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Cheflelouch 07-31-2014 07:38 AM

My Facebook page for my scarfs and my friends art
Hi, I know I haven't been online for a while and I'm sorry I been super busy working and kicking this on a good track,


I make my own creations as my friends does, right now we are focusing more on MLP since we will be doing Artist Ally this year at BronyCon (which is tomorrow BTW) and I also make other ideas since I had done a DBZ scarf and a FMA one. My friend on the other hand makes Breads art for many things but she is also focus right now with MLP

I hope you can get a chance so see my art and give me feedback cause I need all I get to improve the quality of my work as to have fresh ideas on what to do next to make it better and bigger in the world of the Artist Ally

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