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Elk 02-18-2011 05:39 PM

Elk Point Mall
This is where YOU! Can open up your own shop to sell goods and services for Elk Points!

I will take 66% of all proceeds so keep that in mind when you price things. For every 3 points, 1 will be added to YOUR Elk Account, and 2 will return to me for shining.

Whether people buy your goods and services will depend on the quality and pricepoint of said work, so perhaps a thread with examples of each good and service would be helpful for letting people know what you're selling.

Keep in mind rules and laws when setting up your shop! I don't want any illegal business going on here, or I will crack down on it like Elliot Ness! Srs bsnss!

Only post your shop here please, no responding or commenting on things here. If that's needed we can open another thread, I don't want this cluttered.

Elk's Extravaganza!

Music Request: 1 Elk Point (one free per day per fanatic)
(Within legal boundaries, does not include LIMITED LIST songs)

Shout out: 2 Elk Points (1 for fanatics)
(Has to be SFW)

IRC Topic: 4 Elk Points (3 for Fanatics)
(Has to be SFW, and only once per day during my show)

Sprite: 8 Elk Points (6 for fanatics)
(Will be done to the best of my abilities dependent on style, size, and other requests made by the client)

LIMITED LIST Request: 11 Elk Points (6 for Fanatics)
(For requesting a song from the Limited List)
NOTE: Each limit song can only be played once per Monday - Friday week.
Limited List:
Every Fight
Kokoro Oasis
Die Hasen!

Song Request Reversal: 12 Elk Points (10 for fanatics)
(You can stop any one song request from happening.)

Shidohari 02-18-2011 05:45 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall
My shop is poetry, six shineh elk points for short poems. Also there is a fee of nine shineh elk points for longer poems.

Shidohari's Sonnets is what i'd like to call my shop.

and yes... I AM THE SHIDOHARI :D

jessileo127 02-18-2011 06:37 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall
I offer to you, the owners of Shineh Elk Points, a short story where you can be the main protagonist; for three small points!
These storys can include anything you so wish, from furries to fire breathing chickens, as long as it keeps to the fan's rules.
Warning, If you watched English BBC / CBBC around the 1990's the moth and butterfly may seem familiar, it is not... That story involved a fire and a evil witch spider.
My latest stories are:
Out in the fields of England where the weather is allways impossible to tell for certain what it was going to be, stood a small weather house. In this house lived Mariane, who could come out when itwas sunny, and Julie, who could only come out when it was raining. Every now and then they would see the others backs as they retreated into thier house But one day the clouds that were raining, letting Julie out, were light enough for the sun to push his jolly face through, allowing Mariane out. They were both delighted to finally meet each other and soon made fast friends, when suddenly, a full double rainbow filled the skys above them. They both had a lovely time chatting and watching the magical spectical. Soon the sun grew tired of fighting the clouds and went to have a rest, making Marian head for bed aswell. They both promised that when the next rainbow came that they would both bring tea and crumpets. The end ~

Coming soon

Coming soon

pollardy 02-18-2011 07:59 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall
small chibi's are 3, normal chibi's are 6, complicated chibi is 9, wallpaper is 15, extreme wallpaper is 30


http://pollardy.deviantart.com/ examples

Toonpenguin 03-05-2011 01:26 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall
Update to shop!
My shop is a pokemon Shop. I offer a varied of services for your pokemon needs. Currently only 5th gen is the only pokemon games i will work with.

Transfering- Don't have a way to transfer all your pokemon from 4th gen to 5th then this is perfect for you. With this service i will take your pokemon and transfer them over from 4th gen to 5th gen. This is great if you don't have a second DS around or someone to help you IRL transfer your pokemon.

Transfer(From 4th Gen to 5th Gen) 3 pokemon- 9 points
Transfer(From 4th Gen to 5th Gen) 6 pokemon-12 points
Transfer(From 4th Gen to 5th Gen) 12 pokemon - 18 points
Transfer(From 4th Gen to 5th Gen) 24 pokemon-30 points

Name your pokemon: Any pokemon including legendaries or any pokemon that cannot breed.

1 Pokemon of your choice no custom stats or moves levels 1-20(also egg) - 3 points
3 pokemon of your choice no custom stats or moves levels 1-20(also egg) - 6 points
6 pokemon of your choice no custom stats or moves levels 1-20(also egg) - 9

1 Pokemon of your choice no custom stats or moves levels 21-40 - 6 points
3 pokemon of your choice no custom stats or moves levels 21-40 - 12 points
6 pokemon of your choice no custom stats or moves levels 21-40 - 18 points

For each package you can add a item for each pokemon. Items cost 1 point per item. Any item you want.

I am currently not taking any orders for any pokemon over level 40 but if there is a demand i will add further levels to my shop. Items may be added to the shop later on as well.

mudkipface 04-12-2011 06:50 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall
This here shop's for banners/signatures for your happy website. . .needs.

All banners will be three points~

Make sure to tell me:
-->Username/Saying [Optional]
-->Text Type [Optional, but I'm normally able to match everything up]
-->Anime Character(s)/Object(s)/People [Optional]

Samples: http://xxno-flavor-icexx.deviantart....llery/28700334

Renku 05-23-2011 04:57 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall
:D Shop for drawings~!

Head shot(one or two people)- 3 points
Half body shot(one or two people)- 6 points
Full body shot(one or two people)- 9 points
Extra people- 3 points(for 5)
CG- 3 extra points
Background- 3 extra points
Animated animal hoodie icon- 6 points

Samples: http://918thefan.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1947

Dophanes "D!" Raosuke 05-25-2011 03:26 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall


this is just as a normal humane society would work, only with POKEMAN #pika

as of yet I am unable to provide every pokemon from every generation
although my collection is getting larger everyday as I try to catch 'em all
unfortunately I do not have any 4th gen games, so to trade with me you must have
Black or White

SO here are the rates

***Gen 5 Pokeman***
average: 3 points (purloin or other common pokemon you can just find)

rare: 6 points (pokemon that would other wise be really hard to catch, like the starters from gen 5)

legendaries: 9 points (ONLY FROM GEN 5, not all available, but I have a few extras)

***Gen 1-4***
average: 6 points (pokemon from other gens that can only be caught after the elite 4 in gen 5)

rare: 9 points (pokemon that cannot be caught in Black and White, includes other starters)

legendaries: 15 points (all other legendaries, VERY LIMITED SUPPLY)

I will be using the Masuda Method to obtain these, and as you know this takes time, possibly weeks, so you must make your request in advance, best way to do so is catch me in the IRC when Im around and make your request, currently these are the only available one's I can do for now, but this list will increase in the future

Zoura: 30 points
Treeco: 30 points
Squirtle: 30 points
Chimchar: 30 points
Gible: 24 points
Bedue: 18 points
Bonsly: 18 points
Paras: 18 points
Slakoth: 18 points
Kecleon:18 points

***Special Accommodations***

Nature: extra cost of 6 points (does not apply to shiny or legendary pokemon)
Gender: extra cost of 3 points (also does not apply to shiny or genderless pokemon)
Relic items: extra cost of 3 points
Dream World Pokemon: additional cost of 6 points (limited supply)
Levels 20-39: 3 points
Levels 40-59: 6 points
Levels 60-79: 9 points
Levels 80-100: 12 points
PKRS: 6 points
Nicknames: FREE

If you have a pokemon you would like to request, just contact me at crandles@email.arizona.edu if I am not in the IRC, I will do my best to see if I have what you want, but once again I don't have everything, but I do have A LOT



Leviathan Mist 10-13-2011 05:02 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall
Now YOU can choose Mist's greet message! What is a greet message, you ask? It is the message that GlaD0S posts in the IRC every time an op or higher joins.

The current rate is 3 Elk points per week. If you pay 3 elk points, you get whatever you want as my greet message for a week, with a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks, or 12 Elk points.

So, have at it! And remember to keep it legal and make sure it follows the rules!

Kibs 10-13-2011 08:39 PM

Re: Elk Point Mall

For a limited time I will be offering 24 all access hours of Fanatic status for the low low price of 15 ELK points.

That's right! For your loyalty to that radio thing we have and your love for Mother Communista, you can now simply pry a Fanatic Subscription out of the cold dead hands of your newly slain mediocrity by taking part in El Rrrrrrevolucion!

All ELK points will be returned to ELK for sanitation. Not like it matters to me.

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