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TheRedAlchemist 11-04-2010 12:52 PM

The Destiny.
Open to all sort of creative roleplay! no style is reccomended though i (prefer storybook style, it doesnt have to be). This is a make up as you go roleplay, based on what happens in the last post, you respond accordingly (like an actual conversation). All i ask is that you keep it PG and that it makes sense! to make this interesting, this one, im going to encourage only O.C's (original characters ) only! i'll make more roleplays like this if mine seem to take off, and instead of just O.C's i'll do roleplays with Anime characters. If you have an O.C. picture you'd like to share or a background history that would be helpful but is not recommended! thank you!

http://theredalchemist.deviantart.com/#/d325c5u is my OC, she's half demon half human. to make a long story short, her mother was human, her father was a demon. Missys embryo was tossed to the eternal black abyss, and turned into a star within a week along with her Brother. Missys star before birth collided with her brothers star in an unusual orbit, causing it to fly past the sun, in return, Missy received the gift of goodness and light, while her brother hurdled away from the sun, giving him the gift of the darkness and evil..Ever since the two siblings have fought to bring peace to one another.

(anyone want to start?)

moonhawk81 11-08-2010 08:45 AM

Re: The Destiny.
Since these are your characters and you best understand their goals/conditions, why don't you start? The rest of us will see if we can keep up.

TheRedAlchemist 11-09-2010 09:50 AM

Re: The Destiny.
(sure thing! though it didnt really matter who started)

"My birthday..." Missy said as she dug her sword into the ground, pushing up dirt and rocks. Her red eyes glared at what she unearthed. At the end of her sword she realized a rock and pulled it close. "...born of the stars, Die as a Mortal.." she chucked the rock against the cave wall with a grunt, her red eyes followed the rock as it shattered into dust and hit the wall. Today was the Demons 20th birthday, and in knowing this she also knew she'd aquire a new power by the moonlights glow that following night, but she never knew what the new power would be. "The Ceremony must begin.." She said as she stood to her feet. In order to get her new power she had to preform the Ritual of the Moon.

"Love, Water, Fire, Earth, Sky, Wind, give me the power i beg of you, The power of the moon, the stars, and the glory to why my birth was intended. Give me strength, give me fertility, give me long laughter and joy...but to this mere mortal restrict my powers, bind my chains, for this eternal fact i am human commands me to speak to you, that i am born with sin." she looked at her hands which were now glowing blue. "The powers you give to me are understood by my demon heritage, but of my human nature they are not and were never meant to have powers such as these.." she looked away saddened by her own limits of being human. "there, it is complete. By the rising of the moon tonight, i will have one more power.." She felt her swords blade, as if she knew someone was watching her...

moonhawk81 11-09-2010 06:56 PM

Re: The Destiny.
Great, just great. Like this night wasn't already screwed up enough, now I've accidentally stumbled into someone else's private ritual--never a good thing, especially if she's telling the truth about being a demon. . .Too late to sneak off unnoticed, and too rude to sneak off since noticed. . .

"Bright blessings, Milady! I beg your forgiveness, but came upon you all unknowing. I meant no offence. I will depart if you so wish but, having heard some little of your prayer, I offer my ear for your solace. I too recognize the ancient powers. I am a witch, a follower of the Goddess, and find kinship with those others who shine in the Moon's glory and light." An antiquated bow. "Lady, what would you?"

TheRedAlchemist 11-09-2010 08:01 PM

Re: The Destiny.
Hearing the voice she jumped then turned around to meet his face. Her face scrunched in anger as she quickly pressed her finger to the ground. No sooner had she done this clever move, the rocks and dirt formed a cage around the newcomer. She flicked the dirt from her fingertips. "you arent going anywhere, preacher." she said leaning on the bar. "so tell me, Witch...why give blessings to a fallen angel?" she swiftly drew out her crystal blade to his chest. "or are you mocking me?...because if you were..." she began to glide the blade to his throat.."lets just say...you'd make a decent door veil, with this hide of yours.."

moonhawk81 11-09-2010 08:15 PM

Re: The Destiny.
"Amusing, young one, but quite rude." I quietly step through her construction, pushing away her blade, but moving no farther. "Not that you can't kill me, true enough, but I am more priest than preacher, and offer neither blessing nor prayer in jest. As for being fallen, that is yours to explain or ignore. I am but a wandering witch, smiling upon my bright Queen--" I gesture to the Moon "--even as she smiles down upon me. I thought I heard you invoke her, and so offered my solace to your obvious distress. My ear might not be so tasty as my heart, but might prove more nourishing."

TheRedAlchemist 11-10-2010 06:41 AM

Re: The Destiny.
Missy lowered her sword as she watched the new character suspiciously. "you of all should know what a fallen angel looks like, priest, especially when he who first laid eyes on them.." she flapped her wings creating a strong gust of wind, then she looked away for a second. "and above all,how do i know of this for a fact? Prove what you state, i see no identification that labels you a priest, nor any other marking or symbol" she said sitting down on a rock, twirling her sword in the dirt.

moonhawk81 11-10-2010 09:31 AM

Re: The Destiny.
"Your pardon, Milady." I gently twist from my right hand a silver ring marked )O( with a five-pointed star within the circle. A rose is etched into one side, an unpicked apple into the other. Another, more careful bow as I hand her the ring, "I wear the mark of the Goddess openly but not ostentatiously, to be seen by those who will. I neither hide nor display myself, being content to be. And thus my words: 'more priest than preacher;' I do not preach. I am priest, though, only insomuch as I offer rites to my Goddess--I stand in no coven. Still, you too offer rites, however private, and so I accord you priestess whether or no you so believe. And that doesn't sound too terribly fallen to me. I offer further that Her mark is worked into my blades, but leave them sheathed so as not to provoke you. And if you will forgive my poor manners, my name is Moonhawk."

TheRedAlchemist 11-10-2010 11:29 AM

Re: The Destiny.
When the ring was dropped into the palm of her hand, she felt a sudden vibration coming from the ring. Almost as if she knew what she was doing, she waved her right hand over the ring, as her fingertips started to glow blue...The ring hovered from her palm, and her eyes went purple, staring off into an unknown abyss.

All of a sudden she let out a growl she had never made, before ring fell back into her palm she looked down at it, her eyes returning to red. "...your not lying.." she said handing it back. "i saw it..forgive me Priest.." she said getting up holding onto a wall, sweat gliding down her forehead. "i hadnt a visitor in 20 years..no one dares to come here..." as she started explaining, her crystal sword flashed a bright blue then dimmed.

"hide....HIDE NOW!!" she said whipping out her blade, running to the entrance.

moonhawk81 11-10-2010 06:33 PM

Re: The Destiny.
OK, so tonight actually could get worse--maybe. Or maybe it was finally getting better. It takes only a step to place myself in enough shadow that my charcoal grey cloak hides me, and I can't help but smile as each hand produces a black blade. Am I hiding or hunting, I wonder. Just two decades ago I lived like this, although back then I was uniformed instead of cloaked. . .H_ll, I don't even know whom I would be defending, or against whom or what. That should matter, I tell myself. I should know more before offering to kill or die. Who is this woman, this demon? What have I walked into? It should matter. It should matter!

My smile remains. It should all matter, but it really doesn't, not anymore. Blood has been scented, and old training re-asserts itself. Something readies to attack a young lady it thought alone, and that is justification enough for me, for now. Let Death be dealt and let to pick her lover.

TheRedAlchemist 11-10-2010 09:06 PM

Re: The Destiny.
"WHERE IS IT!!" a bellowing voice came from the entry way, pushing Missy into a wall, a black jagged edged sword creeped to her neck.

"i...dont...know what your talking about.." she choked from two black gloved hands around her neck, hoisting her in the air.

"dont play dumb with me my dear sister, i KNOW your HIDING it....so where...WHERE IS IT!?" he growled throwing her to the floor, his red and black wings flapped strong, whipping up dirt.

"your not scaring anyone, Blake.." she said getting up, brushing off dirt.
"then i'll have at this little game of yours..you were always the weak one, the one born in the favor of the light..you'll be easy to kill"
"and you the favor of the darkness.." she retorted back to him. "how blind must you be? so arrogent and impure.."
"Stop talking like your a saint, your just as much a sinner as i."
Missy lowered her head. "...in that you are right, Blake. You and I... we were natural born sinners..." she then looked up to him. "but i never killed anyone, like you.."
Blake, her brother growled as he took out his sword, Missy was quick to follow. As the siblings crossed blades their swords made a red glow when they touched.
"I WANT THAT SOURCE OF POWER! i heard it...i felt it.. it came from HERE..." ..he leaned in close.. "so...where is he..?" he snickered. "wheres ..who..?" Missy whispered. The two shook with the strength at both their blades, giving them all their energy, Blake burst Missy away as she fell on the floor, but in a quick recovery jetted her blade out to him as she slowly rose. Blake laughed a hearty laugh, swiping his blade off her shoulder, "AH!" she cried out as her blood fell to the floor making her drop her sword. "pathetic..is that all you got, Demon of Light..?" Her red eyes met his purple eyes. "no...not even close.." She shakily picked up her sword and aimed it at him, despite her injured shoulder. She charged at him as the swords clanged, resulting in Blake being forced onto a rock being pinned against his back, his sword lay on the ground beside him, Missys blade tip dug into his chest. "go right ahead...jam it in..i dare you... OH whats this..? you dont have it in you, half demon..you cant kill me.." Blake smirked. Missys face slowly became relaxed from her angered appearance as she sheathed her sword slowly. "Im sorry Blake..as much as i want to...your still my brother..and i still love you." she closed her eyes as she backed away. "now get out..." she pointed to the entrance turning away from him. "Dear sister..." he got up and laid a finger under her chin. "this isnt over...i've always hated you...and whatever that power was... will be mine...and soon i'll be the greatest demon in the world..." he lingered at the doorway. Missy shook her head sadly, meeting his her eyes filled with tears. "...and that will be the day i wont let you...because you are still and always will be half human, and will always be my brother and that is something you and i can never change....as i've told you before and i will tell you again. I love you. i dont love what your doing or who you've become. But i wont let you get away with hurting others if i can help it.." Blake just and only laughed. "oh dear me.. i almost shed a tear, NOT!!!... i'll be back, hope you dont miss me while im gone.." he sneered. "...i do miss you Blake..." she said holding her injured shoulder, her blood pouring out of the gaps inbetween her fingers. "...i've missed out having a brother who loved me back as his only sister all my life..we've all we got in this world...there are no others like us, we're different from the rest." Blake rolled his eyes, "women talk...all they do is blabber.." he drew out a small knife and chucked it at Missy, catching her left hand, and going straight through. "you can keep that as a gift..from me to you for sharing that heart to heart with me..arent i nice? didnt you want a brother who gave gifts? you got what you asked for..." he chuckled as Missy grabbed her left hand in pain, staring at the knife. "LEAVE!!" she screamed giving him a painful death glare. "fine..i'll be back you just wait...and when i do, you wont get off so easily...this time you got lucky.." he said as he vanished into the night.

Missy sighed as she sat on a rock, trying to wiggle free the knife from her hand, as she breathed in anger, tears cascading down her face, her body trembling from her brothers appearance. Yes he was stronger than her, but she knew one day it would destroy him...She gulped as she squeaked "you can come out now, Priest..." she wiped her tears away trying to act strong, as if nothing ailed her as she slowly started to wedge the knife out of her hand.

moonhawk81 11-10-2010 10:42 PM

Re: The Destiny.
So much worse than I'd even begun to think. Blades sheathed, I step forward and stare straight into her face. "A strange game you play, both. You called him brother straightforth, else I had intervened. But neither of you seemed intent--stop toying with that knife." I again hand her my ring into her undamaged hand. "Hold this and accept the comfort of my Queen." It glows slightly, and I know it is syphoning away her pain. I plant one foot on the rock beside her leg, draw her injured hand to rest her wrist on my knee and pin it there with one hand. With the other, I grab the protuding knife hilt and quickly pull straight up. "I'm sorry, but it hurts less and does less damage if removed straight and swift." I drop the knife on the rock and pull a metal flask from my cloak, then pour bourbon into her wound. "I don't know about demonic healing, but this will help the human part of you avoid infection." So far, so good--she hasn't made me her first kill. . ."Your shoulder wound needs binding--" I clean away dirt from flesh, then apply more bourbon. I tear out a piece of soft fabric from the inside lining of my cloak and begin wrapping her shoulder. Finishing that, I accept back my ring and sit across from her.

"I can't say I'm eager to leave a lady in a bad situation, but I'm not sure what I can do to help. You and your brother--" I pause until she nods, once "--seem content enough to fight, even hurt each other, but don't try to do more or worse than that. This time. But you need to understand how that might change, and I've seen it change. An abusive person becomes more abusive as time progresses. It's just natural that abuse escalates. And an abuse victim who stays, pays, often with their life. So here's the rub: I don't know what he thinks you have or possess, but I don't want Mr. Winning Personality to become some super-demon. I'm willing to help prevent that from happening, but I shall not be bound by your love for him. I offer you my help and protection, such as they are, but I shall not again stay my hand. Your brother is your enemy, and if you accept my company, then know that I shall treat him so. But before you decide, know this: I am not, as are you, a creature of light. Do you not think it strange that your brother could not discern me clearly? It is because he sought another being such as yourself, and could not see me for his own darkness. I am a creature of darkness myself, only in service to the light. Thus has my family lived for millennia, suppressing our nature to fulfil our oath. And though the Goddess accepts and blesses us and our service, she does not forget what we are, nor do we. Know this and be warned, that my presence shall tarnish your brilliance." I smile softly, sadly, and take a swallow of bourbon, waiting.

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