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jessileo127 11-02-2010 10:23 AM

JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
You look up and see a silluette of a normall looking teenage girl, her hair softly blowing this way and that in the breeze, As you walk towards her she looks up and a small gust of wind picks up about her. As the wind wipped round her hair colour changed from brown to orange, Dragon Wings protruded from her back and her skin went from tanned to an almost pale orange, even her clothes changed as you walked closer to this misterious person. You then realise that this gust of wind had a body, A small silver Western Europian Dragon, circled her as she changed forms, Its tail a little too long for its body, signifiing that this Dragon had transformed as well...
You come a few feet to this girl and the wind died instantly, the small dragon looking at you thoughtfully, as if thinking if you were an enermy. The girl pulled her head down to look at you, her eyes a Shining blue, like you get when the Sun hits a blue sea just right. These Eyes stare at you scrutanising you as if you were some lower being than her. Then with a small flap of her wings she speaks with a Age-less voice, almost mimicing your own.
"Greetings to thee', Mortal, I am Jessica Lionheart. You have joined me in the most crucial of times, There is an adventure to be had!."
With that she opened her wings to thier full span and flapped gently, as The small dragon zoomed round you nipping your ears in affection.
"Come Skylark. Come, umm, What was your name again?"
The dragon Called Skylark zoomed back to her as her eyes looked at you once again waiting for an answer...

(Anyone can join, feel free, I Will Narrate and be Jess and Sky at the same,
Newbies welcome, Oldies Welcome... I will start again when we have at least 3 peeps other than me on this momentus adventure, the more the merrier... Have Fun!)

mahay 11-03-2010 08:55 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
Are you asking for spelling and grammatical help, or just a continuation of the story?

moonhawk81 11-03-2010 04:08 PM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
And so Mahay was roasted! O.o Now, do please continue. . .

jessileo127 11-04-2010 08:46 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
I stand looking at you, Still waiting for an answer of my question...
" Mahay. No, if you do not role play, you will Die by a most horrible Death, your soul sent to limbo, there you will be alone for all eternaty seeing, hearing nothing!"
My gaze turns towards the other person.
"Sorry for that interruption... What was your name?"

Skylark Zoomed round Mahay biting him in verious places, now realising him as an enemy to his mistress... His eyes glowing.

moonhawk81 11-04-2010 08:56 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
Moonhawk, milady. I've never role-played before, and quite honestly don't know much about it. My last quest, however, was years ago and in the uniform of a place called US. I am a sailor and cook, trained my entire life with edged weapons. If any of these skills might help. . .

soundbreaker 11-04-2010 09:08 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
From about a kilometer away, a sniper peers through his scope from his hiding-place in the tree-line which surrounds the field. Gasping with Australian surprise, he spies an orange dragon-girl talking to someone. Keeping his heart-rate steady, he slowed his breathing and continued to watch, waiting for an excuse to test the new long-range armor-piercers he'd picked up the previous week.

TheRedAlchemist 11-04-2010 09:35 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
oops sorry guys!

moonhawk81 11-05-2010 07:34 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
"I am Moonhawk," an antiquated bow, "and how may I address your Ladyship?"

Ok, being new to all this, please forgive my asking: what are the parameters within which this takes place? Rough time period, society, etc. If the Aussie get armor-piercing rounds, can I call in an air strike? Just some general background and/or rules, maybe. . .

jessileo127 11-05-2010 11:44 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
I look to Moon Hawk, speaking softly with a different voice, gruffer and more achient if possible... "The world is different, to earth in meany ways, Bullets exsist for the soul purpose of Sniping, unfortunatly the only type of air strike is a flight of dragons commited to your cause, normally highloards controll over 20 dragons most for a flight, the queen her self owns all with a shard of power given to her by Cookie the Keeper, (No Sound wrong Cookie) and Julie the first Backhorn... This world is in a time of perrill as armys gather in the south, no one knows what side they are on, our mission is to find out who they are, and if need be stop them, help them, or let them be, it is not my choice..."
I flap my wings once again impatiantly waiting for more people to join us on out quest....

At this point the sun had gone down and two of the five moons starting to rise slowly, one of them seemed to be squised on one side, as if it had a run in with another moon...
These moons were Raislit and Moraei, Raislit was a dark orange, giving little light, the other a Silver blue casting a pale silver over the lands....

Skylark had now spotted Sound and started to fly to him in a darting fasion, seeing the gun, he flew to him darting this way and that in a silver blurr, his long tail flicking in an anticipation of a fight...

moonhawk81 11-05-2010 01:05 PM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
"I command naught but my blades, milady, although, as a practicing witch, I do have certain spirits of whom I occasionally make small requests. But what is it that brings you to such pass, that such as yourself might claim to have no choice? An obligation of self, or perhaps of family?"

jessileo127 11-06-2010 12:52 PM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
Folding my wings up slowly, I look at Moon Hawk sadly...
" I wish, no. I have chosen this quest myself, I am a protector of my species and must know about the armys... " Her voice resuming back to the one she had when you first met. "My people..."
I look down to the soft ground with little vegetation, I summon a fireball in my hand and start to play with it... My voice almost whispering.
"I am no longer allowed among them, yet I still protect them with my life and soul... I hope magic will solve my problem as it was created... Damn unicorns."

A lil' further away A shadow darker than the night it self gathered around a grasing silver blue Unicorn, its mane a darker blue but still shining, its horn golden standing out in comparison, as if trying to be notaced... The darkness seemed to go closer and closer making forms of hands that clasped around the muscluar throat of the beast. The unicorn bucked, making a screaching neigh calling for help, but was cut short as the hands cracked the neck killing it instantly.

I was sort of watching the unicorn, my eyes opened wide as it was killed. Instantly my wings open ready to jump into the sky...
" It seems like our quest must begin with three..." I shout loudly.
I look toward the person waiting in the background...
"Are you coming or going?" My head turns to Moon Hawk " That question also includes you."
I hold my hand out waiting for a reply

moonhawk81 11-06-2010 01:21 PM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
"I may not willingly allow a lady to enter danger alone--pray note, milady, I dare not say unprotected, nor even suggest it of you. But if you will allow me a moment to my Craft?" Moonhawk offers another rather olden bow (the only legitimate kind, he thinks sadly), and--taking a small knife in each hand--crouches to earth. After a pained moment the man gives way to bird, a dark hawk with shiny metal spurs extending from each wingtip. The hawk nods to the dragon and holds his wings at ready.

mahay 11-07-2010 11:55 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
"Ow," mahay said getting slightly annoyed.

jessileo127 11-08-2010 01:17 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
As I look at mahay's pathetic-ness I break out of role.
"Mahay I ask you once again to either role play properly or leave..." I look to Moon once again... "You know I hate breaking the fourth wall, I was actually talking about Sound breaker... By the way Nice description of the bird, we'll make a professional of you yet!!!"

My eyes turn to Skylark who is now wizzing around SoundBreakers head like a silver blue halo... I go back into character with the epic-ness of baisicly blinking...
"Sky, leave the poor sniper... He still has his decision to make, only he can answer that..."

soundbreaker 11-08-2010 02:43 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
Swatting at the small beast was doing little to shoo the creature. Releasing a flash-bang from the bandoleer hanging across his flack-vest, the sniper flips down his anti-flare goggles and drops from his perch, throwing the flash-grenade upwards towards the little dragon, stunning it. Landing with a combat-roll, the sniper ducks behind a tree, slinging his rifle back over his shoulder and pulling a taser from his back-left holster. Whatever that diminutive dragon-thing wanted, it didn't seem to be a threat, so the sniper wasn't going to waste any bullets on it. From his position, he could see the dragon girl and the other person now looking in his direction. Of course he'd been spotted, she was probably tracking the little one. It looked like she was trying to say something, but she was almost a kilometer away and the sniper couldn't hear a thing after that flash-bang went off above his head.

moonhawk81 11-08-2010 06:58 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
A charcoal grey hawk lifts quickly skyward, away from wither came the sudden flash. I level off and dive suddenly as if for prey, but level off again just inches above the ground and begin a circuitous path towards the tree in which the small dragon lies stunned. It is difficult flying so low, without thermals to help support my weight, and dodging grasses and brush only irritates me further. Still, they provide the cover I need and I reach my goal unobserved. Rising and snatching away Skylark, I retrace my flight to the Lady Jessica, laying the still-prone Skylark at her feet. The human image I created to distract the sniper is already fading as I resume my own, wearied by the normal pain of such transformation and the added exertion of carrying dead weight. Clinging to the ground like a genuflecting worshipper, I manage a nod towards the Lady.

soundbreaker 11-08-2010 09:24 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
Leaning around the tree, the sniper kept an eye on the two in the middle of the field. He'd only been in this dimension for two days, but he'd seen enough to know that he wasn't in Kansas (or Qandahar, for that matter) any more. Still, he'd volunteered for the mission, and knew the risks included death or dismemberment due to enormous energy output, so when the explosion happened two days ago, he wasn't surprised. What perplexed him was the colour of it. He'd never seen energy with a gold spectrum that reached into the ultra-violet before.

Focusing on the current situation, the sniper peered across the field. Something wasn't right. The man wasn't moving, but the grass between him and the sniper was, even though there was no wind. Switching out his anti-flares for his infra-red goggles, he followed the wave of grass as it turned towards his previous position in the tree. There was a silhouette, gliding inches above the grass, swooping up to grab the stunned midget-dragon from the tree, then returning in the direction of the man and the dragon-girl. When it got there, the silhouette dropped the little lizard and faded away, at which point the man collapsed.

This place was strange.

jessileo127 11-08-2010 02:29 PM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
Knocked out by the blast I remain unconsious for a few seconds. As I wake my anger raises up a bar.
"How dare you attack a Dra..."My voice quivering with anger as I point to Sound, my voice faltering on the last word... "Never mind... Your penalty will be, to come with us on our quest!"
I bend down to scoop up the unconsious form of Skylark who was fading slightly, His tail getting smaller, unable to keep his form whislt unconsious...
I press my fore finger onto his snout healing him enough to wake up...
"Darling we will be together soon," I spoke in a soft whisper. "But, you must hold on untill we kill it..."
I move my eyes to Sound and placing my forefinger on his head healing him too.
"Will you respect your penalty for attacking a dragon?" I ask softly as Skylark moves to Moon whimpering softly...
I hold my hand out before moving to Moon...
"Our quest will not succeed with two, especially if one whos art makes him feel pain... We are running out of time. The armys will move soon and we must find out who is behind them, look the third moon is rising."
I tilt my head to the western horizon as if to proove my point a large dark blue moon rose over the distant mountin tops drasticly changing the pale light to a dark blue, it was still light enough to see the landscape but dark enough to make the land strangely erriee...

moonhawk81 11-08-2010 03:29 PM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
I stand and bow, raggedly but solidly. "Your pardon, milady, but I am well. Hawks normally ride thermals, which time mitigates the pain of my transformation. I'll just walk this one off, I suppose, since there won't be thermals at night anyway. But pray tell me, of how many armies do you know mobilizing, and in service to what lords? Because I warn you of man's treachery--an army might not serve the lord in whose service they stand."

soundbreaker 11-09-2010 04:33 AM

Re: JessiLeo, The adventures forthwith!
The sniper was confused.

"Wait, what!? Hold on a minute, what the hell is going on!?" the sniper yelled, "How the hell did I go from behind a tree a kilometer away, to right in front of you guys!? Why the hell are you touching me like that!? What quest!? Why do you keep calling me 'Sound'!? My name is Breaker! And what do you mean 'Attack your dragon'? He attacked me first! And he shouldn't be unconscious, it was just a flash grenade! He should only have been stunned for a minute!"

The sniper stopped to catch his breath, waiting for some answers. He didn't like this dimension very much. He'd been on his own for the first two days, and he hadn't gained much intelligence about the area or geo-political situation.

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