon> JUST LOL
<twilly> Pffft.
<GracefulDisaster> x3
[04:04] <LeviathanMist> is anyone chat quoting this?
<LeviathanMist> I'm too lazy
<GracefulDisaster> yoshimi~ they don't believe me~
<GracefulDisaster> Can't, am on my phone
<KusariNoEien> Anyone ever notice that after Christmas Morning we get sent to the Korner? And after the Korner we're forced to earn a shiny Elk 'point?' And after we get his point we have a Twilly eccentricating at us? And don't even get me started about when we get Moon'd. Well...That's the basic Breakdown of The Fan, anyway.
<Renku> XD I will, if no one else wants to

NeonX 03-29-2011 10:58 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<EagleEyes> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 10:14:21 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
<EagleEyes> <.<
<Cameron> Ewwww, fanfic
<EagleEyes> I do not want to see ponies making out
<KaelemGaen> .time
<Brie> Server time is: 10:14:43 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
<christmas4477> I'm pretty sure Amui would castrate you if he knew you posted that
<Cameron> Would he be upset if I did it for him?
<christmas4477> I don't believe so
<Cameron> *kicks Poll's knee out and grab him around the neck and by his arm*
<Cameron> *sets his iPod to that really scary song*
<Cameron> *hugs Poll a whole butch, lets him go, then grabs him again a few times*
<Cameron> There, now you're really scared of everything, and will soon pass out from being so scared
<christmas4477> Like in that one game
<christmas4477> Amnesia
* pollardy has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
* pollardy (qwebirc@Rizon-4668A55F.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to pollardy
<Cameron> That one game that the British kid ruined for me?
<christmas4477> That's probably it
<christmas4477> Lani's doing a playthrough of it on his blog
<Cameron> Poll, did you miss out on me mentally scaring you, similar to how you scared the rest of us?
<pollardy> go for it
<pollardy> im immune to scars
* christmas4477 has kicked pollardy from #918thefan (But not to kicks)

<Cameron> Oh Christmas, you silly goose!
<christmas4477> Too easy
* pollardy (qwebirc@Rizon-4668A55F.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) has joined #918thefan

* GlaD0S gives voice to pollardy
<pollardy> that hurt
<christmas4477> That's the idea
<pollardy> i'd rather take the mental scaring
<Cameron> He got to you before I could
<Cameron> I will, however, PM you the shtick you missed
<pollardy> i am sad irc crashed while that happened D:
<Cameron> Well, you can see it now
<pollardy> hehe
<Cameron> I don't type words so that no one can see them
<Cameron> If I wanted to do that, I'd get a twitter
<pollardy> true
<Cameron> Wait, I have a twitter
<Cameron> Oh wait, it's okay, I don't use it
<pollardy> aw but don't worry i would never actually scar you cameron o3o
<pollardy> anime in its inhert nature already does that enough
<Cameron> Fanfic DOES scar me though Poll, that's the thing!
<pollardy> they scar me to
<pollardy> but i learn from the scars
<EagleEyes> brb
<Cameron> You can do your yuri ponies in your head, to and by yourself
<pollardy> wait thats what scared you ._.
<Cameron> What did you think I was talking about?
<christmas4477> How about you don't post anything of that sort again, regardless of what time it is, because not only does it both offend and bother me, it also takes the original source material vastly out of context in a way that is disgraceful to the original intentions
* Zero_Gravity is now known as Zero|GunXSword
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<Cameron> Christmas said my thoughts faster and with bigger words and with more force me

<xxjellybeanzxx> Nope.
<Cameron> \ MMM /
<Cameron> \ M M /
<Cameron> \ MMM /
<xxjellybeanzxx> Pope.
<xxjellybeanzxx> Ooooh, I killed it.
<Aeri> xD nice
<Cameron> I made it myself
<xxjellybeanzxx> I destroyed it. On my screen at least.
<Cameron> S'all clean on mine, cuz
<Sleepmas> That top / looks a little off
<xxjellybeanzxx> Not on mine. Idk what it is.
<Aeri> what xmas said
<Cameron> Yeah, I think it is
<xxjellybeanzxx> What is it?
<Cameron> It's a slash oh slash guy
<xxjellybeanzxx> ????
<Renku> /\_/\
<Aeri> \o/
<Renku> (. .)
<Renku> (> <)
<xxjellybeanzxx> Ooooh.
<Renku> ^ ^
<Aeri> slash oh slash
<Renku> Bunny ^
* GlaD0S has kicked Renku from #918thefan (Stop flooding!)
* Renku (~chatzilla@52F65A0D.FBB2D960.260BB12B.IP) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Renku
<xxjellybeanzxx> LOL
<LeviathanMist> lawl
<Sleepmas> Pffft
<xxjellybeanzxx> Failure.
<Renku> XD
<Aeri> sRen wins
<Cameron> I type out my text pictures
<LeviathanMist> Aeri decapitated your bunny
<LeviathanMist> and then jelly lobbed off its feet
<Chibi-Haku> O-/-<
<Chibi-Haku> I win.
<xxjellybeanzxx> xD
<Aeri> No
<Renku> D:
<Aeri> I scalped it :D
<Cameron> I'M GOING IN
<Cameron> /\_/\
<Cameron> (. .)
<Cameron> (> <)
<Cameron> ^ ^
<LeviathanMist> you misplaced its ears
<Cameron> Oh yeah, that was only 4 lines
<LeviathanMist> ooh, I see what you did thar, Kusari
<LeviathanMist> Infection/Defection
<Cameron> I c+p'd what she did
<xxjellybeanzxx> ▄██████████████▄ █▄▄▄▄█▌
<LeviathanMist> ohu
<xxjellybeanzxx> ██████▌▄▌▄▐▐▌███ ▀▀██▀▀
<xxjellybeanzxx> ████▄█▌▄▌▄▐▐▌▀██ ▄▄█▌
<xxjellybeanzxx> ▄▄▄▄▄███████████ ██▀
<Chibi-Haku> Lol, Failwhale.
<Renku> XD Fail indeed
<Chibi-Haku> Jelly wins.
<LeviathanMist> I can't see any of that
<xxjellybeanzxx> 8D
<Sleepmas> Man, you must suck at tetris
<Cameron> Christmas, why you no sleep?
<xxjellybeanzxx> Jelly always wins.
<Sleepmas> (>^_^)>
<Sleepmas> (^_^)
<Sleepmas> <(^_^<)
<LeviathanMist> You forgot the eye dashes
<LeviathanMist> (>-'.'-)>
<Sleepmas> Hey Mist, you forgot YOUR MOM

* LeviathanMist cries in a corner
<Cameron> I lol'd
<Cameron> PILLS HERE
<Cameron> Oh yeah, lovely
<KusariNoEien> M.O.M.
<KusariNoEien> Melodies of Minorin
<LeviathanMist> sounds lovely
<Cameron> Hear that?
<Cameron> That's a witch
<LeviathanMist> hey Kusari, this song and the last song merge together perfectly
<xxjellybeanzxx> xD
<KusariNoEien> They do!
<LeviathanMist> it's like they were made to be played together
<KusariNoEien> .nowplaying
<Brie> Now Playing: Minori Chihara - Defection
* xxjellybeanzxx shivers.
<KusariNoEien> .nowplaying
<Brie> Now Playing: Elisa - Absolute Perfection
<LeviathanMist> ooh
<LeviathanMist> Infection, Defection, Absolute Perfection
<xxjellybeanzxx> lol
<LeviathanMist> This, That, and The Other Thing
<xxjellybeanzxx> So many 'tion's.
<Renku> SHUN~!
<xxjellybeanzxx> SHUN THE NON BELIEVER.
<Sleepmas> Now play Agitation
<Cameron> *hops on Panda's back*
<Renku> \o.o
<Renku> Stupid \ stop being a ninja!
<xxjellybeanzxx> lol
* xxjellybeanzxx sneezes.
<Cameron> Shunning on a mount
<xxjellybeanzxx> It's 5am.
<Cameron> Gives me a +5 to my Shun check
<xxjellybeanzxx> And I am tired.
<Renku> :| I'm a mount?
<KusariNoEien> Already got an Uver lined up, Christmas. :p
<Cameron> Yes
<Sleepmas> Well fine
<xxjellybeanzxx> I think Imma go to bed now, gaiz.
<LeviathanMist> What exactly IS an "Uver" world anyway?
<Cameron> An exotic mount too
<Renku> K Night~!
<LeviathanMist> is it like uber?
<Renku> :O
<Cameron> That's an extra +2
<xxjellybeanzxx> Goodnight~
<Cameron> 'night Candi!
<Sleepmas> I'll just use my mp3 player
<xxjellybeanzxx> Night Ren, night Cam, night Aeri, night Mist.
<xxjellybeanzxx> Night Haku.
<xxjellybeanzxx> ♥
<xxjellybeanzxx> Love you all very muchlyyyyyyy~~~~~~~
<Aeri> D:
<Aeri> night Jellyyyyyyyy
<LeviathanMist> night jelleh <3
* xxjellybeanzxx has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0.16/2009120208])

* Logmas (~christmas@Rizon-839355C2.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) has joined #918thefan
<GlaD0S> [Logmas] Look at him! Look at how smug he is!
* GlaD0S gives channel operator status to Logmas
<christmas4477> Better leave that there
<LeviathanMist> I don't think I could run a community unless it was invitation-only...too many ways to get around bans and such
<LeviathanMist> if everyone is denied access by default though, then it's easy :P
<christmas4477> I've seen people use proxies to get by
<christmas4477> But he just waltzed right in
<christmas4477> "Oh I though it was 3 days"
<christmas4477> It's 3 days when i say it is and remove the ban from the list
<christmas4477> That's how the system works
<LeviathanMist> Haku might know a thing or two about IRC bans, since he's the IRC wizard
<Chibi-Haku> But Haku is clearly sleeping.
<LeviathanMist> as usual
<LeviathanMist> :o
<Chibi-Haku> So he can't possibly ask, "What's wrong?"
<christmas4477> The only thing I can think of is that something tweaked when Kibs unbanned you Mist
<christmas4477> This is all your fault
<christmas4477> Haku, time for a good riddle
<Chibi-Haku> Okay.
<JinnRemona> All caught up? :P
<christmas4477> If Pollardy is banned for 3 days, and he suddenly comes back in using the same exact IP that I banned, which I triple checked, and my nose starts to bleed from the impending aneurysm
<christmas4477> What the hell happened?
<Chibi-Haku> Did you remove the ban yet?
<christmas4477> I did after the incident, because I had planned to later last night, but saw it as a moot point
<christmas4477> It was also in Amui's banlist, so it's not just me
<Chibi-Haku> Well, the only two things I can think of are an Except or an invite.
<Chibi-Haku> But I don't think an Exception was set.
<christmas4477> But EE accidentally banned Mist this weekend, and instead of clicking a remove button, Kibs tweaked a few things that I would have to see a log for
<Chibi-Haku> Also
<christmas4477> That's literally the only thing I can think of
<Chibi-Haku> The way you set the ban would only work if his nick was Pollardy.
<Chibi-Haku> He came in once as polledy.
<christmas4477> THAT MAKES NO SENSE
<JinnRemona> That's supposed to be the reason for an IP Ban, is it not? To stop someone from just simply changing his name?
<Chibi-Haku> [10:37] * christmas4477 sets mode: -b pollardy!*qwebirc@Rizon-4668A55F.nycmny.fios.verizon.net
<Chibi-Haku> That type of ban only works if the nick AND ip match.
<christmas4477> That is stupid
<Chibi-Haku> If you want it to be an IP ban, * the first part.
<Chibi-Haku> *!*@Rizon-4668A55F.nycmny.fios.verizon.net
<christmas4477> Let me check something then
* christmas4477 sets ban on *!*@robots.will.rule.the.world
* christmas4477 removes ban on *!*@robots.will.rule.the.world
<Chibi-Haku> I
<Chibi-Haku> I'll turn my vhost off.
<Chibi-Haku> Hold on.
<christmas4477> No, that's what I wanted to see
* Logmas sets ban on Chibi-Haku!*admin@robots.will.rule.the.world
<Chibi-Haku> Should I leave and come back with a different nick?
* christmas4477 removes ban on Chibi-Haku!*admin@robots.will.rule.the.world
<christmas4477> Not necessary
<christmas4477> Trillian is retarded
<christmas4477> That now explains everything
<christmas4477> I was not aware of that fact
<LeviathanMist> I love how you're so quick to blame me for it :P
<LeviathanMist> I bet if someone punched me in the face, you'd blame me for injuring their hand
<christmas4477> Well we can't always blame Haku
* Chibi-Haku punches Mist in the face.
<Chibi-Haku> OW!
<Chibi-Haku> My Hand!
<Chibi-Haku> I blame Mist!
* LeviathanMist eats Haku's hand
* Chibi-Haku 's hand gives Mist indigestion
3 hours later....
<NeonX> "Well we can't always blame Haku" -xmas
<JinnRemona> Yes we can.
<NeonX> Yes, we can.
<NeonX> :D
<JinnRemona> Like right now. I blame Haku for the chat being so quiet.
<NeonX> I blame Haku for my roommate slamming the door really hard
<Shidohari> I support haku for maintaining brie
<JinnRemona> But. Brie breaks all the time. So I blame Haku for not maintaining Brie enough. And for not making her into SkyNet.
<pollardy> brienet
<JinnRemona> You took the words right out of my mouth.
<Shidohari> i support haku for being haku
<JinnRemona> Yeah, well. I blame Haku for being Haku, which led to us blaming Haku for being Haku.
<pollardy> why do we hate haku so much
<pollardy> if we had no haku we would have nothing
<pollardy> there must always be a lich haku
* Hannah (Hannah@79B7C15E.E064EB6E.4E0959B5.IP) has joined #918thefan
* GlaD0S gives voice to Hannah
<JinnRemona> No pollardy. If we had no Kana or Kibs, we would have nothing. :P
<pollardy> i come here for the elk and occasional moon when im up that late
<pollardy> *o hey working got a 2nd season im happy today*
<Elk> Haku is batman Pollardy. Because he's the hero 91.8 deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.
<NeonX> I don't hate Haku. I just blame him for a lot of stuff.
<Elk> lol
<JinnRemona> You put that perfectly, Elk.
<pollardy> yes
<pollardy> chibi-haku should do his job without anyone knowing its been done at all
<pollardy> or had to of been done
<JinnRemona> When you've done your job right, people won't think you've done anything at all.
<pollardy> exactly

Renku 04-03-2011 10:27 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<MaxDagger> I see its very lively here tonight. :D Its been a while since I been here. :3 Pokemon? I might challenge you sometime. >:D
<christmas4477> NOW FOR SCISOSR
<Elk> Want to look stylish while helping out Japan? http://www.brokentier.com/collection...ts/tiger-japan << I know I will be.
[00:02] <christmas4477> HE D/C'D
* Aeri tackles Jellyb
[00:03] <Aeri> ohai rubber ducky
* Aeri squeaks her rubber ducky
<xxjellybeanzxx> Oh Hi dere.
<Aeri> *o*
<xxjellybeanzxx> Why you tackle me?
<Aeri> Hi :D
cause you're jellyb D:
[00:04] <MaxDagger> yep very lively. :D -thinks-
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<MaxDagger> So? >:3
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[00:14] <Renku> o.o
[00:15] 4 left
[00:16] XD I think this will go in Chat quotes
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Renku 04-06-2011 10:03 PM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
<twilly> .starfish
<Brie> This question is worth: 1 points.
Unscramble me this: HKUN
<overseer16> heh lost nose
* PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB would like to guess: khun
<Shidohari> hunk
<PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB> kuhn
<Brie> PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB is correct! The Answer was: Kuhn. PiSsEdSiLeNtBoB gets: 1 points.
<Chibi-Haku> Wow
Bob spoke.
<grimdefeat> KUHN!!!!!!
<Chibi-Haku> XD
<Renku> o.o
<Chibi-Haku> That needs to be quoted.

HeikaHaku 04-10-2011 12:43 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[02:29:16] <@Kusari> I pledge allegiance, to The Fan.
[02:29:26] <@Kusari> Of the United Station of Anime.
[02:29:32] <@Kusari> And to the Anarchists.
[02:29:34] <@Kusari> For Elk, they stand.
[02:29:36] <@Kusari> One Station.
[02:29:38] <@Kusari> Under Raug.
[02:29:42] <@Kusari> With Leviathan
[02:29:46] <@Kusari> And Just Us.
[02:29:47] <@Kusari> For ALL!

Leviathan Mist 04-13-2011 12:24 AM

Re: Chat Quotes (Quotes only. No discussion/spam)
[00:18:07] <@LeviathanMist> You're stranded on a desert island, and yoou can only have one of the following as your companion: Mermaid (top-half human, bottom half fish) or reverse-mermaid (top-half fish, bottom-half human) - which do you choose?
[00:18:19] <@LeviathanMist> assume the human portion is of the gender you are normally attracted to :P
[00:18:22] <@Sailor-Moon> ....the first one?
[00:18:25] <@Sailor-Moon> duh
[00:18:32] <@LeviathanMist> You'd be surprised, Moon :P
[00:18:37] <@Sailor-Moon> who would wanna talk to a fish the whole time
[00:18:37] <@Sailor-Moon> XD
[00:18:55] <+The_Tenth_Doctor> First one. I need my hands... I'm quite attached to my hands... or if I picked the second, I'd be attached to my flns. I still need my hands though.
[00:19:03] * Zero_Gravity makes everyone a pizza
[00:19:03] <+The_Tenth_Doctor> *fins*
[00:19:05] <@LeviathanMist> personally, I'd go for the regular mermaid, but I know plenty of guys who would choose the reverse mermaid
[00:19:09] <+The_Tenth_Doctor> Wtheck... Gah...
[00:20:13] <&Kajiki> you'd go with the regular mermaid so she can swim you back to land with peoplez
[00:20:22] <@LeviathanMist> wait...if I'm a Leviathan, then wouldn't the reverse-mermaid be more appealing to me?
[00:20:37] <@LeviathanMist> oh god, now I can't get the image out of my head
[00:20:58] ->> You are now known as Mist
[00:21:13] <@Mist> I can't be a Leviathan anymore as long as that image is there
[00:21:29] <+Renku_the_Panda> XD
[00:21:47] * Kajiki is now known as REVERSEMERMANMAIDKAJIKI
[00:21:57] <@Mist> not gonna work :P
[00:21:59] <+Renku_the_Panda> XD
[00:22:01] <@Mist> I'm a cloud now
[00:22:07] <@Mist> I only date other clouds
[00:22:12] <+Aeri> ...the hell?
[00:22:21] <@Mist> wat

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