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Brie 11-14-2009 05:35 PM

Anime Rules
Section Rules - Anime

It should be noted that our anime section is split into two sections. One is fully integrated with our Directory. Since the two work in conjunction, we encourage all episode discussions of an anime listed in our Directory be made in that sub-section. For all other anime, please use the general anime section.

Episode discussions are a certain feature we wish to promote, most keenly in our Directory. As such, we request that if a person wishes to talk about a specific episode of an anime they are watching they entitle it the following: Anime Title Episode 1 Discussion IE Blue Seed Episode 12 Discussion. This allows users to see what episode they are discussing as well as avoiding any small bits of spoilers they may accidentally see.

For a full list of what anime are included into our Directory, make sure to visit the Directory located on the main site.

We would also like all users to be aware of our spoiler tags, which should be used in any case that there is a certain plot device revealed. To make a spoiler tag, make sure to type [ spoiler ], whatever the content is here, and then finish it off with [ / spoiler ]. Remove the spaces in the spoiler tags listed above to use the BBC properly.

Lastly, any links to anime torrents, illegal anime streaming sites, and the likes are cause for an immediate ban. 91.8 The Fan does not promote piracy in anyway, and will deal with such events with the biggest ban hammer we have on hand.

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