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Bargain Gamer 09-27-2011 11:33 PM

Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist
All right, I dunno why I did this, but I blame it on the lack of specifics provided to me. This time I was given some character descriptions to work with, but other than the fact that it was a shipping fic I was left to my own devices. So I decided to set it in the post-apocalyptic future. *shrug*


A small cough could be heard in the abandoned ruins of the church, the once mighty cathedral having long since toppled in upon itself. Yet the main hall was still relatively intact, with several mostly intact pews scattered around, a few broken down in an effort to make firewood. A pile of warm ashes lay in front of one to the pews to testify to this fact, the soot drifting through the air in a warm haze. And there, sitting on the bench in front of the ashes, sat the source of the cough, a young woman with brown hair and a black dress smeared with both soot and unknown detritus. Suppressing another cough, she looked at her wrist watch despondently, as though waiting for an event that would never happen. She let out a sad sigh, only for it to turn into a hacking cough, her sickly body unable to tolerate even that. If it weren’t for the damned cough she would’ve cursed her misfortune, but instead merely fell silent once more, doing her best to focus on breathing without coughing. It wouldn’t be much longer now…

Sure enough, a faint creaking sound could be heard from the front of the church, causing the girl to tense automatically. She held her breath unconsciously as she watched the entranceway, the muffled sounds slowly growing nearer and nearer until...

“Renku? You awake?” All signs of tension left her in a visible collapse at the whispered words, her body slumping against the back of the hard wooden pew. A faint smile could be seen gracing her delicate features as a tall, skinny man in a ragged yet still snazzy suit entered the room, a plastic bag draped over his shoulder. He returned her smile gently as he walked over to where she was, taking a seat next to her and gently pulling her to him. For a brief moment she forgot about everything and just relaxed into him, a small part of her wanting to drift off right then and there.

“How are you feeling?” She tiredly looked up at him, his smile failing to hide the concern in his eyes. Her own smile widened ever so slightly at this: even now, when everything was coming to an end, he still put her before everything else.

“I’m fine.” She managed to choke out, tracing a hand gently across his face. She could see the dark rings under his eyes, the tenseness of his body even now. If anything he was in even worse shape than she was, but he refused to let it affect him. She had envied that in the past. Now she just wished she could do something to relieve him of his stress.

“I’ve been doing a lot better, thanks to you.” His concerned eyes briefly took on a pleased look at this comment, before he suddenly began digging through his bag, looking for something. “Ah, here it is!” He pulled out a small bottle of pills, cracking open the lid so that he could access the tiny white caplets within. “It’s an antibiotic. Should help with your cough.”

Her eyes widened at the sight of the pill, her body tensing in a newfound sense of worry. “But the only place to get those is…” She trailed off in a coughing fit as he shushed her, proffering the pills to her as he waited for the coughing fit to subside.

“It’s okay. They’ve spread out a lot since then. The pharmacy was practically deserted by the time I got there.” Unable to argue she took the pills, her hands trembling as she realized the extent to which he must’ve gone through to get them. He would never tell her the truth, but she knew the risks of what he had done. The odds of him coming back to her. Just the thought made her…

“Shh, it’s okay.” He said, embracing her as she shook sadly. “I promised I’d come back and I did. It’s okay. It’s okay…”

They sat there like that for some time in silence, the two of them just taking comfort in each other’s presence. After what seemed like an eternity Mist began to slowly move, only to be frozen by a sudden tremor.

“Oh God.” He wrapped his arms around Renku tightly as the tremors slowly began to increase in frequency, the church beginning to rattle as what sounded like heavy footsteps came closer and closer. Unbidden tears streaked down Renku’s face as she gently pulled Mist to her and gave him a gentle kiss, a small smile on her face as she looked upon him one last time. The walls began to shake apart as the tremors were almost on top of them, yet to the two lovers it seemed as though it was just the two of them; together. Renku opened her lips one last time as the roof collapsed inwards. There was no real need to say it, but she wanted to, if only to comfort them in their final moments.

"I lo-"
Sorry, but I can't write anymore. I seem to have come down with a sudden case of the sads. #dowant

The Eternal Scholar 09-27-2011 11:36 PM

Re: Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist
*cries manly tears and stands up applauding* Bravo, Gamer! Bravo!

Renku 09-27-2011 11:44 PM

Re: Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist
#waterfall So sad but so beautiful~

Leviathan Mist 09-27-2011 11:46 PM

Re: Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist
You encompassed my character perfectly. Well done :3

moonhawk81 09-28-2011 08:23 AM

Re: Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist
Great. Now pandas are extinct too. . .

Zero Gravity 09-28-2011 02:34 PM

Re: Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist

Renkuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! #tear

Kibs 09-30-2011 06:14 PM

Re: Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist
Everything is better in a post apocalyptic future. Video games taught me this.

Bargain Gamer 09-30-2011 09:22 PM

Re: Horrible Fanfic Ship: Renku x Mist

Originally Posted by Kibs (Post 31522)
Everything is better in a post apocalyptic future. Video games taught me this.

Video games have taught me every important life lesson I know, such as use light weapons on dark enemies and that the future post apocalypse is going to be amazing. #kiratroll

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