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nerdwerld 11-15-2011 04:32 PM

Land of the Lost Fanfics of Time
I am getting ready to write a cross-over fanfic of Land of the Lost and Land Before Time. I probably will stick to using the original characters of Land of the Lost, and incorporating the original lore. I am debating on whether to add Chomper, and I'm thinking of incorporating elements from Land of Before Time 3, which is the last really good film in the series. This is of course my humble opinion.

I have been attempting to edit some of my older stories that I have written of my friends characters. These were made in middle school, and high school as a general rule they have mounds of grammatical errors. I am currently fixing them, and trying to improve my attitude, and style as a writer. I think this fanfic will assist me in that.

Ziven 09-08-2013 10:40 AM

Re: Land of the Lost Fanfics of Time
[I apologize for this being so old. This subject speaks to me on a personal level, so I hope that no one will be annoyed at my commenting and thus "bumping" this topic.]

Fanfiction is absolutely a viable option for improving your writing!

Not only can it help you correct some problems and issues with your writing, but in addition it can help you discover your strengths - which could very well be a few characteristics of your writing that you haven't thought of or hard about.

I've been writing since my middle school years and before as well, and the writing process is pretty much made of brainstorming, composing and revision - and revisions tend to take the most time. I know that I'm much too late, but I hope that this turned out as a wonderful learning experience for you.

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