The Wandering Witch – Joins the Family

The Wandering Witch – Joins t

Welcome, all, again. I've decided to make good on my threat, so I'll be reviewing 91 Days, one of those often-referenced-but-seldom-seen "instant classics." That's right, they really do ...
Siege Spots – Angel Express Review (PC)

Siege Spots – Angel Express R

I really didn't want to like this game.
The Wandering Witch – Gets Scientific?

The Wandering Witch – Gets Sc

Welcome, all, again. We will in this column discuss one of those series acknowledged here last time for their beautiful artwork and strong stories--Alderamin on the Sky. Admittedly, ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Aaron Roberts

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Get your ghoul mask ready because the powerful and mysterious Uta from Tokyo Ghoul has joined us today for a interview. Tune in as Aaron Roberts shares with us how ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in More Zenkaikon

Kayarath’s Adventures in More Zen

As I looked upon the Lancaster Convention Center, a big grin appeared on my face. To put it simply, I needed this! It's been too long since I ...
The Wandering Witch – Visits an Empty Restaurant

The Wandering Witch – Visits

Welcome, all, again. I am incredibly excited about this season's offerings(!), a number of which seem to strongly emphasize artistry in both story-telling and visuals. But I am ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Adam Bobrow

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Adam Bobrow is a voice actor, comedian, and an enthusiast of table tennis and this king of ping pong joined in for a interview today. Adam Bobrow began his journey ...
Kayarath’s Adventures in Very Good Days

Kayarath’s Adventures in Very Goo

Some people may say that Draft King is on the decline. That Draft King's days are numbered. Well I strongly disagree! This all girl J-Rock band has ...
The Wandering Witch – Cheers on the Bike Club!

The Wandering Witch – Cheers

Welcome, all, again. Even as this rather hit-or-miss viewing season winds down, I manage to remain impressed with the quality of certain programs. And one program that deserves ...
Tempest’s Downpour: Anime Fan Fest 2016 Review

Tempest’s Downpour: Anime Fan

You can’t judge a convention by its size. I had the audacity to believe, even for just a moment, that I was superior to small conventions just because I had more ...
Siege Spots – World of Warcraft by Daniel Lisi

Siege Spots – World of Warcra

World of Warcraft is the second book I've read in the Boss Fight Books line, and it's a product of their third successful Kickstarter. Yeah, three of them. Like many ...
Siege Spots – Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Review (PS4/Vita)

Siege Spots – Odin Sphere Lei

Originally released in 2007, Odin Sphere was largely praised by critics for its deep and complex gameplay. At the same time, however, reviewers and players alike noted that the game ...
Kana’s Korner – Interview with Morgan Berry

Kana’s Korner – Intervi

Aside from having an amazing and beautiful singing voice Morgan Berry is also one heck of an voice actress and she joined in for her very first interview with us ...
The Wandering Witch – Gets Shorted (Again)!

The Wandering Witch – Gets Sh

Welcome, all, again. As with the last few viewing seasons, we are once again being introduced to some fun new shorts. And, personally, I'm a huge fan of ...

Fan Friday – Christmas Bonus – Dancing with Eternity

Posted on Dec 07 2012
Fan Friday – Christmas Bonus – Dancing with Eternity
A very Christmas-y version of Fan Friday! Take a look at this review for Dancing with Eternity, a novel written by John Patrick Lowrie, voice of The Sniper from Team Fortress 2!

Fan Friday – Mermaids Or Something

Posted on Dec 09 2011
Fan Friday – Mermaids Or Something
This week's featured something-or-other comes from Renku, who is our resident talented artist. Her entry simply titled "mermaid" is a picture of a mermaid she drew. Isn't that just the president's suspenders?

Fan Friday – Christmas Is Coming (Parody)

Posted on Dec 02 2011
Fan Friday – Christmas Is Coming (Parody)
This week's featured article comes from...Shidohari again! Who has re-written the lyrics to some song or another.

Fan Friday – Sailor Brie Opening Theme

Posted on Nov 25 2011
Fan Friday – Sailor Brie Opening Theme
Today's submission is by our long-time friend Shidohari,who expertly re-wrote the lyrics to the American Sailor Moon opening theme.

Fan Friday – Yes, It Still Exists

Posted on Nov 18 2011
Fan Friday – Yes, It Still Exists
Yeah, you thought we'd forgotten about this. Joke's on you, I'm just super lazy! So here's how this stuff works:

Leviathan Mist’s Memories Of 91.8 The Fan – Contest

Posted on Aug 06 2011
Leviathan Mist’s Memories Of 91.8 The Fan – Contest
One year ago today, I joined 91.8 The Fan. As I have spent the majority of my time either on the site or in the IRC, I have loads of memories to share, but I will generally stick to memories from 2010. In the process, I will be profiling some of the staff members as I have perceived them.

Fan Friday – Fanart Corner

Posted on Jun 03 2011
Fan Friday – Fanart Corner
Fridays belong to the fans, that means if you have an article or video you want us to post up, go ahead and submit it! While we have very talented Content Providers, we believe that everyone should have a chance to have their work published on 91.8 The Fan!

Contest – Fan Friday – Finale

Posted on May 03 2011
Contest – Fan Friday – Finale
Here comes the most fun part of the contest. You all get to decide who wins so we don't have to you all feel involved!

Contest – Fan Friday – Week 3

Posted on Apr 29 2011
Contest – Fan Friday – Week 3
Guess what happens when I work 12 hour days on jobs that are an hour from home? Things get posted late. This is one of those times. But guess what? I get weekends off, so that's a plus.

Contest – Fan Friday – Week 2

Posted on Apr 22 2011
Contest – Fan Friday – Week 2
Is it that time of the week already? And no, I don't mean the time EagleEyes comes home late at night half drunk and ready for Goofy Time. I mean Fan Friday Contest time.