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Kanashimi 08-21-2013 03:29 AM

Heroes Of Cosplay
This show needs to be talked about and not because it's bad. I'll put forth right now I'm not gonna deal with people insulting the cosplayers (quite a few we've interviewed) in this thread. If you have constructive criticism about the show then please, please add your opinion.

For those who don't know Heroes Of Cosplay is a show on Syfy that airs every Tuesday at 7:30/10:30. It's a show with a strong focus on the cosplay world and competition in that world. The show has known cosplayers like Yaya Han on it.

There is no grand prize. No one is eliminated every week. Everything happens at conventions.

This is a reality TV show so there is indeed drama. That's to be expected.

There's some cheese to it, but it's not that bad based on the first episode. It's also not that good in my opinion. I have some high hopes for where it's going to go however. I think from my stand point the show needs some sort of format change. It felt very haphazard to begin with, which is a shame all things considered. It does show off some very nice cosplay however, which is neat for a mainstream audience to see.


Elk 08-21-2013 05:05 AM

Re: Heroes Of Cosplay
I'm not a fan of the manufactured drama, but that's an issue I have with most reality shows. And that's probably an issue with the idiots in charge of how things are cut and forcing people to do things they likely would rather not do.

All in all I wasn't a fan of the manufactured drama in this episode because they REALLY manufactured it.

Also the judging was kind of meh, I thought Steamtrooper, Tron dress and Hellgirl were all really well done.

But in the end, I still like the show, and I can't wait for the third episode.

Kanashimi 08-21-2013 03:16 PM

Re: Heroes Of Cosplay
I really liked episode two a lot more than the first. The first one seemed a bit more slapped together, but since we knew some of the characters it introduced their goals and hobbies. For example, Jesse in steampunk or Riddle's goal to become a prop maker, etc. I think these are important to show people that cosplay can be for fun or serious business.

Really, really surprised no one got an award. They had a lot of good costumes this week.

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